Black Student Embraces Confederate Flag, Receives Offer To Join KKK

Black Student Embraces Confederate Flag, Receives Offer To Join KKK


Black Student Accepts Confederate Flag Receives Offer To Join KKK

Columbia, South Carolina (NEWSWATCH33) – Byron Thomas was recently interviewed on CNN in regards to his position on Confederate flag. Surprisingly, he is in full support of the flag and hangs it in in room at home and at school.

Byron Thomas is a senior and student senator at the University of South Carolina, where he is majoring in public relations and political science.

Byron Thomas publicly spoke to CNN regarding his view on the Confederate.

“Regardless of what happens at the statehouse, I will continue to hang the Confederate flag in my apartment. Because of that decision, I’ve been called “an Uncle Tom” and “a sellout,” and accused of despising my race. Let me be clear: I love the skin that I am in. God gave me my skin color, but he also gave me freedom to think for myself and the right to stand by my beliefs. My skin color should not determine how I think, what I believe and what flags I hang in my home. This process should teach us all to respect the beliefs of others. I hope those who view the Confederate flag as a symbol of hate will keep open minds to those who view it as a symbol of Southern heritage and history, regardless of their race,” according to Thomas.

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Jason Johns, a member of the Patriotic Royal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, has reportedly offered partial membership to Byron Thomas. According to Johns, “I’ve never witnessed a Black man so eager to protect the flag of his ancestral masters. My great grand daddy talked about Blacks like this but I’ve never seen it for myself. My brothers had a quick meeting about this Black boy and we agreed that he would be right for our cause. We are about the preservation of White America and we know that this boy will help us get other Blacks to support us.”

Jason Johns stated that he is awaiting a response from Thomas.

It is unclear if Bryon Thomas will accept this offer, however it is very confusing to many as to why he would accept the Confederate flag when it was never about accepting African-Americans.


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  • Nakeirah Christie

    Unrelated to the bizarre content of this story, you’re missing a quotation mark for Jason Johns and your ending sentence is one giant comma splice. So you know.

  • ?KingPete?

    Might as well hang his own ancestors from a tree himself..

    • John Mays

      You are an idiot and should be ashamed of yourself

      • ?KingPete?

        Explain retard.. a black man sporting the Confederate flag is like a jew sporting a nazi swastika flag

        • LHHHG876

          but this is exactly the issue here. im so tired of americans and their bandaid fixes. racism is the problem not just a flag that gives us flashbacks of the good old days. it wouldnt surprise me to see a jew wear a swastika because that symbol meant something before we started associating it with hitler. all americans want to do is sweep the large issue of racism aside by focusing on a flag just likee the world did for the jews instead of hating the germans u want to hate a symbol? symbols cant lynch people,symbols cant dehumanize people…they can only symbolize.

          nowthis boy might be stupid for not recognizing the full implications of this symbol at this period of time but he is not wrong. even if it means something only to him thats what symbols are for t ascribe meaning…the swastika is a sacred symbol t hat means good fortune and well being for christ sake…peopl wake up!!!!

          • Don Andrews

            I think you need to talk to a professional psychologist so they can explain to you the effect symbols have on the brain. Go to YouTube and look at the baby doll test and how little black children responded to those dolls. And by the way your ability to get a equal education was based on symbols demonstrated in a court room by Attorney Thergood Marshall and other black attornies.

          • LHHHG876

            dude i studied under the researcher that did that study.i have forgotten more about race and power relations in this country than most people will ever learn. nobody is disputing the power of symbols. i am saying that the power would not be in the symbol is WE didnt put it there! whats do hard to understand about that? as a black woman and a realist i know i am wasting my time bitching about the confederate flag when my time would be better spent concentrating on the cause….racism and not just the symptoms that make u realize there is a bigger disease afoot.

          • Don Andrews

            I agree

          • Mij Swerdna

            We’d do better to end the “war on drugs” than to worry about that damn flag. I’m sorry but when I see that thing, I think of Lynyrd Skinner – and stupid hillbilly rednecks drinking beer lol.

          • Andrew Smith

            Yeah the swastika had meaning prior to Hitler, unlike the confederate flag. Was created by the leader of the confederarcy. Who openly stated that slavery was the cause and it the only cause.. So from the beginning the flag was hatred of blacks and people of color, and their enslavement.. Slavery, the right to own, mutilate, beat, rape, kill, and lynch black people…. that’s what slavery it was… Even further the confederate hates America and always have, and openly committed treason towards Americans, and some of the most terrorist acts towards Americnas, by terrorizing blacks Americans… So to even support the confederarcy is committing treason, and anyone who supports the confederarcy is traitor, to American beliefs because the confederarcy has a completely different belief than America, hint f he burning of the American flag… And yes there were blacks that fought for the confederarcy during the civil war, could possibly understand why a black man may be confused, but these blacks fought inhopes of earning freedom win or lose.. they wanted to be free, and by fighting for the confederarcy they HOPED that they could live, discrimination free.. we see what happened after their asses were handed to them by the US, the KKK.. this kids ancestors are probably digging themselves out preparing do deliver him and the rest of these misb informed black man stand up for the confederarcy, a can of whoop ass. Compliments of Captain Insano

          • Mij Swerdna

            Actually, the symbolism on the confederate flag has been around a long time. It’s St. Andrew’s cross and is on both the UK flag and the flag of Scotland- also the Russian navy.

          • LHHHG876

            thank you god someone here actually knows history!

          • James Whitaker


          • Loraine Lawson

            I’m saying!

          • Patti

            You are is a Christian symbol.

          • Andrew Smith

            Maybe in those other countries, where the flag is simply blue and white. But in America its red, white, and blue, and has thirteen stars that represents the state’s of the confederarcy.It has never been used as a christian symbol in America, but only a symbol of hate. And like I said the confederate flag was created by confederates, notb talking about St.Andrew’s flag, which is an entirely different flag. It only has one similarity and its meaning whatever it is or was, was replaced by hatred and racism.

          • Andrew Smith

            Ok, we are not talking about other countries and how it we used there. Confederate used for hatred. I don’t live in the UK, Scottland, or Russia. So I could care less what it represented for them.. I know that in America it represents Hatred and slavery.

          • Andrew Smith

            Please don’t try to twist my words, you exactly what I referring to. Maybe in those other countries, where the flag is simply blue and white. But in America its red, white, and blue, and has thirteen stars that represents the state’s of the confederarcy.It has never been used as a christian symbol in America, but only a symbol of hate. And like I said the confederate flag was created by confederates, not talking about St.Andrew’s flag, which is an entirely different flag. It only has one similarity and its meaning whatever it is or was, was replaced by hatred and racism.

