WATCH: Abusive Dog Sitter Caught On Video

WATCH: Abusive Dog Sitter Caught On Video


Burlingame, California — (Peninsula Humane Society & SPCA) — On July 30th, we received a disturbing video clip showing the owner/operator of a dog sitting and boarding business jerk a cowering dog up by the neck, slam the little dog to the ground, and slap the dog multiple times while pinned to the ground.

We are looking for the dog pictured in this video (Scroll down) as we fear the dog may have been injured. The dog in the video is a golden-colored, approximately 15-pound, long-haired small breed, perhaps a Chihuahua mix, with a fluffy tail, and somewhat pointed snout with short hair around the face.

PHS/SPCA investigators went to the Burlingame residence and seized 11 dogs, fearful for their health and safety based on what was observed in the video. Dogs being boarded were quickly returned to the business owner’s clients, but the owner’s three dogs are still in protective custody and have not been returned.

The owner’s single-story residence is located behind Burlingame High School, between the high school and Hwy 101. The owner, a woman in her 60s, has operated a dog sitting and boarding business at this residence for at least 10 years; during that time, PHS/SPCA has received multiple complaints from neighbors about her care and handling of the boarded animals.

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We believe that the evidence presented in the video clip is enough for the District Attorney’s Office to bring animal abuse charges against this woman. Dog owners who believe this dog may be theirs, residents who have knowledge of other dogs possibly harmed by this dog sitter or who have had bad or troubling experiences using this person’s dog sitting or boarding services are encouraged to contact PHS/SPCA immediately at 650/340-7022, ext. 384.

PHS/SPCA is not releasing the dog sitter’s name at this point as she has not been charged with anything and that information is not a matter of public record.

(WARNING: Video is disturbing)

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