Woman Commits Suicide After Being Listed on “Thot Or Not” App

Woman Commits Suicide After Being Listed on “Thot Or Not” App


Woman Commits Suicide After Being Listed on Thot Or Not App

NEW YORK (NEWSWATCH33) Darlene Alvarez, 24, of the Bronx, committed suicide after finding out she was listed on the “Thot OR Not” app. Authorities determined Alvarez’s death was a suicide after finding an empty bottle of Percocets next to her body.

According to reports, Darlene Alvarez was a very friendly individual who frequently went out on dates with men she met at bars or other social events. No one publicly labeled Ms. Alvarez as a promiscuous person however some of her friends thought it was odd that guys would ask for her by name at parties or local grocery stores. According to Giovanni Hernandez, a friend of Alvarez, she became concerned when guys would ask around the neighborhood for her friend Alvarez.

“I would be at the bodega or walking around where we live and guys would always stop me and ask if Darlene had a man. At first, I didn’t think anything of it because I know a lot of guys think she’s pretty. But it started becoming annoying because everywhere I would go, people would ask me if I had seen her, or they would try to give me their number to give to her. I wasn’t jealous or anything, I was just worried about why all of these guys wanted to talk to her so bad,” said Hernandez.

Reportedly, Hernandez and Alvarez were best friends and many people in the neighborhood were aware that the two would be together. Both women would frequently go to to Ibiza Lounge or the G-Bar which are located in the Bronx. Sometimes they would go out with a group of friends or just the two by themselves. According to Hernandez, Darlene would drink and dance with people but she didn’t leave with other guys that much, and when she did her friend would make sure they got home safe.

According to Hernandez, “Guys would buy me and my girl drinks and sometimes they would offer to go back to her place or mine after. Most of the time I wouldn’t but sometimes Darlene did. I didn’t think was a problem. Darlene was single so she could do what she wanted. She would always tell me if she had sex with any guys she met at the club so it wasn’t like she was secretly doing anything with them.”