          • Mij Swerdna

            You claimed that the “swastika had meaning prior to Hitler, unlike the confederate flag,” That’s incorrect. Just as Hitler appropriated the swastika (which had prior significance) for his movement, the Confederacy appropriated ST. ANDREW’S CROSS (which indeed has prior history and meaning) for theirs.

          • Andrew Smith

            True true, good point..

          • Mij Swerdna

            And don’t forget the KKK. They appropriated THE cross for their evil doings. It’s great that we live in a time where we can lampoon them.

          • LHHHG876

            The confederate flag is made up of multiple symbols that predate America and even then you’re missing the point. We need to stop paying attention to these deflection tactics and pay attention to the real issue which is racism and the violence that people of color face every day just because some people desire too live in the past. Taking away the flash isn’t going to do anything but make people defensive and reactive instead odds making changes and finally telling the truth about the bipolar nature off this country. You say every one is all equal yet you don’t see and black people committing massacres and thinking they have the right to kill unarmed black people with impunity do you. When a group of people know they can kill and get away with it because they have state support, no amount of flag burning or symbol shaming will erase the landscape of racial violence in this country

          • Phillip Derrick Gray

            The Confederate Battle Flag was designed by William Porcher Miles in 1861 and was rejected as the first national flag of the Confederacy. They, instead, opted for a flag that originally had 11 stars, 2 wide red bars, and one white in the middle. After the battle of Mannassas, generals under Lee realized that the flag was too close in resemblance to the Union flag and in the heat of battle, resulted in friendly fire. So Lee came up with the idea to use a battle flag in battle, rather than the national flag and he chose the flag that most people now mistake as being the Confederate Flag. As I stated, this flag was rejected as the Confederate Flag, it was just a battle flag. It was intended to differentiate between troops on the battlefield, nothing more. As for the blacks that fought for the Confederacy, if you really think they had no choice, your’re as big an idiot as Jason Johns is. If you’re a slave in, say, 1863, and you really hate being a slave, and your masters have just trained you and few hundred of your fellow slaves to fight and shoot, then gave you a pistol and a rifle and extra ammo, what would be the first thing you would do? You’re certainly not defenseless anymore and you got a good chance of dying regardless of who you decide to fight, so whatcha gonna do, brother? I think I know what you would do, but those guys didn’t do that. Hmm, interesting. It’s also well documented that there were free blacks who fought on both sides. Blacks weren’t always slaves in the U.S. It used to be indentured servitude, where you worked off a debt. In fact, the first slave owner in America had been an indentured servant who earned his freedom after serving out his contract. Andrew Johnson was also a black man, but there were many black families who had earned their freedom before slavery took the place of indentured servitude. There were also slaves who had fought in the Independence War who earned theirs after serving two years with the Colonial Army. Some of those, would go on to own their own slaves and they wanted slavery to continue just as much as some of their white counterparts. But the percentage of actual slave ownership in the South was low, except for mostly on the larger plantations. But, the poor man who never owned a slave, who worked his own land, why did he fight? The most often answer given by the Confederates, themselves when they were asked, was “because you are here.” They may not have supported slavery but their state had seceded and the Union was invading and wouldn’t have cared one way or the other who they supported. You think Sherman stopped and knocked on doors to do a survey of who supported who, while he burned his way across the South all the way to the Atlantic? Lol of course not, that’d be ridiculous. The common Southern man was defending his land and home, which was unfortunately caught in the middle a war between his home state and the Federal government. I would’ve defended my home against whoever, too. It was also later in the war that the same policy from the Independence War of granting slaves who fought two years would be given freedom, was adopted by the Confederacy and it’s loudest advocate had always been Robert E. Lee. You obviously don’t know nearly as much about the Civil War as you thought you did.

          • Andrew Smith

            You evidently misunderstood the point that I was making. The flag represents slavery.. That is it. If its about tradition and heritage why is it mainly used by White Supremacy groups. I have known people that have had this flag, but these people were friends of mine. And they had the respect to take it down, or remove it when I would visit or whatever. Because they knew themselves that more so that it represents a flag that was about enslaving people of color. But it didnt change their mind how they felt it still represented tradition. What chaps my ass about all this. Is all these people that aren’t from the south, and have no kind of heritage ties, or traditional ties to the confederate flag, are so quick to support it. And if you really believe that is doesn’t represent hatred towards blacks and other people with colored skin. Then why is it that majority of the time when there is some kind of racial act of hate towards blacks the confederate flag always seems to pop up. I don’t need a history lesson on the confederate flag, the proof has been giving in is written. The flag every defend so dearly with all this pride and so called tradition didnt come in to play again until the 1940s, when the government was attempting desegregate schools in communities. Before then people didnt wave this flag in for tradition or heritage, so what was it for then to keep, to stay segregated because of the hatred towards blacks. The first flag that the confederate use in battle with very similar to the US flag, so they decided to change it, because of confusion and they were killing their own man, it was not REJECTED like you say two years as the flag the represents you is not a rejection. Actually it was there battle flag for 2 years and 2 months if we want to be technical, March 1861 to May 1863… How was that flag rejected. AND if it is about tradition and heritage, and not about slavery and racism, then WHY allow all these hate groups stain your history with bigotry, hatred, racism, and violence. Answer that question.. You know neo-nazis, skinheads, KKK, and other white supremacy groups. And if its about tradition why not use the last flag that was known as the confederate flag, the blood stained flag? You dont see other Americans flying the flag that was used during the Civil War. And I don’t really care to debate about this for two or three days. But I will finish with this, if you really believe in your hearts of hearts that this flag is about tradition and heritage, I can live with that because you are entitled to that. But, you cannot say that this flag does not have a lot history related to that represents hatred, and slavery of blacks. Subject: Re: Comment on Black Student Embraces Confederate Flag, Recieves Offer To Join KKK

          • Patti

            Do you know what flag flew on the slaver ships? It was the American Flag. The St. Andrews Battle Flag never flew over a ship of slaves. .

          • Perfect Timing

            Lol indentured servants? Lol you think AFRICAN Americans were EVER treated like indentured servants in a country that labeled them 1/4 of a man?

