Scientists Discover Second Sun Approaching Earth At A Rapid Pace

[RAW FOOTAGE] Scientists Discover Second Sun Approaching Earth At A Rapid Pace



NEWSWATCH33 � A �second sun� continues to baffle scientists as Astronomy Observatory WebCams, along with NASA�s own satellite photos, are recording this epic, never before seen occurrence. Several people have also captured this beautiful double sun in the sky with their own cameras, submitting them to media outlets across the country.

Until now, NASA has denied in public statements that this �second sun� exists. Now, they are saying it does exist, but poses no threat. If so, why is NASA warning their own staff to make preparations for a possible collision?

The Pacific Northwest Regional Observatory employee leaked this bone chilling statement: �This �second sun� which they are calling �GTY421�, is approaching Earth at a rapid speed of 345,000 miles per hour. This is an increase compared to last week�s speed calculated at 185,000 miles per hour. NASA has warned its employees in a confidential, in-house memo to prepare for the worst. They want to keep this information out of the hands of the public because they fear mass chaos if this information was leaked. I am coming forward with this information, because I think the world has the right to know. ETA of impact � September 28 between 8 AM and 10 AM PST.�

Several people have captured this double sun with their cell phone recorders as shown in the video below.

NASA has not released any public statement concerning the accusations of the observatory employee. We will keep you updated with any new developments.

  • Brennan Moss

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  • John Smith

    Well barnard’s star is the fastest moving sun on our stellar neighborhood, in 10k years it will be at 3.75 ly form the sun, there’s your second “sun”, of course the problem is the alpha centauri gropu will be at 3.5 ly by then and by 20k in the future it will be at 3.25 ly from the sun, it will only last a few thousand years and then they will go away…
    Actually none of them willl be brilliant enough to catch our attention with the naked eye.

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