Colorado McDonald�s Offers First Marijuana Friendly Smoking Section In Restaurant



COLORADO � 15 Colorado McDonald franchises have announced that they are converting their McDonald�s Play Place areas into marijuana friendly smoking areas. Each facility will consist of 15 smoking pods in which customers can smoke a joint, bong, or pipe without being harassed or bothered by people who are offended by it.

Each pod not only contains the marijuana smoke within it�s small space, but also it repels the smell of the marijuana through a ventilation tube above the pod. So, although the doors are sealed in this previous �Play Place� location, the smell of marijuana will not seep into the main restaurant as people enter and exit the facility.

Two restaurants in Denver, Colorado have successfully converted the play areas into a marijuana smoking section, with the other 13 franchises to complete renovations by the end of 2015. As for now, McDonald�s will not be getting into the sale of marijuana or marijuana edibles. However, they do welcome their patrons to have a smoke before ordering.

  • rreppy

    I have absolutely no doubt they will sell a lot more burgers this way.

  • Andy Chow

    Is this real? No way this is real, right?

  • Finbar

    The golden arches on the pods look ‘shopped’!
    You’d have to be high to eat a ‘Maccy d’s’ any way.

  • Les Clack

    this is a great idea till you have kids and they take away the play place where they like to play after eatting

    • earthlovingqueerfeminist

      Are there no parks? No playgrounds? Outside is better for them, anyway.

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  • Animal63

    Looks like the Cone Of Silence from “Get Smart”.

  • Gene Pan


  • white devil

    oh so it’s going to be okay to smoke marijuana inside, but not cigarettes. What a hypocritical world we live in.