Woman Gives Natural Birth To 11 Baby Girls

Woman Gives Natural Birth To 11 Baby Girls



NEWSWATCH33 – Indiana doctors are calling it a complete miracle, as well as a world record, as a 42-year-old woman welcomes in 11 healthy, full term baby girls. Maria Hernandes, of Indianapolis, gave birth on Wednesday after undergoing only two hours of labor and a miraculous vaginal birth. She also carried the 11 babies through a 38 weeks gestation period, which is unheard of when you are dealing with a multiple pregnancy.

Hernandez and her husband say they had trouble conceiving so decided to undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF), out of desperation to become parents. Much to their surprise, they got much more than they had hoped for. Six of the 11 girls are said to be identical twins all weighing in between 1 pound � 1.5 pounds. They are currently in stable condition in the neonatal intensive care unit at Riley Children�s Hospital.

Doctors were very surprised, most mainly say they were shocked, to have such a successful delivery without caesarian section. �We could not stop the babies from coming out,� said Dr. William Roberts. �They literally came out one after another. From the time the first baby came out, and the 11th baby was born, it was only 17 minutes.�

  • dee47

    They look like they weigh more than 1 to 1.5 is this from the onion site usually at this weight they are in an incubators

  • Lawrence

    Is this one of the online jokes or a true story it looks wierd

  • Fay Young

    She’s had a litter of kids lol

  • Mancala Parakin

    False. This site is obviously, pardon my double entendre, pulling an Onion, hyperbolically satirising multiple births, and an all-female lot to boot. If ever human undecaplets were born naturally, they would make the headlines worldwide and claim a Guinness world record.

  • Lois Martin

    OMG THIS IS TRULY A MIRACLE! Praying they are all healthy, In Jesus name AMEN

  • Confederate American


  • dahszil

    omg! speechless. you would think by now that they’d have a way or changing human births all over the world with a pill, some quantum genetic leap, that would make it only possible two have twins at maximum. That poor mother must get government aid to take care of all of em.