Tupac Shakur Faked His Death – It’s a Hoax

Tupac Shakur Faked His Death – It’s a Hoax


It what is merely another oppressive, Zionist-orchestrated scam, once again, the unbelievable occurs. One of its agents, Tupac Shakur, seemingly has evaporated into thin air. It was Shakur who in 1996 was reportedly attending a special event in Las Vegas, the Mike Tyson-Benson fight, and then afterwards was brutally murdered.

The world was asked to believe – and did by the way wholesale, – that was killed by a lone assassin in what was a senseless waste of human talent, his being only 25 years-0ld. The Zionist-controlled media was abuzz with the story for weeks. He was shot, it was said, while in the car with one of his key associates, Suge Knight

Yet, Knight was barely injured if at all. Actually, this claim, too, is a lie.

The assailant, of course, just couldn’t resist making his presence known. While in a “white Cadillac” he blasted away multiple times, hitting Shakur four times in the chest. Rushed to the hospital, notably the University Medical Center, he undergoes immediate surgery, including “the removal of the right lung.” He remains, the fable tellers claim, in “critical condition for six days,” after which he is pronounced dead.

A day or so later he is autopsied, then quickly cremated. There is no funeral. Nor is there any record of a tribute or memorial.

It has been noted by others that the death certificate is suspect. Tupac Amaru Shakur’s Social Security Number, provided on the document is not registered in the Social Security Death Index (SSDI). Moreover, it is currently still active…The SSN is currently active in Quincy, Florida, according to reports.

This, though, is largely irrelevant. It is the photography that will prove all.

Here are two of the purported images of his body after supposed autopsy:

1. NSFW – (Click to view the image)

Fake Autopsy Photo: no entrance or exit wounds for the attributed bullets seen.

Why is his head turned to the side, in fact, away from the camera? It would be straight up-and-down.

Rather than proof of a death this is evidence of the opposite: a fraud. Nevertheless, how could such a photo be made public? Moreover, why so long after the fact? It was “Stolen from the coroner’s office” is yet another likely story. The ‘surgical’ line regarding the right lung makes no sense and appears to be drawn in. What are those two lines of cutting with opening of the tissue on the chest supposed to represent?

Once again, there is no evidence to any degree of bullets which supposedly struck him in the chest. What is the purpose of filleting him open over both chests? Where is the blood or blood-tinged fluid? If they would have spilled some on the gurney covering, at least it would have been a bit more believable.

2. NSFW – (Click to view the image)

This (above link) is obviously a Photoshop hack job. Pay attention in particular to the edges along his body line. That brown line is too tight to be a shadow.
There is a brownish-orange cut line visible along the forehead and skull.

3. NSFW – (Click to view the image)

The notch know blown up. It demonstrates a physical impossibility, the result of cutting and pasting of half the head onto the other half:

4. NSFW – (Click to view the image)

The notch – this divide in the anatomy of the upper part of the head and the lower – represents hard proof of a hoax and therefore the faking of a death.

Note, too, how the cut line follows he head all the war around to the shoulders. Note the diffusion of brownish-orange coloring into the white background. It is completely artificial and of the poorest resolution.

The lower green arrow points to a notch, which is completely anomalous. That notch is a residue from a cut-and-paste operation where the head was applied onto the face. The ear tag ring, too, is anomalous and is seemingly not attached to the lower portion of the tag. The tag is merely floating in thin air.

The brown cut line proceeds to follow the edges of the arm. The arrow denotes yet another anomaly. This is a sudden decrease in thickness of the arm at that point, that is at the arrow and below. It is possible that the lower arm was cut and pasted as an add-on.


It should be good news to his fans that the autopsy photo is a fake. To such fans Shakur possessed almost magical powers. He was, alternatively, a poet, activist, actor, and most importantly, a popular music icon. This, too, is a hoax. There was nothing magical or ‘spiritual’ about the man.

If he was such a popular icon, why was there no response to his death? Why is there no record of a funeral? Furthermore, how can a music artist who long ago died have so much new music being released decade after the fact?

The fraud can also be seen in reviewing Shakur’s later career when he started to use the name “Makaveli.”  He explained this was a name he took and made his own. In what is further revelation of this hoax he took the name from none other than Niccolo Machiavelli. While in jail he told the reporter that he became well read on Machiavelli, which had a major impact on him.

For those who are unaware Machiavelli faked his death at the age of 25 to fool his enemies, returning at age of 43. The ‘death’ of Tupac at the same 25 years cannot be a coincidence. 

Shakur even represented in some of his lyrics the subliminal message of “I will return like Jesus.”

This year, 2014, in he mimic of Machiavelli, Tupac Shakur would be 43 years old. This may explain the heavy coverage by Zionist-operated TMZ, claiming that the death is a fake.

The Zionists are heavily involved in the ‘rapper community’ and are in many respects its controlling agents:

The Secret Relationship Between Rappers and Jews

9 Jan 2012 – The ADL (Jewish Anti-Defamation League) labeled it anti-Semitic. … which was owned by a Black man by the name of Suge Knight, built an …

The ADL/JDL claims a special role in this fraud. It would seem that the JDL created fake claims of threatening Shakur’s life just months before the acclaimed death:


This is also a hoax. It is merely proof that the JDL was running cover for the fake death, predicting it in advance.

Are Shakur and Knight, therefore, Jews who are disguising their identities?

Look at these two phonies after they leave the Tyson fight. Note the direct, almost sheepish look of Shakur towards the camera. It’s as if to say, “Oh, poor me, I’m about to die. Have pity on me.” This is a set-up, an absolute fake, and there can be no doubt about it.


Regarding the perpetration of a hoax he did it once before. On November 30, 1994, while on trial for sexual abuses and weapons-related charges. He was supposedly shot “five times and robbed of $ 40,000 in jewelry.” It all happened conveniently enough in the lobby of a Times Square recording studio.

As hard proof of the hoax this terminal fraudster checked himself out of the hospital a mere three hours after emergency surgery, a physical impossibility. It would take longer than that for the general anesthesia to wear off. Therefore, there was no surgery. It’s all a lie.


This surely doesn’t appear to be a man who was shot twice in the head, once in the hand, and elsewhere:


With Shakur it is all about money and power, and he surely could surround himself with the full elements necessary to commit such hoaxing. That makes two hoaxes in a matter of two years, both of which involved fake shootings.

Shakur bought the elements of the hoax, including the loyalty of any players, through cash disbursements:


It is the behavior and aptitude of a man who so many claimed was ‘so deep’ – so profoundly and socially accurate about this human race, expressed through his ‘art.’ That’s about the same degree of corruption as claiming that Malala ‘the arch-fraudster’ Yousafzai has the speech of a prophet. Oh, how the Zionists spin it all in their fairy-tale land of terminal deception and deceit.

Now, no doubt, Shakur is alive. Even his closest associate, Suge Knight says so. He, though, couched his words slightly, saying “Maybe he is alive.”

Knight, that man driving the car on that ominous night said in a radio interview (source still being investigated) “Maybe Tupac isn’t dead; maybe Tupac is still alive somewhere.”

“Maybe he is alive” are the words of the man who was reportedly in the car when he was killed?


The question is where is he? Some say he is in Cuba. That, at least, has yet to be confirmed. Yet, what can be confirmed is that he is alive and well and that his death was faked.

For Tupac Shakur faking his death was one more violent mood swing, one additional act of treachery, which he committed for his own wicked gains.


Hoax factor: one billion percent. He could very well be in Cuba or, perhaps, South America. In case there is still any doubt, he can be seen alive, here:




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