            You also failed at stating AFRICAN Americans were fighting for the south or confederacy when with your OWN admission they were fighting for themselves and their land (self defense)

            Answer this, what so called FREE slave was EVER treated equal to their white counter part? I seem to recall a little movement you might have heard of it called “The Civil Rights Movement” sooooo free as in what? The piece of paper they were given? Or wait like “The emancipation proclamation” was coined as the document that freed the slaves when it was honestly a cease fire document to end the war and unite the colonies/states

            Also answer this… How does a MINORITY have a chance against a MAJORITY? You think a black person at that time even if trained to fight was going to turn around and fight his master’s? You’d be surprised how much fear plays a part and is why Mandingo fighters or house n-words whipped their own or assisted in killing their own.

            The south’s so called protection of way of life INCLUDED slavery and it is why it had to be abolished in order to move forward as a country. Plantation owners saw this as a threat to their FREE labor and cotton industry amongst other things. That is why the indentured servants statement is revisionist history. Africans had nothing to bargain with and no ownership of anything so they were considered property unlike their white and INDIAN counter parts who did indentured servitude

          • cinna

            you clearly are missing insight if you think that symbols don’t influence people. there’s a mentality that stands behind that flag..which is hatred for blacks, slavery, and murder. people fought when carrying that flag, they fought to enslave blacks and in he 60s the flag was used as a symbol to keep america white. read the article above. the white kkk member said “he heard his granddaddy speak of blacks like this (the blk boy) who will protect the flag of his ancestral MASTERS!, we are about the preservation of white america”. so those whites even admit that the flag represents the hatred of blacks. they offered him partial membership in a group that would like to see all balks hung from trees. they probably view him as their own pet slave. that black boy has issues.

          • Redd


          • LHHHG876

            Nobody said symbols don’t have power. I am only saying that we need to take away the power not keep blaming the symbol. That’s what I mean by the Bandaid philosophy. America needs surgery but every time all you do is stich the wound then gets surprised when the wound festers from internal bleeding. Symbols only emerge from us not the other way around.Symbols don’t influence us we influence them they ‘re meanings are fluid and only mean what we attach to them. The problem is racism itself.there is no flag telling you to kill black people is there?

          • cinna

            the only way to take away the power of that flag is too take it down and out it in a box where no one can be influenced by its presence. placing your head in the sand and wearing blinders isn’t going to make it go away or get rid of the power movement behind it. you say symbols only emerge form us, as though you are speaking for racist people. you cannot speak to therm or on their behalf unless you are one of them. and symbols do influence people. if you hold of the bible, the mere presence of it is going to influence someone. and yes since a symbol represents something, it presence can cause people to react. if you see a white flag waving in a fight, that means we give up. ex. you react to it. or if their flag is waving it may make a person charge to fight more. point is im not racist, so i cannot control what a racist person believes when he sees a symbol that HE deems is hate. what i can do is vote to make that symbol banned where it cannot have influence over others. I can only control what I believe when i see symbol, i cannot control what a racist relives and how he reacts to that symbol. so removing it is NOT a band-aid but a first move towards working on removing racism form our society. how can one say they are not racist yet they have a symbol attached to their home that says I stand for those who fought to enslave blacks???? it doesn’t make since and people have been doing that for years and that’s why racism still exist. we need to call out those hypocritical folks and say hey what do you actually believe and what do you stand for. waving that flag is a slap in the face of black people! and YES THERE IS A FLAG THAT TELLS PEOPLE THAT BLACK PEOPLE HAVE NO VALUE IN THIS COUNTY AND ITS THE CONFEDERATE FLAG. PEOPLE HAVE FOUGHT WHILE HOLDING THAT FLAG TO END THE LIVES OF BLACKS, ENSLAVE THEM AND KEEP THEM SEPARATED.

          • LHHHG876

            the only way to take away the power of the flag is to take away the power. you could burn every confederate flag that ever existed and still do nothing to extinguish racism. i think maybe ur just destined to miss the point i am trying to make. i am not trying to argue against getting rid of the confederate flag, i am saying do not be distracted by decoy issues,we have bigger fish to fry. black people are dying in the streets with no flag in sight so there must be more to racial tensions in this country than a flag. when i said we earlier it was a collective we. whatever we as a population collectively project unto a symbol is what gives it power. one group can decide a symbol means something but if the rest of us dont agree then it wont work there must be consensus. look what happened to the swastika. im sure there were plenty of people who tried to argue against it being branded as some emblem for jewish suffering, but against the tide of world opinion their voices were shut out. overnight the swastika became some evil symbol? but a symbol is only a representation. i have spoken to a survivor of a concentration camp and i am sure her tattoo that she sees on her arm everyday that she got for her visit is more of a tangible symbol of her oppression than some army patch the world decided meant something. lets bee real. if its not onee thing its another and if we keep focusing on small beans the larger issues will continue to fester behind the scenes and there willl be more feergussons and we wont have a flag to blame then will we?

          • cinna

            sometimes you can try to educate someone and it still flies over their head. removing a symbol of hatred from a state capitol is not about being a decoy smh its a done deal and we move on to continue the fight. its about showing respect and showing that you value all human life. that flag had no business representing the state! if you aren’t racist why are you even debating and it seems defending the right for that flag to me its all simple get RID OF IT! NEXT!!!! you don’t stop one fight in favor of another. when we fight racism, we fight it all. Just because we ask that a symbol of hatred be removed from a government building doesn’t mean people everywhere are going to stop arching, fighting and speaking out on racism. this flag removal is just one part on a long journey that started many many years ago. its just one peice of homework that needed to be taken care, should have been done along time ago actually.

          • LHHHG876

            When.and where did I say that we shouldn’t do away with the confederate flag? Cool down with the condescension for a second and listen to what I am trying to say. This issue is a deflection from the real problem this is what happens everytime something happens like this massacre the powers that be throw us a bone and this seeming victory takes momentum away from the fight. Not everyone is going to be like you and Notre and raise th e fight is only beginning. If that was the case then the civil rights movement would have succeeded. Instead today we have people saying racism is in the past in the midst of atrocities that look eerily like it did in the days of slavery and Jim crow. No to me the flag is a decoy and our “victory” will do nothing but erase all the hard work it took to get here and trivialize all the black lives that were lost this year and make it so it really didn’t matter

          • cinna

            its not about thinking that by removing the flag it will undo what happened. its about respect and humanity. this country was not built by those racist white people but built on the backs of slaves. Nobody, no mater their race but especially minorities should have to walk past a symbol of hatred everyday. racist don’t own this country and so they don’t have the right to wave that from a government building. what dont you understand about that????? you need to wake the heck up! smh you know whats a decoy??? you are the decoy! you waste time trying to convince people that that flag isn’t an issue, then you claim oh im not defending it, then you claim its irrelevant and doesn’t influence, then you say oh i never said it shouldn’t come down… your mixed up. what is the point of going back n forth on an issue that is a done deal in my eyes. it needs to come down,, no debate! move on, time to get back to continuing the fight. only people wanna debate that the flag is not a real issue are racist whites and sambos. pick your position lol

          • LHHHG876

            One of the foremost racial theorists and activists in this country once told me white people have to think it’s their idea. Removing the confederate flag by force will Do nothing but reinforce I’m white people mind about their suffering under pro minority and pc policies.and while you and I and black people at large know how ridiculOus reverse racism is the larger white liberal and shudder to be called racist Population will start to feel the same way. By the way not every one that disagree with u r sambos and sellouts. We just have different views of the same issue. If white people do not dismantle these institutions themselves racism will only find ever more creative symbols to hide behind. All we r doing right now is making white people defensive and all that happens when white people get defensive is more black bodies in the streets.

