Twitter Launching New Paid Service Allowing 300 Character Limit

Twitter Launching New Paid Service Allowing 300 Character Limit


Twitter Launching New Paid Service Allowing 300 Character Limit

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA (NEWSWATCH33) – Twitter has finally decided to increase their character limit after receiving many complaints from its user base. This morning, Twitter has announced a new paid service called Twitter Deluxe, which allows users to post a tweet containing 300 characters.

�We are extremely excited to introduce our new paid platform, Twitter Deluxe to the Twitterverse,� Said Jack Dorsey, Chairman. �This new Twitter experience will assist those micro-bloggers out there who want to say what they�re thinking and feeling, but need more than 140 characters to do it. We believe this is a huge leap forward for the Twittersphere.�

Twitter Deluxe, which Dorsey said will be fully integrated into existing Twitter apps for all platforms, as well as the Twitter website by the beginning of September, will allow users the ability to pay a nominal monthly fee in exchange for the extra 160 characters when tweeting. Twitter has not announced the pricing of the service, but the company has stated they have worked out deals with all major U.S. cell phone carriers to allow users to bill directly to their provider.

Aside from just allowing for extra characters, Twitter Deluxe is also going to be offering the option of live video streaming and posting music into the user’s Twitter profile which will play automatically, by the user’s choice, when their profile loads.

�We wanted to take the best experiences you find on all social media, the most popular apps and websites, and combine them. We will now be allowing users to use more characters and stream live video feeds, much like Twitch Tv. We want to be innovative and remain the most popular social network, and with the release of this new service, we believe our users will be pleased.�

Other features announced with Twitter Deluxe are a song and media identifier, allowing users to instantly tweet the song or TV show they are watching just by allowing their phone’s mic to �listen� to the sounds around them, as well as a check-in feature that will let users mark down places they�ve visited with links to reviews for restaurants, movies, night clubs, or even national parks and resorts.

Twitter Deluxe is set to become a live feature in the next Twitter update, scheduled for September 1st on the iPhone, September 13th on Android, and September 30th for Windows OS.