Abortion Extortion: Jersey City Woman Made Over $12,000 A Month Asking Men...

Abortion Extortion: Jersey City Woman Made Over $12,000 A Month Asking Men for Abortion Money


Abortion Extortion - Jersey City Woman Made Over $12,000 A Month Asking Men for Abortion Money Ad Version

JERSEY CITY (NEWSWATCH33) – Madeline Navaro, 32, of Jersey City has been arrested and charged with extortion in relation to taking money from men, claiming she was pregnant with their child.

According to reports, Navaro was involved in a 73 month operation involving her taking money from men she created relationships with, later telling them she was pregnant to get money for an abortion. Reportedly, Navaro had over 30 men she frequently had sexual relationships with each month.

Authorities discovered Navaro’s scheme from a separate incident involve a welfare fraud investigation. According to reports, Navaro claimed she had 6 kids in the house receiving over $2000 a month in food stamps, $450 in cash benefits and receiving WIC benefits. Socials services began their investigation when they discovered the 3 of the children she used to receive benefits were attending school districts in Union and Middlesex counties. When investigator went to the registered address of Navaro, they found a lavish lifestyle unreported to them.


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  • karen straughan

    This would never have happened if abortions were free, so really, it’s the Republicans’ fault.

  • Will Tolen

    smart girl, and she would have gotten away with it if it were not for you meddling kids!

    • Dinstinquished Que

      LmAO!!!!! Scooby rooby doooo!!!

  • barelyintrepid

    She extorted money from 2900 men……in 6 years? That’s averaging more than 1 different guy a day. That’s not including the men who didn’t pay. These numbers aren’t adding up.

    • Bruce Wayne

      It’s a satirical news site. Can’t anyone read?

  • Bjørn Friedrichsen

    she soo deserves all the years in prison she will get.
    Fragging disgusting, where was the nurture of women in this case… my guess is that they drowned it in the toilet.

  • RedlegMP727

    How many of you actually believe that this site puts out real news…. None of it is real cause it doesn’t add up at all, and there are no sources… People wake up and start realizing that sites like this are only around to divide the people…