Woman Arrested For Trying On Tampons In Walmart

Woman Arrested For Trying On Tampons In Walmart



NEWSWATCH33 � A 37-year-old Georgia woman is now in custody after Walmart employees found her trying on tampons and sanitary pads in the feminine care aisle. Julisa Sanchez, a Marietta, Georgia resident, was led out of the store in handcuffs after her resisting arrest turned into a bloody mess. Eyewitnesses say Woolery entered the Walmart store on Thursday and approached the customer service desk for a return. Sanchez complained that the Tampax �Lites� were causing her to �leak� and the cardboard applicator was just too �rough� for her �flower� and she wanted to exchange them for something else.

�I was stocking the deodorants which is right next to the isle where the feminine hygiene products are kept,� said Natalie Nunez, an employee at Walmart. �When I walked past the aisle this crazy out of her mind lady was in, I couldn�t believe what I saw. I mean really, there were five used bloody tampons on the ground that she had already tried on! I caught her trying to stick a sanitary pad on her underwear. That�s when I radioed for security.�

When security confronted the woman, she turned around to leave. �When I asked her what she was doing, she turned around to take off,� head security officer William Hankerson said. �That�s when I grabbed her arm and pulled her towards me but I slipped on one of the bloody tampons and we both hit the ground. That was probably the most disgusting thing that�s ever happened to me.�

Police arrived on scene within minutes and took Sanchez into custody. According to authorities, Sanchez explained she was not going to spend another dime on a product that won�t work for her. She said she should be able to �try on tampons just like you try on clothes in the dressing room, to make sure they fit.�

Walmart released a statement saying �It is against our policy to allow customers to try on tampons in the aisles, bathrooms, or dressing rooms. Anyone attempting to will be arrested and never allowed back into our stores.� Sanchez was booked on charges of shoplifting, indecent exposure, and resisting arrest. She is being held on a $500 bond.

  • Theofratus ‘Geese’ Lester

    That was bloody funny…

  • Darth Intern

    The Security Guard then added, “We do not condone the theft of tampons or pads, and will prosecute everyone, period.”

  • Nacho Sanchez

    So? What’s the deal? I like to try the toilet paper before buying it. Damn you Security Guard.

  • guestification

    She’s in a padded cell.

  • Jessica S.

    lol!!! wow!! people are just nuts! here I just read where someone killed themselves cause there is a black man playing lead role in the new Star Wars movie..

    • Rusty

      He should have just killed the director.

  • Prompt Critical

    And then you progressive losers wonder why black people are hated. “Oy vey, you racists you, just because they have different coloured skin..”
    No. It’s not the colour of their skin that attracts hatred – it’s their disgusting behaviour.

    • Morena Baker

      Honey this was a Hispanic woman. Did you read the story? Obviously not because stupid statement fell out your racist mouth with such ease it is just baffling.

      • Prompt Critical

        I’m not your honey, but I am glad to see you got my point: it isn’t white people committing the crimes, by and large. The name Sanchez was the giveaway, well done for spotting it.

        As for racism I’m not surprised that’s the first thing to fly out of your dirty mouth. It’s the immediate reaction of a socially-maladjusted individual who will never allow logic, reason or patient argument or any other ‘white man voodoo’ to alter her opinion.

        Please tell me, if white males made up 7% of the population yet accounted for over 50% of the violent crime committed, would you feel the urge to speak up about it? I know I would.

        Difference is that in reality it is BLACK males that make up this statistic but blacks must never be held accountable for their actions or their shitty violence-glorifying culture.

        • Morena Baker

          Oh please, don’t flatter yourself. I was only saying honey because I did not want to state what a low life piece of crap you sound like spewing this hate speach all over these comment sections. You can’t judge an ENTIRE group of people off of what you see in the media. It turns out we whites account for a good 40% of government assistant programs received in the US to date, while blacks account for about 26%. The media is highly jaded with people like yourself controlling it. Please have several seats and stay in your own European country where ever that may be and leave us hard working Americans alone to fight against our own race wars here on our home turf.

          • Prompt Critical

            Oh – what’s that you say? Can’t find a cite to back up your ridiculous assertion?

            Here, let me help you:

          • Morena Baker

            Lmfaooooooooo so you bring up data from 3 years ago? Well since you want to bring up out dated info here you go. I counter you outed data with my own more recent out dated data

          • Prompt Critical

            Wow, you’re really grabbing at straws to discredit me aren’t you. In what normal situation would you ‘laugh your arse ooooooooooooffffffff’? over a three-year-old graph? Is this little scrap of intellectual puffery all you have to counter my arguments?

            You honestly believe that things have changed that much in three years? Is my graph invalid because it doesn’t say what you want it to say perhaps?

            Unfortunately you don’t seem to have gathered that your little huffpo graph isn’t actually and apples-to-apples comparison. SNAP is certainly a welfare programme but it is only one of many. My graph was an aggregation of all services.

            I do agree that it is worrying to see so many white people needing (or feeling they need) nutritional assistance. That’s usually the domain of the black who has been so infantilised by people with your mindset that they fold their arms and expect everyone to take care of them, wipe their bottoms for them.

            I’ll find you some more stats later but I’m off to go do that thing that black people haven’t wrapped their tiny little minds around: gainful employment.

          • Edward Bahr

            you guys are funny keep fighting…

        • Morena Baker

          Oh and I think everyone should be held accountable for their actions, but to disrespect an entire race of people is disgusting on your part.

          You need to figure out why you feel the way you feel about others. Also please don’t breed and feed that evil to anyone else. Actually please do because your child will probably bring home the blackest person they can find and give you the most beautiful grandchildren that will change the way you feel about life. That would be the best karma ever seen for a bigot like yourself.

        • marci

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          • Prompt Critical

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            Don’t tell me it’s because YT is ‘keeping blacks down’ – the only thing keeping blacks down is BLACKS. Poor white neighbourhoods don’t have nearly the same level of crime (and violent crime in particular) as black neighbourhoods. Check your FBI stats, you’ll find I’m speaking the truth.

            Remember, blacks might have been slaves once but so were the Irish, the Chinese, the Italians… do you see any of them whining like little babies that ‘YT is keeping them down’?

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            Go you!

  • Kristie-Dawn Jewell Perrier

    I’m not going to judge her, there’s enough of that in this world.

    • Rusty

      I’m glad you’re not sitting on the bench. You’d make a shitty judge,

  • BiggjoE

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  • BiggjoE

    sick sick!!!

    • Rusty

      No, it’s a normal occurrence that happens with females about once a month.

  • Cadence Wallace

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  • Ted Logan

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