Xbox One Kills Teen After Console Forcefully Ejected A Disc, Slicing His...

Xbox One Kills Teen After Console Forcefully Ejected A Disc, Slicing His Throat


Xbox One Kills Teen After Console Forcefully Ejected A Disc, Slicing His Throat

According to authorities, Davenport was killed when his Xbox One malfunctioned, causing the system to eject a disc at a high rate of speed, striking the teen in the throat. His mother had discovered his body around 3 a.m. when she went to check on him.

“My son loved playing his Xbox One. He was a good student in school so I had no problems with him playing the game as much as he wanted. He also has a Youtube channel dedicated to games. He made a decent amount of money from making videos so I thought he was being very productive. I never thought that his game would kill him,” said Ms. Davenport.

The police and paramedics arrived at the Davenport residence at approximately 3:36 a.m. When emergency units arrived, they confirmed that Marcus Davenport was dead. Authorities had discovered the Call of Duty disc lodged into Davenport’s throat. Davenport had bled out but appeared to have died from asphyxiation according to the paramedics.

Police found a video that Davenport was recording for Youtube right before his death which confirmed the disc had ejected from the Xbox One with enough force to slice Davenport’s throat.


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  • Thuggybearspicnic

    Call of duty just got real….. BwhahahHahahahHhHahahHHA

    • Martin RGOGT

      Not Funny at all.

      • DannyPikmin

        How isn’t it funny?

    • Glen Sadlock

      I too think it’s funny !
      Mainly because this is a satirical website. 😛
      Maybe he should have been using a PlayStation.

  • method007

    Such crap.

  • Nathaniel Clay (NatT96)

    I hope Microsoft and the Xbox team see this…this is not good at all…poor kid

    • Cole Longó

      For real..

  • Dan Danner

    Total click-bait.

    • Dustin Apodaca

      Click bait=/= Satire.

      • Dan Danner

        Ding Ding Ding!

        • Adam Standridge

          He just stated that click bait is not equal to satire. It’s an entertainment site.

          • Dan Danner


  • Ben

    Haven’t seen any other site report this, so it is clickbate (also if anyone on vgchartz see’s this, it is super6646).

    • Sasori Nagashi

      There is a difference between Clickbait Journalism and Satire.

      • Otie64

        I was looking for a satire tag but couldn’t find one. It might as well be clickbait nonetheless

        • Mike Limpus

          You need a satire tag to know when something is satire? You can’t just tell from the obvious absurdity of it?

    • Tetsuya Kuroko

      its not even my friend said it

  • Zander J. Gavin

    Anyone else think it suspicious this story is not DATED.

    • gbrech

      death doesnt have a date

      • Zander J. Gavin

        You know damn well if this was real the story would be dated, both when the incident occurred and when the story was written.

        • DannyPikmin

          You’re an idiot. Ever heard of a thing called “satire”?

  • paul proudman

    His xbone overheard him saying he was getting a PS4 lol

    • shawn mcdermott (DevilGear21)

      really dude, the guy lost his life, this is not a way to joke about this

      • BogsyP

        it is when this is satire

      • Kano Kane

        It’s a joke news site . Calm down

      • Syther Shadows

        In the odd situation you don’t believe these other two

        I personally know xbox one’s and its impossible for them to eject a disk fast enough to even leave the disk tray

        but even if it did a disc is not made of the right material to slice someone i know because me and my friends use to throw discs at each other for the old gen xbox’s

        • Blank

          With high velocity and rotation it can even cut your head off your body. even a card can slice someone throat if it trowed properly.

          • DaggerX6

            No, no you can’t.

          • Evan Snow

            he said “if it trowed properly”.
            You can’t argue with that. LMAO

          • Joshua Summers

            really. were gonna be a grammar nazi. Youll may be right. but that doesnt help your side. Just makes you look petty

          • Fei Xue

            It’s amusing that the only ones who complain about grammar Nazis are the ones who have no mastery of the English language whatsoever. Making us struggle to figure out how to comprehend some unintelligent scribble that we can hardly piece together into a coherent sentence is just absurd.

          • Raining-rupees

            It really isn’t that hard. Live in a ghetto area for a decent amount of time, and ebonics really help you out. You can understand the most unintelligent nonsense with ebonics.

          • Evan Snow

            I don’t have a side.
            I was just pointing out that it’s futile to debate with a stupid person. That’s why I won’t debate with you.
            Now go find a sense of humor and stop trolling the adults.

          • Ashton Mcgowen

            Actually moving fast enough it can. Not saying this story happened at all its rather unbelievable. but the person who said at the right speed it could happen is correct. If a tornado can move a pine needle fast enough to put it through a 2×4, with enough speed a disc could decapitate a person.

          • Kokuga no Ryuusei

            The actual disk needs to be capable of cutting on the edges. the new consoles have smooth edged discs.

        • Seth Beals

          It could, given enough speed. No xbox could do it, and it doubt more n a few people could manage, but it is possible. There’s been bits of straw put through palm trees during storms, it’s all about velocity, not the material. Bullet’s aint sharp, but they definitely leave a pretty clean hole in stuff.

          • Syther Shadows

            Well anything will hurt if it fired a supper high speeds
            but i dont think even if the xbox exploded somehow and assuming the explosion is strong enough it’d probable take half his room with it

        • Pedro Pangelinan

          Why the hell do you guys throw disks at each other? What the hell is wrong with you and your friends?

          • Syther Shadows

            Nothing wrong with us
            ever had a old console with lots of old games ?
            i probable had at least 30-40 xbox games laying about at the time

            now i just have a pc

      • Michael Beeching

        Nobody died lol… Get a grip ffs!

