Video of White Woman Calling Black Kids The N-Word Goes Viral

Video of White Woman Calling Black Kids The N-Word Goes Viral

CREDIT: Facebook/ Raquel Bolton
CREDIT: Facebook/ Raquel Bolton

A new video is going viral on the internet after a woman goes on a racist rant regarding her right to use the N-Word. A Chicago woman pressed �record� after a white beach-goer called her and her kids the N-Word.

According to reports, Raquel Bolton, a mother of two, brought her children to Oak Street Beach to play in the water. Angelle Marie “Puff” Massion, a blogger, was sitting near the tide, when she as “splashed” by Bolton’s children, as they were playing in the water near Massion. Massion felt a need to respond to Bolton’s children by using racial slurs.

Bolton recorded the incident and posted the video on Facebook prior to the video going viral. �While at the beach #oakstreetbeach this lady called us the N Word three times in front of my children all because they splashed water on her,� Bolton wrote in the caption. �I asked her to stop yelling at the kids and said I�ll call the police. She walked in my face twice yes I could�ve reacted but I didn�t. Yes I thought this lady was going to spit or put hands on me first because that�s how angry she was�.here�s her response.�

In the video, Massion justifies her use of the N-word by indicating it’s her �right to free speech.� Bolton did not buy that and stood up against the name-calling. Massion then questioned the mother�s education level for doubting the Constitution.

Facebook deemed the video�s content inappropriate and took down the original upload, Bolton says. She reposted it on Tuesday (July 28) and commented, �Wow the hate is real ! I was just locked out my page and I just want know how was my video removed from Facebook almost reaching 100,000 views but I see the most disgusting disrespectful and inhuman videos being shared and going viral? I�m going to repost the video please share. Race has nothing to with ignorance.�

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