Charleston Church Shooter Dylann Roof Receives $4 Million in Donations From Supporters

Charleston Church Shooter Dylann Roof Receives $4 Million in Donations From Supporters


Charleston Church Shooter Dylann Roof Receives 4 Million in Donations From Supporters

SOUTH CAROLINA (NEWSWATCH33) – Charleston Church shooter, Dylann Roof, is currently being held in a county jail as he awaits trial for his alleged involvement in the murder of 9 members of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal during a bible study session.

As he waits for his trial, supporters of Dylann Roof across America have banded together to fund raise for Roof’s legal protection. According to the most recent information provided by the Citizens For White Rights, who is managing the account receiving the donations, they’ve raised a little over $4 Million for Roof’s legal fees and possible bond money.

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  • KarenJ

    I’d suggest the SPLC take a real close look at the names on that PayPal donation list.

    • CTOH

      My thoughts exactly.

    • Sharon Williams

      Yes they need to look at that pay list, because I think they are the ring leaders!!

      • Andres Herrera

        The SPLC is the ringleader?

        • JanS

          no…he’s talking about the people who have contributed money…..:-

        • TruthandFreedom

          The SPLC is funded by the same guy who paid for rioters in Fergusen, and the same guy that was the financial backer of Obama for President…. Yes, the one and only George Soros, one of the most vile persons on this planet! By the way it was amazing that these so called pictures, which by the way wreak of being photo shopped were produced to the media by none other than the SPLC! Likewise, this just amazingly happened at the same time as Legislation was trying to be passed to remove the Confederate Flag from SC Capital.

          This had failed too many times to count in the past, and the legislation needed a push to get this passed; much like Sandy hook was needed and almost succeeded in the termination of the Second Amendment.

          Amazingly this event took place just like Boston bombing, Sandy Hook, Colorado shooting, WTC (9/11) all at the exact same time there were DHS drills happening that mirrored these events!

          Did you watch his arrest video? This is a supposed mass murderer who when the cops move up to his car door they holster their weapons! Then they proceed to open the front door of the police car for him, until the other officer says it wont look right. Thus, they finally open the back door of the police car for him to be seated. This is of course him telling them that he is hungry so they go get him a lunch from Burger King. There is also of course the pathetic looking search of the vehicle, not to mention the fact that it was that it was the media to tell the officers where to find Dylan.

          So we are to believe that he planned this for 6 months, yet no extra clothes or things to change/hide identity and yet nothing planned for either gas or food. And amazingly just like that of Sandy Hook the story changes on how many dead and how many survived! IF he had such hatred for blacks as stated by the media then NONE would have been left alive. Likewise, where is the video of him leaving the church?

          If I were persons from Fergusen and Chicago I’d be pissed!
          What makes their 9 deaths worth millions, when over 40
          black persons are killed per week in Chicago with no compensation?

          Where did the DOJ just happen to magically have 29 million
          dollars on hand for this event? Thus, this reaks of a payoff for them having played their part in the production to defraud the American people!

          • Andres Herrera

            you need psychological help

          • TruthandFreedom

            I deal in facts! Sorry you can’t dispute them and the only thing you can try and do is attack the one delivering the truth!

          • Andres Herrera

            you don’t know anything about facts. you’re mentally ill.

          • TruthandFreedom

            Again you have not given one thing to dispute what I have said!
            Thus, one can only assume you have no brains!

          • Andres Herrera

            dispute what? it’s all incoherent bs. gtofh moron

          • TruthandFreedom

            No, you just lack any basic thinking skills, as numerous issues were pointed out! I am sorry that you are a bi-product of the board of education in their agenda to dumb down America!

          • Andres Herrera

            hahahahah sure moron, now go back to your tinfoil hat.

          • TruthandFreedom

            Again you show that you lack any knowledge by name calling because you cant fight anything that was stated!! IT’s too damn hard to fight truth!
            Do you know where tin hat came from? Let me enlighten you! :)
            Tinhat status was derived as a descriptor by those in the fraudulent USA CORPORATION that was put into place by the ACT of 1871! The fraudulent government established the FBI CIA DHS to protect the criminals running this corporation.
            Along come the “TINHATS” which were once officially termed Conspiracy Theorists by those said agencies!
            And just why were they called this? It was because those Conspiracy Theorists sought TRUTH and after much times their beliefs were proved CORRECT!
            Thus, then like that of you they sought to name calling like that of Moron and Tinhat when they had no intellectual ability to fight the truth!
            would you like a listing of at least 50 Conspiracy Theories by TInhats that have been proven correct despite being called names by the likes of you who have no intellectual dispute to what is actually stated?
            If being a TINHAT means I can use my brain as compared to someone like you who lacks any intelligence any can only result to name calling, because they have no facts to support them, then I would gladly be called a TINHAT rather than associated as someone brain dead like yourself!
            So you are going to have to try much harder! Name call away but the truth is the truth despite all the name calling you do!

