“Spare Rib Baby Soup” Made From Aborted Baby Fetuses Sold In Japan

“Spare Rib Baby Soup” Made From Aborted Baby Fetuses Sold In Japan



KATASHINA, JAPAN (NEWSWATCH33) – A town in Japan is now making baby herbal soup to increase health, sexual performance and stamina. The cost of the fetus soup in Japanese currency is �434735.08 which is approximately $3500

Eito Akura, 45, and a wealthy business man and architect in Japan, was interviewed and he testified that the benefits from eating the “Spare Rib Baby Soup” is extremely effective.

According to Akura, “It is a delicacy whereby expensive herbs are added to boil the baby with chicken meat for 8 hours. My wife and I love to eat this soup. It takes a week or so to get the soup because we have to wait for a fresh aborted baby to be imported from China.”

Andrea Akura, 27, and wife of Eito Akura, also claims that the soup has contributed to saving their relationship. Mrs. Akura mentioned in the interview that her husband suffers from erectile dysfunction and a physician recommended they try the baby soup.

“My husband and I were told by our doctor to try the baby soup to help our sexual life. After a few servings over a period of 2 months, my husband had no issues with getting an erection. I even fell much different and have stronger orgasms after eating the soup. I’m very happy that our doctor shared this information with us,” said Mrs. Akura.

“Spare Rib Soup” is the local code name for the baby fetus soup when patrons want to order it at select restaurants. According to the Tokyo Daily Post, if a couple or single mother would like to sell her aborted child, the baby would be frozen immediately after the surgery and stored until a restaurant contacts them to purchase it. The price ranges on how many months the baby is at the time of abortion. These restaurants also buy placentas if couples do not want to sell their babies.

Many believe that their is an increase in demand because majority of Chinese couples prefer to have male babies and those poorer families usually end up selling their female babies.

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    im all for allowing abortion but this is just pure evil