          • cinna

            look do you think the majority of people that marched and wore hoodies for travon martin were only black? no, if you look in the crowd most are white and other races too. blacks only make up about 13% of the population. things are charging…slowly yes but they will. look at marriage equality. it took forever and the majority of people who reside in the usa are NOT gay! its not about you agreeing or disagreeing with me because at the end of the day you dont have to. but dont pretend that your stance is not hindering the fight because it is. its just like when ever the an unarmed black is murdered, you will see small movement of BLACKS saying “what about black on black crime” yes im talking about black folks saying this and they will argue you down…instead of talking about the injustice going on. they dont focus on the fact that blacks are no more violent than whites in fact fbi statistics say most crimes are committed by white men. if you talk about black o black crime then you must talk about white on white crime which is more prevalent and more damaging to this society as a whole. .

            the point is you and those people have a position to play. FYI- sambos never acknowledge they are sambos lol. my dad said those are sellouts and sambos who stand in the way but they wont admit it. they are there for the purpose of trying to stop the movement. they existed throughout history. they were against dr. king, they made comments like “marching aint gone help, they need to stop causing trouble and just sit in the back of the bus, who cares, things wont change”. funny thing is the ones trying to stop the focus of nay isue related to race, were the first to ride the bus and sit where they wanted. smh. what they say never makes sense. you say we need to stop focusing on them taking down the flag ….yet then you will turn around and say “oh im not saying it should still fly” ….fyi- if you remove the focus or demand for them to remove it THEN THE FLAG WILL FLY …DUH smh

          • Perfect Timing

            But it’s counter productive. You can’t put an end to racism without destroying the mentality. If a flag used by racist continues to breed this mentality the issues you speak of will still remain. You have to destroy the mentality and the symbolism of it as well. The two work hand and hand. Why do you think propaganda is so useful during war? People need things to rally to the cause.

          • Perfect Timing

            The problem with your statement is that you see this as a symbol and not a Flag. The entire purpose of a flag is to REPRESENT something. It identifies something so it can not change its meaning or purpose. It also sheds light on the people willing to unite under said flag which is good when IDENTIFYING the individuals in agreement with what the flag stands for. There is a reason people brandish their flags when going to war.

          • LHHHG876

            nobdy is saying that symbols dont influence people. but symbols do not emerge from a vacuum. symbols only have meaning WE ascribe to it.

          • cinna

            no, symbols have meaning when a person or group ascribes to them NOT just blacks. Those racist put up the meaning and no matter what I believe they have chosen to give meaning to that flag. so the black guy can pretend it has no meaning or it isn’t about hate but the truth is those racist gave it meaning and they live by it.

          • Lois Green

            Child please…are you serious??? And people can do more than one thing at a time so it is possible to hate the ACT of racism AND the SYMBOL of it at the same time. Multitasking…And it don’t matter how many of you try to shroud this flag under the pretense of history and pride, it is a blatant symbol of hate, just like the swastika is for the Jewish people. You can put pearls on a pig but it’s still a pig. So sounds to me like you are the one who needs to wake up and I feel sorry for this poor little misguided black boy who has no idea what he is doing, and God help him if he decides to take up the KKK’s invitation to become one of them. It would be funny if it wasn’t so sad.

          • LHHHG876

            the confederate flag isnt THE symbol for racism tho….ask any black person and im sure the noose wrapped around the lynching tree or the yoke they put our ancestors in evoke more powerful emotion than some tired flag the bitter old people brigade are still flying. there are countless symbols of racism. u can hate them all if u want to. to me it sounds emotionally black as i am it makes no sense to hate a piece of cloth when its the hate behind it i am concerned about. i would rather take down racism itself because otherwise there will always be another banner for racist people to rally under if u dont get rid of the e root of the problem. fun fact: they day the kkk was officially ordered to disband as an openly racist group was the day the NRA began. we can take away their weapons all we want but if we dont address the hate they will only make new ones.

          • cinna

            - the noose can be a symbol if displayed but its use to lynch is the ACTION. The flag is the symbol and it was used as a symbol of protesting in 60’s to stop blacks from having rights. and the flag is not just a peice of cloth. it evokes powerful memories becuase of what it represents. fyi- you cant tkae down racism unless ou get its people to realize what hate is!! if you allow them to distort history and pretend the flag was about pride then you are allowing them to live in ignorance and ignorance breeds racism. education and acceptance is the key. many people hold prejudice views because they are unaware of why or how something offends a certain group. if you dont tell them its offensive how do you expect them to know, learn and grow!. You wrote the following “if we dont address the hate they will only make new ones”. i dont think you even get your own point. teaching people about racism, whether its about the REAL history of the confederate flag and its use during slavery and in the 60’s or stereotypes, racial profiling, discrimination, police brutality etc… if you dont teach them the truth then racism will continue. what youre not realizing is that it all tied together. racism is not simple like you think.

          • ?KingPete?

            Wow.. I never thought of it like that man… I agree with everything you just said

          • Tee

            The flag symbolizes great level of negatives for black people. It’s symbolism is great pain and suffering for a people. It’s symbolism still stands for that and those who parade it around are in support of what it symbolizes. I dare you to find ONE jew who wears the swastika!. It does not exist, but this kid is studying public relations and political science, it is tragic because no one with any sense in the public will be relating anything with him as for the politics part I guess he’s got one chapter of a klan vote.

          • SgtCedar

            Boy? Slipped there didn’t you? You are supposed to stick to dog whistles.

          • Yolanda Rivera

            The good old days in which my ancestors were enslaved and the discriminated against??

          • Perfect Timing

            So what does a middle finger mean to you? Sign language or pointing at the Sky?

        • Nathan Steiger

          Retard is you not knowing history!

