New Study Reveals “Swallowing” Reduces Risk Of Breast and Ovarian Cancer in...

New Study Reveals “Swallowing” Reduces Risk Of Breast and Ovarian Cancer in Woman


New Study Reveals

PARIS, FRANCE (NEWSWATCH33) – After a ten year study, researchers at The Cancer Research Center of Lyon have concluded that women who consume large quantities of semen have reduced their chances of getting cancer by up to 58%. An enzyme found in male semen has been found to be the main cancer fighting agent.

Researchers conducted a study over a 10 year period with women between the ages of 18-45. Half of the women were married, the others were not. The women that were not married were selected based on having a family history of those with Breast or Ovarian Cancers. The women that were married did not have any history of the cancers. Half of the women from each group given 5-6mL of semen 2 to 3 times a week over the 10 year period. The women were given a choice of using semen from their spouse or from the lab. The other women were not given semen orally.

Out of the women who received the semen and were genetically prone to developing cancer, only 3% developed signs of cancerous cells. Of the women who did not have a family history of cancer and were given the semen, none of them developed cancerous cells. The women who were not given semen at all, 43% of them developed cancerous cells. The findings were concluded at the end of the 10 year period.

Researchers discovered that an enzyme only found in male semen called Argininosuccinate Chrysotrophin, has cancer fight properties which scientist have found to be astonishing.

“We have discovered this enzyme to be beneficial in reducing the risk of women developing Breast and Ovarian Cancer. In order for the enzyme to be completely effective, the recommend amount of semen to be ingested in 5.5mL weekly. The average man ejaculates around 3.4mL so if a woman is ingesting semen 2-3 times weekly, she is also consuming the enzyme, decreasing her risk of cancer,” said Dr. Delacroix, lead researcher at the Cancer Research Center of Lyon.

The latest discovery has brought researchers and scientist one step closer to finding a possible cure for cancer.


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