NYPD Cops Save Man’s Life

NYPD Cops Save Man’s Life


NEW YORK CITY — Sergeant Michael Riley along with Police Officers Thomas Puleo and Angel Castillo of the Transit Manhattan Task Force were inside of the 34th Street Herald Square Subway Station within the confines of the Midtown South Precinct at approximately 7:20 a.m. when they were approached by a woman who stated that a man up on the street needed their help.
The officers ran to 34th Street and 6th Avenue, where they found a 53-year-old Staten Island man who was unresponsive.
“He was blue. He wasn’t breathing,” said Police Officer Puleo.
The officers placed the man on his back and Sergeant Riley began rescue breathing while Police Officer Puleo started chest compressions. Police Officer Castillo immediately requested EMS over his police radio.
The officers continued administering CPR until EMS arrived, about two to three minutes later, and assisted EMS in placing the man on the stretcher. Police Officer Castillo continued performing chest compressions as the man was placed in the ambulance. EMS transported the man to Bellevue Hospital where he later regained consciousness.
A further investigation revealed the man was driving several co-workers in a van when he slumped over and lost consciousness. A woman riding in the van saw an unoccupied parked police vehicle and ran down into the subway to find the officers..
“It was just very fortunate that we were there,” said Sergeant Riley.
This was the first time performing CPR for both Police Officers Castillo and Puleo.  “I was relieved when I found out that the man had survived,” said Police Officer Castillo . Police Officer Puleo said, “It is a good feeling helping someone out, that why we became cops.” -NYPD News

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