          • ?KingPete?

            “As a people we are fighting to maintain the Heaven – ordained Supremacy of the white man Over the inferior or colored race”
            “As a national emblem, it (the Confederate flag) Is significant of our higher cause, The cause of a superior race”
            – William T. Thompson, designer of the Confederate flag

            Thank me later ☺

          • Chedda Frazier

            I wish I could have asked William t Thomas how whites are the “superior” race. We all breathe the same air, bleed blood and our only difference is skin tones. We were all made in the image of one man not many men, to me that’s means under God’s law we’re all the same.

          • Darryl Trantham

            One LITTLE Problem. William T. Thompson was the designer of the THIRD National Flag of the Confederacy. Your shortened quote is what he said about the SECOND National Flag the “Stainless Banner” Flag. The Southern Cross flag pictured above is & was never the National Flag of the Confederate States. A square version was the Battle Flag of the Northern Virginia Army, & the full version was the Battle Flag of the Tennessee Army.

          • Flash Cloud

            And you have the one little problem that the star and bars was brought back by southern states to protest civil rights. The flag is racist. case closed.

          • Tom Allen

            The flag in question is NOT actually the confederate flag, but rather the battle flag of Northern Virginia which was incorporated into the upper left-hand corner of the second confederate flag (the Stainless Banner) which was designed by William Thompson. The rest of the flag was pure white; this is the part of the flag that Thompson was referring to as a symbol of the supremacy of the white race.

        • Draco Drye

          Hiltler was half jewish js

      • Nun Ya

        Well John, perhaps he came across better than you just did?

      • SMH

        Black man embraces the Confederate Flag, and subsequently receives an offer to join the KKK. If you cannot see the connection, then you are an IDl0T.

      • Unkle G RucKaz

        I reckon he does

    • Nun Ya

      Then you could also argue the same for the American Flag. Many slave owners fought under this flag simply to keep the United States together and controlled by the North. It’s an easy fact to confirm.

      • Niko VF

        They werent fighting for the right to oen slavery… because slave masters fought under it, doesnt itself make it racist. If the US Flag was created solely to represent a war to continue slavery, then yes, it too would be an issue… what a simple minded view u have

        • Nun Ya

          Your argument proves my point, perhaps you are ignorant on this topic. Here are some facts. You have probably never been made aware of.

          The confederate Congress specified that black soldiers were to receive the same pay as the white soldiers. The Union army’s black soldiers were paid less than the white soldiers. A black soldier in the Union army would have been paid $10 a month with a $3 clothing fee taken out, leaving the soldier with $7 a month. White soldiers were paid $13 a month and were not forced to pay a clothing allowance, which is almost twice as much as the black soldiers. By contrast the Confederate army paid their privates of both races $11/month until 1864. Equal pay for both races in the federal army did not come into effect until June 1864. The Confederate Army also authorized a salary for black musicians in 1862.

          In 1864, the Confederate States began to abandon slavery. There are some indications that even without a war, the Confederacy would have ended slavery. Most historians believe that the Confederacy only started to abandon slavery once their defeat was imminent. If that were true then we are to believe that the CSA wanted independence more than they wanted to hold on to slavery. The CSA’s highest ranking generals, Robert E. Lee and Joseph E. Johnston were not slave holders and did not believe in slavery. And according to an 1860 census, only 31% of families owned slaves. 75% of families that owned slaves owned less than 10 and often worked beside them in the fields. The Confederate Constitution banned the overseas slave trade, and permitted Confederate states to abolish slavery within their borders if they wanted to do so. Slavery wasn’t abolished until 1868, 3 years after the war. Thus Kentucky, Missouri, Maryland and Delaware still had slaves.

          • liberatedMIND

            slavery in America did not end after emancipation proclamation and the passing of the thirteenth amendment it took other forms and continued up until after world war II.
            In fact in 1921 in Jasper County Ga. John Williams ordered the killings of 11 slaves he had on his plantation in an attempt to destroy evidence – slavery by another name (peonage)

          • Niko VF

            do you think it is significant that they paid the black soldiers more to fight to maintain slavery… gtfo. The declaration of independence by roughly half of the confederate states, explicitly cites their right to keep slaves, as the reason for secession. Speeches given by the ‘president’ of the confederacy, outline that it was a war to maintain the economic institution of slavery, which is every white man’s right and would be a detrimental loss to southern economies. Etc… R. E. Lee himself spoke on his fight for the right of states to determine their decisions, including the legitimate and cultural’ practice of slave ownership.
            google search – southern states’ secession constitutions*. This debate makes no sense, when the people of the time, state clearly their purpose & intent.

          • Nun Ya

            The point is this, some in the North fighting for the North were slave owners, some in the South fighting for the south were not. I don’t like the confederate flag. I don’t like the black lawn jackeys either. I don’t like people burning the American Flag, I don’t like the Islamic Flag used by ISIL. However I recognize your right to have these things and to view them differently than I do and the more we try to take these rights away from others the more we loose ourselves.

        • Nun Ya

          Many who fought under the confederate flag where not pro slavery. Just like many soldiers who fight under Obama are not pro-gay marriage or pro abortion. However if conservatives or liberals wish to get rid of a flag they can over generations associate it with these two things alone and then people like you might say that is all it stands for. By the way it might surprise you that I don’t like the confederate flag. But I’ll defend peoples rights to do with it as they please. I get notices all the time when people want me to put my US flag at half mast. I put it there when I want and leave it up when I want it’s my yard and my flag. By the way if I see a rainbow it relates to Noah for me.

          • Niko VF

            I actually agree with you. I would never tell him to take down the flag… i wouldn’t tell a neo-nazi in Germany to take down his swastika either…

            freedom is freedom is freedom. My point is that it is important to understand your history and that i personally am flabbergasted that this young black man, embraces such a symbol. As i would be, were it a jew, flying the swastika… despite the fact that certainly not all Germans believed in the genocide of jews.

          • Nun Ya

            Yes of course Niko I saw the folly in that as well. My father is a WWII vet. There was a period of time where kids were running around with the red Japanese ZERO’s on bandannas around their head. To him it was a horrible thing, to them it was something that thought looked cool and nothing more.

      • Shanny

        It’ll happen some day, everyone just bitches about everything these days…

  • Missme Gilmore

    Just sad!

  • 46RayCharles2

    “My brothers had a quick meeting about this black boy and we agreed and that he would be right for our cause.” At his 1st. “Cross Burning” they are going to: Lynch him as a sacrifice!

    • Sonny Collins

      Well,deserve I look forward hearing about the lynching. Please put a idiot sign on him.

