Man Traps 5-Year-Old Boy In Scalding Shower

Man Traps 5-Year-Old Boy In Scalding Shower


ILLINOIS — A 29 year old Streamwood Resident, Brian Magsombol was arrested late Saturday night in connection with an allegation of child abuse which occurred during the evening of August 13th on the 100 block of North Park Blvd in Streamwood.

The 5 year old victim was taken to St. Alexius Medical Center with severe burns he received as a result of being scalded with hot water by Mr. Magsombol. The victim was immediately transferred to Loyola Medical center in Maywood where he is in serious condition from the burns he sustained in the incident.

From The Daily Herald: A Cook County prosecutor said Magsombol was watching the boy while his mother was at work Thursday night when the 5-year-old decided to take a shower because his feet were dirty. While showering, the boy asked Magsombol to help him adjust the water temperature, Assistant Cook County State’s Attorney Kelly Peterson said.

According to Peterson, Magsombol became so angry at the request that he turned the water to its highest temperature and closed the shower door, preventing the boy from escaping.

The scalding water peeled the skin off the boy’s face and chest, Peterson said. At one point, the boy grabbed a bucket that was left in the shower and put it over his head to protect himself, she said.

Mr. Magsombol was charged with one count of Aggravated Battery to a Child (class x felony) and Aggravated Domestic Battery (class 2 felony) prior to being taken to Roiling Meadows Courthouse where a bond hearing is scheduled today at 9am.

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