Apple Will Release Taco Bell “Taco Emoji” in New iOS Update

Apple Will Release Taco Bell “Taco Emoji” in New iOS Update


Apple Will Release Taco Bell Taco Emoji in New iOS Update Main

(NEWSWATCH33) – After months of iOS users complaining and wishing for their need of a taco emoji, the day for the TEX-MEX themed emoji is finally coming. Developers at Apple are going to be releasing the new taco emoji in its new iOS update which is planned to be release in a few days. The news was leaked by one of Apple’s developers who prefers to remain anonymous for obvious reason.

According to the developer, “Apple has secured exclusive rights with Taco Bell to release a taco emoji for iOS users. The deal came about after Taco Bell submitted a petition signed by over 2 million people who wanted a taco emoji for their iPhones. The taco emoji will come in Crunchy Taco, Nachos Cheese Doritos Locos Taco, and Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco. Apple may also be releasing a coupon sponsored by Taco Bell for a free Taco on the date of release.”

Here are larger images of what the Taco Emojis will look like:




While this news is exciting for those who have long awaited the taco emoji, Taco Bell or Apple have yet to release an official statement.

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