  • teaxsover

    He’s a self-hating idiot. Why would you preserve the history of people that wanted you as chattel as a possession? I hope he accepts the offer to be 1/2 Klan….they should lynch him and say it was an initiation gone bad.

  • http:/ designzrus

    hang him next to the flag

  • SuperDelicate

    The time to ask your hooded brothers, “Why?” is now…not when your hands are tied, the rope is around your neck and they are about to kick the chair out from under you as they stand there holding your flag, laughing and say, “You shoulda known we were kidding”…but don’t worry…you’ll find out…

  • Leo Jones

    lol he called the uncle tom nigga “BOY” … the BOY will help our cause lol

    • cinna

      I know lol. and they also said he wants to help his ancestral MASTERS protect their flag. they offered him a membership because they want him to be their slave. smh

  • Tim KU Pearson

    Yeah hell find out i been saying it but alot of these brothas are in the kkk ignororant

  • daboweyn_deux

    This is far too funny to be embarrassing. I feel for this dummy.

    • Daddynate

      We don’t need coons only soldiers and generals. Mr dumbass can stay with his masters

  • mrgunz

    And they only offered him a partial membership. See that’s racial right there, and he don’t even see it

    • Nicole MsBeautiful Breaker

      I saw that to partial membership they go kill his ass

    • Michael W. Smith

      And how many times did they say **boy**… instead of **young man**…….”wait for it……………………………….

  • Martin Johnson

    When you love the slave master more than yourself this happens.

  • mrgunz

    He’ll be the first black dummy to join the Klan and when they hold meetings he gotta stay outside.

    • Nicole MsBeautiful Breaker

      Rolling hard on your post…..after everything is said and done they go kill him

  • Ramona Dawson

    Their gonna kill you fool. It is about your color, and always have been. Get a clue young man.

  • Bobby Mack

    I’m not surprised there are a lot of his kind..Charles Barkley, Obama, Steve Harvey, Clarence Thomas, Bill Cosby(until they turned on Him)..This is not surprising at least this boot licking Uncle Tom admits it.

    • Joseph Alexander

      Bill Cosby speaks out against the stupidity in the black community, which is why he gets treated the way he does by people who want perpetuate the ignorance.

  • Jesus Christ

    Dang it.. I put that brain in the wrong body again… Oh me…

  • Isom Kelly

    I guess every group needs a visual aid. He will do well for their Sunday evening lynching seminars.

    • Nicole MsBeautiful Breaker

      They go tell him bye felicia

      • Shanny

        When is this “bye Felicia” crap going to die off? Haha

  • Jo Floyd

    Yes, he has been asked to join the KKK to get the other “Blacks” to support their views on America and the Confederate flag. However, he can’t get the respect to be addressed as a MAN or by his NAME, from the members of the KKK. Although, I do respect the fact that he has stood up for what he believes in. I do not agree with his
    position on supporting a group of people that has destroyed, killed,
    raped, and tortured….people of color that looks identical to himself.

  • Felicia Marcus

    He’s for confederate flag, but they still addressing as boy, instead of young man or gentlemen, wowww, really Byron, wake up they’ll never except you. The flag represent hate, always had always will, don’t be no fool.

  • Nun Ya

    He speaks well his view clearly separates the flag from the bigotry many associate with it. Good for him.

  • Tracy Davis

    Young Clarence Thomas.

  • Ozone

    …some fools just can’t be reached.

  • Charlenesecrethought Hawkins

    Freedom of speech he has his rights. Although I wouldn’t associate myself with the KKK. But to keep his flag his choice.

  • Andrew Smith
  • Shapar Napash


  • leo

    Go to hell. Hope kkk kill you and burn u

  • Natasha Banks

    Black boy,ancesteral master, and then they”re using him to get other blacks to become
    a part with partial membership. Confused black man….GTFOH ….

    • Christine Annette Crowley

      only in south carolina smh

  • MrTroyMercy

    I hope that someone kills this guy. This idiot doesn’t know the different between a color and a shade. I really do not like guys like him and Tommy Sotomayor…. c00ns. Straight up uncle toms that needs to die now.I would save Dylann Roof before I save him. Thats how much I hate this guy and I’m not from SC!

  • Jocelyn Sparks

    This Negro Crazy!!

  • Joseph Hawkins

    You all realize this a parody, right?

  • Tracy Spence

    Man please you don’t really know and understand you support something that killed our people burn them beat and rape our people and you want to support them well it’s your life I would not trust them when they find your decomposed body or burnt body you really think they have changed and excepting blacks that’s against everything they stand for I’m sorry your a fool if you do

  • Nun Ya

    The confederate Congress specified that black soldiers were to receive the same pay as the white soldiers. The Union army’s black soldiers were paid less than the white soldiers. A black soldier in the Union army would have been paid $10 a month with a $3 clothing fee taken out, leaving the soldier with $7 a month. White soldiers were paid $13 a month and were not forced to pay a clothing allowance, which is almost twice as much as the black soldiers. By contrast the Confederate army paid their privates of both races $11/month until 1864. Equal pay for both races in the federal army did not come into effect until June 1864. The Confederate Army also authorized a salary for black musicians in 1862.

    In 1864, the Confederate States began to abandon slavery. There are some indications that even without a war, the Confederacy would have ended slavery. Most historians believe that the Confederacy only started to abandon slavery once their defeat was imminent. If that were true then we are to believe that the CSA wanted independence more than they wanted to hold on to slavery. The CSA’s highest ranking generals, Robert E. Lee and Joseph E. Johnston were not slave holders and did not believe in slavery. And according to an 1860 census, only 31% of families owned slaves. 75% of families that owned slaves owned less than 10 and often worked beside them in the fields. The Confederate Constitution banned the overseas slave trade, and permitted Confederate states to abolish slavery within their borders if they wanted to do so. Slavery wasn’t abolished until 1868, 3 years after the war. Thus Kentucky, Missouri, Maryland and Delaware still had slaves.

    Read more about it here.

  • anthony

    He kept referencing him to a “boy” not a man

  • Raymond Cain III

    Pure coonery…

  • DeMaris Williams

    And the 2015 Stupidest Mother F&c4er Award goes to……….

  • Andrew DrewSki Skinner

    Genocide is the problem do your research

  • Lloyd A Lawrence Jr

    Damn… What is this endemic south carolina disease first clarence thomas, armstrong williams, tim scott, now this clown. must be something in the water in that backwater.

