Drake Arrested After Hitting A Stripper in the Head With A Bottle

Drake Arrested After Hitting A Stripper in the Head With A Bottle


Drake Arrested

TORONTO – Authorities have reported that Canadian born rapper Drake was arrested early this morning after he allegedly assaulted an exotic dancer at Club Paradise in Toronto with a bottle of Ace of Spades, striking the stripper in the head.

Drake, age 28, was arrested Monday morning after Toronto police received reports that Drake had got into an argument with a stripper at Club Paradise in Toronto. According the patrons and workers of the establishment, Drake and the stripper got into a verbal disagreement over the rapper throwing fake $100 bills at the stripper while she was performing for him. According to Sarah McCallister, a bartender at Club Paradise, “Drake was intoxicated and being very obnoxious with the strippers. One of the dancers, Dulce decided to perform privately for Drake in one of our VIP rooms. When Drake got to the back, immediately after both began to argue.” Zeus, a bouncer at the establishment who guarded the VIP section, indicated that the dancer was yelling at Drake, “stop throwing these fake a** bills!” The bouncer then stated, “I heard Drake scream “6 God” and then a loud noise of glass breaking came from the VIP room. I ran into the room and I saw Drake standing over the motionless dancer with a broken bottle of Ace of Spades. I checked the stripper and she was unconscious. Drake ran out of the VIP room into the men’s restroom where he had locked himself inside.” The police arrived shortly after being called and entered the club for questioning. According to Jessica King, a bottle servitor at Club Paradise, “Drake tried to hide in the men’s restroom when he heard the cops in the main area. The police questioned a few people and then kicked in the door to the locked restroom to extract Drake.”

According to authorities, Drake was sitting on top of a toilet with his feet against the door of the stall yelling “OMG, n**gas sleep, I ain’t trippin’, I’mma let ’em sleep I ain’t trippin’, let ’em rest in peace.” Authorities also reported that Drake began to cry as he was being handcuffed while saying “When I go to check a b*tch, ain’t no tellin’ Yeah, police comin’ ’round lookin’ for some help”.

Dulce, the exotic dancer, suffered blunt trauma to the head. She was transported to a local hospital for treatment and expected to survive the incident. The money that Drake used to make it rain on the dancer contained some real and some fake money. The broken bottle and money was collected for evidence.

Drake will appear before a judge later this week and will most likely pay a fine of $175,000 if charged and convicted. As the investigation continues, we will provide you with more updates on the situation.


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