New Viral #PassItOnChallenge Leads To Three Teen Deaths In Chicago

New Viral #PassItOnChallenge Leads To Three Teen Deaths In Chicago


New Viral PassItOnChallenge Leads To Three Teen Deaths In Chicago

CHICAGO (NEWSWATCH33) – A new social media trend known as the Pass It On Challenge has gone viral which has lead to the deaths of three Chicago teens. Authorities and health officials are currently investigating the situation to determine the severity and validity of the challenge.

According to reports, three Chicago teens have died as a result of participating in the new “Pass It On Challenge” which has recently gone viral on Vine, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The Pass It On Challenge involves two individuals having sexual intercourse to rid themselves of a new strain of Gonorrhea, which is resistant to antibiotics, by “passing” the STD to an uninfected individual. Teenagers and young adults have been lead to believe that they can get rid of the STD, which will kill them with in 72 hours if it is not passed to someone who doesn’t have it. According to reports, three individuals have already died from challenge which has prompted authorities to investigate the situation.

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Shaheed McDowell, 17, of Chicago reportedly read about the challenge on Facebook. According to reports, the 17-year-old Chicago resident was infected with the new strain of Gonorrhea. After reading about the challenge, McDowell asked a question on Facebook if any girls wanted to sleep with him. Because of his “popularity” he received immediate responses from his female Facebook friends to take him up on the offer. Jasmine Ricards, 17, of Chicago met up with McDowell at his residence. Reportedly, the two teens had intercourse consensually and Richards left McDowell’s home that night. Three days after their interaction, Richards was found dead in her home.


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