  • Mytch


    • Kyle from buffalo ny

      Perhaps you should educate yourself a little…. The flag this man designed is not what flies in SC today. As a matter of fact the flag everyone is bitching about is the Confederate Navy Jack and never used as a flag to represent the Confederate States itself.

      Confederate Navy Jack: Used as a navy jack at sea from 1863 onward. This flag has become the generally recognized symbol of the South.

      Note: It is necessary to disclaim any connection of these flags to neo-nazis, red-necks, skin-heads and the like. These groups have adopted this flag and desecrated it by their acts. They have no right to use this flag – it is a flag of honor, designed by the confederacy as a banner representing state’s rights and still revered by the South. In fact, under attack, it still flies over the South Carolina capitol building. The South denies any relation to these hate groups and denies them the right to use the flags of the confederacy for any purpose. The crimes committed by these groups under the stolen banner of the conderacy only exacerbate the lies which link the seccesion to slavery interests when, from a Southerner’s view, the cause was state’s rights.

      Here’s a little education for you all….

      • senorknowitall

        “They have no right to use this flag – it is a flag of honor, designed by the confederacy as a banner representing state’s rights and still revered by the South.”

        Well, they’re Southerners too, and they claim that it represents their heritage (which is shared by all Southerners) as well. just because it isn’t flattering doesn’t mean it isn’t a legit claim.

        Oh, and exactly what state’s rights were under attack again?

        • Kyle from buffalo ny

          The text is directly copied from the site so it’s not my opinion. However I do agree with it and since these hate groups commit crimes under this banner I say no, they don’t have a legit claim, Their groups are not made up of exclusively southerners for one. Also since the CSA ceased hostilities and re-joined the Union the states have the right to determine that the neo-nazis and skinheads do not represent it.

      • sidearm45 .

        Amen, I;m glad a few of us on this board know a little non revised history.

    • sidearm45 .

      Wow, brilliant, you are so slick, except the second Confederate flag isn’t what he is holding you idiot.

    • Michael David Wasiljov

      He designed the 2nd National Confederate Flag which incorporated the Confederate Battle Flag which was actually designed in 1861 by two sisters who were originally from Baltimore and living in Virginia.

  • Raven Valkyrie

    This is a parody site y’all

  • Bill Johnson Conway

    This is not funny. Is his father or mother alive? Does he have a grandmother or an Uncle or an Auntie? Perhaps he’s just tired of living? Can God save him from his own self destructive mindset? Prayer can change things. keep praying. May God have mercy upon his soul. Amen

  • Jana Carrillo

    He believe wat he beleve wat can b said about its not rite or wrong same wit legslizin gay marriages everyone believe wat they need to believe and u cant knock it

  • Keyway

    in my opinion, the confederate flag sends a message to the government.
    Its a reminder that The People have power when they come together. Look
    past the slavery part. Those boys stood up as a NATION. They told the
    government “we wont take it anymore”. They almost changed history and
    became a independent country from the United States. When their lively
    hood, family, and way of life was threatened they came together as a
    People. Our constitution is being ripped apart while we are being
    further divided as a people. open your eyes. smh

    • liberatedMIND

      MLK and Rosa Parks and the montgomery bus boycott remind me that the ppl have power when them come together, the friggin flag reminds me that ppl fought for their right to own humans as property, foh with that bs

      • Keyway

        you are speaking of your self how u feel, and i am speaking of my self, how i feel; which make our thoughts, opinions. There is no right or wrong with opinion. If you look from a different perspective, then maybe you would understand my opinion, however, that is irrelevant, because its still MY opinion. You don’t have to see eye to eye and its okay, we will live. Dont let your ability not to see eye to eye lead you to say unkind things to other peoples like “foh with that bs”. in your opinion what i said was bs, but that dont make ur opinion to be fact of truth. so to you its bs, to me, it make sense. i can live with that sir. have a nice day:)

        • liberatedMIND

          the confederate flag is a symbol of oppression and the lack of power or respect in America for the black community. If we had any power or real influence in American society we would of removed those symbools of black oppression and subjugation. If i was looking for inspiration there is many other places to look than to this flag. Btw you insulted me when you suggest blacks should look it as some kind of symbol of inspiration

          • Keyway

            Yes, im looking at this situation from a perspective that would be inspirational but im not seeing black and white, im looking from a “we are the people” point of view.

          • liberatedMIND

            we the people fighting to own other people as property –

          • Keyway

            THOSE people believed it was their God given right to own people so for them and according to their religious belief, yes. I disagree with that. The point im making is, they fought for what they believed in as a people. Our constitution is being destroyed, we need to as a people stand up for that.

          • liberatedMIND

            and the people of the north also fought for what they beleive. Hitler and the nazi’s fought for what they beleived. And yes thanks to 911 every president since starting with Bush have shredded the constitution

          • Keyway

            yeah, so i feel like, if you going to hang on to that flag, dont do it for hate reasons. Instead stand behind it to remind the government what happens when they try to mess with our rights, freedom, beliefs, and constitution (though the constitution came after the flag). A flag for the rebels of today’s society. Other than those reasons, i will not defend this flag.

          • Keyway

            i see your points as well Sir.

  • jermainepalmer

    Hell naw man is u carzy man omg woke up

  • sidearm45 .

    Maybe just maybe this young man knows more about the civil war than most commenters on this board. The civil war wasn’t about slavery. The revisionist historians have made it appear that way. I was raised in the north and that’s what I was taught and like most people I believed it. I was really shocked when I discovered the first slave owner in what would become America was black. That there was a white slave trade as well made up of mostly Irish. During the period that both white and black slaves were in America the black slaves were considered more valuable and were usually treated better. In support of this claim let me offer a historical fact or two. One prominent figure from the era freed the salves he had inherited, he never purchased any, in 1862. Another equally prominent figure freed his when the 13th Amendment was passed. When asked why he waited so long General Grant replied, “Good help is hard to find.” The man who freed his slaves in 1862 was Robert E. Lee. Does this sound like two men with different attitudes toward slavery? Yes it does. Only problem is they represent the wrong sides of the issue. But then the war was about the south selling cotton to England. Not slavery.

  • Ed Ballard

    I am not a supporter of the Confederate battle flag, especially on state property. But I’m also not a supporter of stepping on the majority voice so long as it doesn’t deprive another of life, liberty, and/or property. However, I find many of these people hypocrites. They complain about a flag that stood for slavery and racial segregation, even if it currently flies as a reminder of southern heritage. On the flip side they joined the party of Jim Crow because they now believe that party is in their best interest. If the Democratic Party can change as a symbol, why not the Confederate battle flag?

