Mother Kills Newborn Baby And Ships Body To Father

Mother Kills Newborn Baby And Ships Body To Father



(NEWSWATCH33) – A horrifying, tragic story is coming out of Trenton, New Jersey after a mother of three killed her newborn baby and shipped it�s remains to what she called its �deadbeat� daddy. According to reports, Shaheed Jackson, 23, ended his relationship with 22-year-old Kamila Logan after she attacked him with a knife for not getting up with the newborn at 2 AM when he was crying.

Two-week-old Sameer Jackson was in his crib when he awoke for his feeding. After the child’s father refused to get up with the child, Logan went into a rage and sliced her now ex-boyfriend on the leg. According to Jackson, he immediately left the house and went to stay with his aunt. After repeated calls from his ex-girlfriend, Jackson said he was forced to change his phone number because he did not want the police to get involved. Unable to get a hold of her child�s father, Logan apparently went into a rage.

Her signed confession states she was sleep deprived, and on Wednesday evening little Sameer woke up at 3 AM but Logan ignored the cries. After 45 minutes of letting the baby cry, Logan said she had enough. She approached the child with a pillow, and placed it over his face until he stopped crying. Once realizing the child was deceased, Logan said she wrapped his tiny little body in a blanket and placed it in a cardboard box, sealing it off with shipping tape. The next morning, she went to the post office, addressed the box to Shaheed Jackson, and sent it to Jackson.

The now mother of two, said she wanted to teach her child’s father a lesson � That �nobody messes with me, nobody.� Logan is being held with no bail, awaiting trial. Jackson stated if he could go back and do it all over again, he would have taken the child with him. He insists he�s no �deadbeat daddy.� The other two children, ages 2 and 3, are now in custody with Child Protective Services.

  • Lynn Mysteria

    Why are they hiding her face? She’s of legal age, and we deserve to hate her to her ignorant face. Using the USPS makes this a federal crime, so she’s off to prison soon.

  • Crystal Draper

    This story is not real. Thats why they hiding her face. Look into the story there is nothing about it on major news channels. As of a matter of fact only 2 websites now about the story. Its not even in the local news paper. This story must be a hoax.

  • Miguel Angel Sosa

    “if it fits it ships”

  • Michael Esposito

    Black lives matter miss logan dontcha know? careful they might get you…oh wait black on black crime doesnt matter lol