      • Rainier German

        Don’t worry, he’s a gamer. He’ll respawn any minute now.

        • psyrakan

          Mot funny

          • David McCooey

            Why exactly do you believe anything posted on this site, have you SEEN the other stories on here.

          • Spades_Neil

            It’s a very well put together site. I was fooled until I started looking up more info on the story. Something seemed fishy about it from the start.

          • Amanda

            Right? In the disclaimer it states that this is a satirical news site lol

        • Pedro Pangelinan


        • ✝Marcquis✝Rogers✝


      • jen

        What’s even funnier is retards like you believe anything u read . Probably because the old “well it’s on the Internet”

  • Mike Davis

    I call BS on this. I see no way for that to happen without the system exploding and causing enough noise to alert someone.

  • ploopploop

    I laughed way too hard at this, I mean come on even if the story was legitimate, it is more logical that someone slit his throat open because someone got jealous about his “reputation”. There is no way in hell that a mere disc can slide a throat open, being launched with that much force the machine should be damaged badly. But there are too many holes in this clickbait, try harder next time

    • Ras Munky

      Plus at what angle in relation to the guy’s neck was the Xbox placed? Does the eject have that much evergy to propell a disc to killing momentum?

    • DannyPikmin

      Satire isn’t clickbate, jfc you people are stupid.

  • Jordan Salyers

    I laughed so hard also it is not dated at all try harder next time 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • AL Pasas

    Please tell me this is a joke……

    • gbrech

      its too real. the internet is all real

    • WhoFedKennen?

      its a joke this site as a whole is a joke

  • Scotty Fall

    This is some bs lol

  • 8r3 c0d3

    the cinect noticed he was loosing control over this human so it decided to setle things up

    • gbrech

      you know what. i love this comment. im not telling you why

  • Rejeeve Smith

    His name is the guy from Lab Rats

    • Joseph Rogers

      Technically the guy from Lab Rats is Donald Davenport, but yes they share the last name.

  • Frederick Tacla

    PC Master Race!

  • Daniel Harris

    The same thing happened to me when I bought my gaming pc ,they have have sensed it.

    • Lolrie

      You died from a disc flying out and cutting your throat?

      • IMTrick

        He got better.

        • Maxmiliion

          He respawned.

      • Daniel Harris

        Yes ,I’m an intelligent zombie now

  • Lazerbyte

    I have an Xbox One and I have a door that I keep closed when I eject the disk and that way if it comes flying out it will hit the door and no problem. There is enough space between the console and the door to all the disk perfect room and then I can take it out and put it away! I really don’t believe this story!!

  • isotrex

    One word…. Skynet!

  • James

    Clickbait, now ima watch por@ and masterba#e

  • Boby


  • Boby

    Final Destination confirmed


  • Asifur Rahman

    The breaking news caught my attention

  • FunkNstein

    man these next gen games are gettin too real. you die in the game, you die in real life

  • vishmarx

    ffs lol,,, look at those other headlines
    smh@all who fell for this

  • Glow

    The author/site might want to start putting satire tags on these stories before they get sued for defamation…

  • avikbellic911

    I have no idea if this is true or false but reading story about a peasant….

    • pretty flacko

      > Calls other dude peasant
      > Has no idea that this story is a satire

      top kek

      • avikbellic911

        This is you a Butthurt whore console user!

        • pretty flacko

          You must be autistic, so I’m not going to take you seriously.


  • Danny Stevens

    No better reason to go digital.

  • Don Erickson

    It can even butcher a side of beef, that you were saving for later, if you aren’t careful. Never trust those deadly spinny things. Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    This is why I don’t want ON

  • Benjamin Berube

    That’s a load of horse s××t their is no way that happened. .1 cause most consoles are about 2 feet off the ground 2 the force behind that had to be much greater then then 2 inches it ejects out 3 he would have had to be neck an inch from it this is a kids ma who got sick off him gum running it on call of duty and took him out herself this is just a load of malarkey someone that thinks they can get money from them offing their own kid give me solid proof and I will agree I mean ps3 has the same eject system way before xbox did so apparently this if It did happen is a 1 in about 15 billion chance with more then just the fact that it came out the Xbox “forcefully” for that to happen so get mad at me but fess up ma or friend who couldn’t wait for his turn

  • juggalotus42000

    lawl @ the ppl who thought this was real

  • GolfingGabe

    Sounds like a scene from “Final Destination.”

  • Ali Pittman

    It was the xbox ones turn for a kill streak

  • Razr

    This is why PC gaming is superior in many ways…

  • Dav

    This is horrible, he should sue!

  • Ronnie Mullis

    I don’t believe this story, but it would be a helluva creepy pasta, now the disk is haunted and the music will play backwards while warping the player around… damn.

  • Tyrion Lannister

    Power to kill. But not enough power to run games.

  • HugoPositve

    And what of the channel? Can you throw a link?

  • Опасный Поцык

    ШОК! Меня комп убил крч. Ну не меня а мои глаза

  • Lawrence Luce

    The thing funniest about this story are all the morons who believe it to be true.

    Go back to school people, educate yourselves.

  • Trojan.MSI


    dat consoles players…

  • Palmalook


  • The Rox

    Ridiculus news….

  • Evo Fire

    this is not true lol but you all keep believen bs lol

  • C86

    It must be a false news, for the picture is from another news –

  • leon_kami_n

    LOL, I’m sorry but this is hilarious. I don’t think it’s true but even if it is. I can picture an Xbox One shooting out a disc that fast. The mortal kombat comment, rofl, “FLAWLESS VICTORY, FATALITY”.

  • lxLOBOxl

    This is why…I switched to digital download.

  • Saratje

    Microsoft always has had its share of cut-throat policies.