          • Andres Herrera

            i wrote tinfoil hat not tin hat, you don’t have reading comprehension.

          • TruthandFreedom

            Again, one with knowledge would know these are used interchangeably by those slandering the ones who seek the truth!

          • Andres Herrera

            yea ok moron

          • TruthandFreedom

            Amazingly, you still can’t find any true response! Name calling from someone who lacks any intelligence as noted by everyone who has watched this back and forth by you has done nothing but proven your stupidity! I would have just called you ignorant but that refers to someone who has not been given the information, whereas stupid is ones inability to comprehend after given the information. Thus, you have proven yourself suffering from STUPIDITY!
            Stupid confirmed as you have no intellectual dispute to the information given other than to try and name call!

          • Andres Herrera

            stfu you moron, only an absolute idiot believes in conspiracy theories.

          • TruthandFreedom

            You can STFU! Explain why cops would holster their weapons when supposedly approaching a mass murderer!
            Explain why the cops would then buy Dylan a meal from Burger King!
            Explain how the media called in dylans location to the police, just like the media in the Sandy Hook shooting was who called in 911 for sandy hook!
            Explain how there is no video of dyaln ever leaving this church only entering!
            Explain why if he hated blacks so much that he would leave any black person alive and why he had many black friends on his facebook account!
            Explain why if this was a supposed historic church that magically it only has 10-12 for its entire congregation!
            None of what is being reported makes any sense! Just like the FBI stating that he had planned this for a good six months! Really? I plan to do a mass killing but don’t think about anything to change my identity following? I don’t think of my need for food, money, or even gas?
            Only a MORON like you would believe this STORY! lol

          • Ghostdreams

            Getting a little upset there, eh Andre? Tsk, tsk .. Maybe it’s time to take your Thorazine.

          • SOSA

            TruthandFreedom is a nutcase in need of strong prescription meds and a caregiver.

          • SOSA

            Its called psychobabble!!!

          • SOSA

            LOL… Thats too good for this lunatic!

          • Ghostdreams

            That’s a really good picture of you Andre… You look like the moron you really are. 😀

          • SOSA

            Did you know several independent studies have shown that both Fox News and the GOP appeal mostly to low education rural voters. TruthandFreedom,whats your affiliation?

          • SOSA

            Dude,you have a severe psychosis for which a good mental health counselor will have their hands full dealing with.

          • Naxx1978

            Can you prove these facts? Show sources? And please dont mention fox news or say rupert told you.

          • SOSA

            A good psychiatrist is just a call away.

          • Ironheart

            no he / she does not , unfortunately, this person is spot on

          • Ironheart

            ..Did you all know that the D.O.J. ordered the Ferguson police chief to stand down and “DO NOT” confront or try to stop the looters & arsonist.

      • neontzars

        That makes precisely zero sense.

        • KarenSez

          It makes sense if you are a racist, I imagine.

        • JanS

          He’s talking about looking at the people who have donated, to find the “ringleaders there…and a bunch of idiots, too

    • BuckJohnson

      I totally agree, a very good look.

    • neontzars – we don’t need to spread falsehoods, it just plays into the racist narrative that anti-racists are unscrupulous liars. The facts are terrible enough.

      • Khailyn

        Thank you neontzars. I’ve seen this posted several times but didn’t repost because I couldn’t find anything else to support it. Not defending or supporting Roof, but spreading false information doesn’t help anything.

    • BlueEyed Apache

      The SPLC are leftwing is the business front for the B’nai B’rith and Israeli mosad. I don’t think it’s okay to allow them to snoop into private payrolls.

      • KarenSez

        STFU, loser.

      • Chuck Thom

        Ignoring the first part of what you’re saying, as it deserves no response, they’re not private payrolls.

      • Jerome Puttler

        STFU fascist pig!

    • mrallcaps1

      sp lc future is not worth a bucket of piss

    • Cori Hatchet

      The SPLC is a joke. To put one of the worlds renowned neurosurgeon’s on their little list takes away all their credibility.

      • KarenSez

        Dr. Mengele?

        • BlueEyed Apache

          Be quiet ya jewish fear mongering and chronic holo hoaxer.

    • KarenSez

      And the FBI.

    • Zelda

      You guys DO know that this is a satire news site, right? lol. None of this is true.

      • RickMeister

        …correct – see also “the onion”

    • Willybite

      For sure.

  • fifthdentist

    Anybody want to make a wager on the number of atheists versus the number of Christians donating to this? I’m taking the position that people who consider themselves Christians and regularly attend church are pretty much the entirety of the donors.

    • Sharon Mills

      All good “Christians.” I have no doubt. Good point.

      • fifthdentist

        Only because the conservative “brain” trust at Fox and numerous elected officials tried to turn this into a crime against Christians, instead if what it actually was — a racist terrorist act.