  • James Blacksher Jr.

    No comments .

  • Paul Casale

    The idiot that wrote this headline should learn how to spell “recieves”.

  • Feisal De

    I wonder what Billy Holiday’s (singer of Strange Fruit) response would have been,

  • Feisal De

    I live in South Africa, and yes, we have had our heartache, but America is a traumatized kitten

  • Ray Ray Rayzfire Woodall

    They gone hang his black ass repeatedly call him a boy soon and very soon you gone hang from a tree.stupid black man will be a boy once again

  • Gmen 4Ever

    Pastor manning would be proud of this young uncle Ruckus

  • very_opinionated1

    Damn fool, was probably dropped on his head as a baby.

  • Larry Lionel Hopkins Rodriguez

    The Confederate flag does not stand for slavery or racism. I frankly dont care that its up. Hell I have one. The flag its self is a symbol of freedom of the South from the North. People tend to make it about racism only because the people of the South were for slavery, but flag wasn’t a symbol of slavery.
    So really I can not understand why people continue to get but hurt over the flag in Charleston, SC.

  • SgtCedar

    Partial membership? What will be his role at the next cross burning? I wonder if it will be his last KKK event.

  • Michael Earnest

    If anyone remembers back quite a few years ago. The leader of one of the KKK order was a very close friend of a black man, so much the black man was the Godfather of one of his children. The Klan’s order was changing into something different. Although I wouldn’t doubt that the racist ones are still out there in large numbers.

  • Trisha A

    wow….if he is the future generation…we will become extinct

  • Buddy Rooks

    Narrow minded racist people . It’s a free country. Most of you don’t even know actually history. The war wasn’t over slavery , it was over states rights. The first American dlave owner was black . The Arab muslums that sold slaves was going to either kill them or make money. Get over it all races have been slaves . stupid fkers

  • csa2

    People don’t realize symbols can change. They say everyone who flies this flag supports racism. Well that’s untrue. Several important symbols have changed meaning including the ‘Jesus fish’whose origins began as a pagan symbol for fertility and vaginas. It seems the people who are holding on to the racism behind the flag the most are those who are trying to tear it down. They say let go of that past… but why can’t they? Why can’t they accept our newfound symbolism for a vital part of history? It may have once stood for white supremists and for some it still does but not for everyone. Why punish the whole for the part?

  • Tricia Mack

    I before E except after C. Oh yeah, about the African American kid and the Confederate flag: maybe he wants his 15 minutes. He is majoring in PR after all. Some old white guy will want to hire him.

  • Phillip Derrick Gray

    Screw the kkk and jason johns, too. The Confederate Battle Flag had nothing to do with racism, slavery or hate. Those dumb@$$ b******s playing with themselves know about as much about the true history of that flag as most of the morons who comment against it. They distort and trample on a symbol of Southern pride that good soldiers fought and died under to protect their homes, not slavery. Hope Byron knows that not all of us are like this moron Jason Johns.

  • Derek Gill

    Byron Thomas stated in his interview and I quote “For me and many Southerners, the flag celebrates my heritage and regional pride. One of my ancestors, Benjamin Thomas, was a black Confederate cook, and I do not want to turn my back on his service to the South. So I hang the flag in honor of his hard work and dedication to South Carolina during the Civil War. “. Now I wonder if his ancestor shared those same sentiments when his slave master ripped the skin off his back with a whip if he burnt the rice. Apparently this moron is under the misconception that his ancestor Benjamin sent in his resume and applied for the job as Top Chef and won the job, rather than having being told to go cook the food for the Confederacy and to make sure he don’t f**k up

  • Billy Sellers

    let the kkk that some black folks into their acts, you might see a good for the country you may not expect. i don’t agree with a couple of things mr johns said, but i think if the kkk took in some black folks and stood for something good, i might join. key note to mr johns I DON’T BELIEVE IN WHITE SUPREMACY, I BELIEVE AN A NATION OF EQUALS, THAT MEANS EVERYONE WORKS AND EVERYONE CARRIES THEIR WEIGHT, BLACKS AND WHITES

  • chidiebereonuorha

    Kid is just looking for publicity, like most people these days. The ploy is simple: do something that no one will ever think or dream that you would do, and you will become popular. I guess he has succeeded. CNN interviewed him. Mission accomplished!

    • Akuna Matata

      Probably so since he will be a lawyer in ten years tops . Great way to get your foot in the door . Someone’s got to do it .

  • La Allen

    Just the response of the KKK should have been an eye opener. Hope he did not fall asleep in class during the civil rights era. Also, I don’t have a problem with IN his home nor do I have with from other, BUT if tax dollars are expended in maintaining that flag on ANY government property, then it should be removed. There are good people who display the flag and I respect that, BUT I do not respect a government that flies it on government owned buildings or property. LET ME ALSO BE CLEAR. Graveyards that are also maintained by the government should be off limits. If we don’t see them there, then we lose our history (good or bad) as a people of the UNITED STATES.

  • Angela Warner

    Hey We have Fools in the Black Race Too. It’s not a white or Black thing. It’s an American or Anti-American Thing.The Civil War was about Traders! Treason! Crimes against the USA.Over the right to own Human Beings Period

  • De Wayne Smith

    He simply wants national attention and I hope they let him join because he would be the highest member. Good luck and good bye dummy.

  • Carl Christensen

    well I guess it’s like Jewish guys that have a perverted Nazi fetish. He has the freedom to embrace the flag of the KKK — but don’t try to pass it off as normal or honorable…..

    • Akuna Matata

      That flag doesn’t belong to the KKK factually. But the citizens did allow them to take it make it their own symbol of hate and racism. Their such cowards they had to use a blood soaked flag instead of their own . It’s easy to hide behind a flag that has more meanings than one . The only way to know if they are KKK is if they have a hood on so therefore they blind in unknown and that is unfair .

  • Bobbie Arthur

    Sometimes you can be so intelligent you’re stupid.

  • Jade Edwards

    I’m confused. What kind of message is he trying to send? Is he special needs???

  • sylar98


  • sylar98


  • Onyx2sides

    None of this article is true… You people are being lied to in orders to keep folks separated! Don’t believe everything you read on the internet…..

  • SMH

    Black man embraces the Confederate Flag, and subsequently receives an offer to join the KKK. If you cannot see the connection here, then you are an IDl0T.

  • Thomas Joseph Leach

    Smart guy

  • Loraine Lawson

    It just goes to show that old maxim is true: Those who do not watch Dave Chappelle are doomed to become his skits.

  • Dain Valdes

    there is no (lowercase) god