        • JD Davis

          What in the WHOLE hell are you talking about there, Jethro?! EVERY SINGLE ATHEIST I KNOW, including ME, finds this nothing less than a psychotic act of AMERICAN TERROR!

          Which leads me to my next question….Who ties your nooses for you?

          • mrallcaps1

            gods tie em for you and your rectal race of twerking abortions

          • Joseph Davis

            YOU are what happens when we let COUSINS marry, Orville.

          • abnoxio

            I’m an atheist as well and I find what Roof did utterly reprehensible. Oh, I’m white too. Just for fun, I’ll let you know that I’m a staunch conservative, somewhat right of Ted Cruz. Well stated JD.

      • mike brown

        LOL…what else would a “Good Christian” do with their money. help the needy lol..

      • ConservativeDebt

        Good “white” Christians

    • Jezzer

      Yes, this is exactly the right moment to try to turn the thread into Atheists Being Smug and Insufferable.

      • neontzars

        As an atheist, I thank you. Do shut up, fifthdentist. The victims were Christians. I’m almost ashamed to call myself an atheist because of people like you.

        • Augure3VI

          In addition that the white supremacists all call themselves “Christians”, the Christian Right are exploiting this not as a racist hate crime, but an anti-Christian hate crime done by an atheist.

    • wayne

      Atheists are not racists. In fact, considering how many of the world problems throughout history were done in the name of God and religion I would say that most of the donations, if not all, were donated by the religious right.

      • That Dude

        How many Atheists groups/organizations have ever helped in a time of need? What about a time of need in a foreign country? What about a time of need in a foreign country with people of color? NONE.
        How many Atheist groups OPPOSES Abortion of Black Babies? How about Babies in general? I know, it’s off topic of the article, but hey, they wanted go this way, so let’s ride.
        What exactly has any Atheist group ever contributed to well being of any part of society?

    • “D”

      White denial as always, this has nothing to do with religion. This is the ugly truth of how many racist people exist here in the US, and wealthy at that.

      • Chuckle

        These groups are small relative to the country’s population. These idiots bark loudly but do not represent everyday people.

        • “D”

          4 million does not seem like a small percentage of the countries population. There are politicians who can’t raise that type of money for they’re campaign.

          • 9thFloor

            It’s not 4 million people, it’s dollars.

          • Rajano

            Politicians run for political office all the time though – at least once every two years on a national level. People can’t donate to every politician who runs – even if they want to. Events like the tragedy in Charleston are comparatively rare. Also, many many small donations add up quickly to a larger sum.

          • Chuckle

            The more I look at the page the more suspicions I have become regarding it’s legitimacy. Anything can be fabricated on the internet. Also Gofundme along with a few others are the only online fundraisers out there. and they would not touch this with a 10 foot pole. I really think this is a hoax drummed up by a group of nobody’s who happen to be bigots that are trying to make a name for themselves. Money is still pretty tight these days for that many regular people be able to throw thousands towards a legal fund. And thousands per person is what it would take to raise that kind of money in a few days.

          • sassyfrass57

            Completely fabricated bs. No way this is true.

        • D MONTGOMERY

          I hope you’re right

      • That Dude

        I don’t completely understand your statement.

        • “D”

          You don’t understand because your White.

    • Michael Fox

      My money says that you hit the nail on the head

    • Michael Norman

      ARE you serious christian don’t promote racism. so you are assuming all Christians are white. get real man

      • fifthdentist

        I grew up in a family that attended a SOB (Southern Baptist) church in Georgia. They totally promoted racism. In fact, the SOBs split from their Northern brethren because they wanted to support slavery.

        • Michael Norman

          lol how old are you. slavery has not been in this country for over 200 yrs not a person alive that was born here has seen slavery. so for you to say oh my church supported slavery is ridiculous where would they be supporting it down at the corner store .

          • sham805

            You say that not a person alive today has seen slavery, which is true, but there are many still alive who’ve seen everything except the chains and whips. Lynchings, murders, and terrorism are very real to many, and it’s downright disrespectful to attempt to minimize those feelings.

          • That Dude

            When was the last lynching you were a witness to? When exactly, was the last murder you witnessed? Please elaborate.

          • Varnaud Shamsideen

            When was the last Jew sent to the oven? Why does the world tell them to never forget, but expect black people to act like nothing happened? To answer your question, I’ve never personally witnessed any of it, but many of my relatives have, and as recently as 2005!!

          • That Dude

            That made absolutely no sense. Sorry. But we are talking about “fags” not “African Americans”

          • TY million

            Shut up!

          • That Dude

            No. I refuse to.

          • Michael Norman

            once again i said. people who were born in this country. see here is the problem odumbo has our country so divided now it is a matter a time before its an all out race war. people claiming that whites owe them something is absurd and do you realize there where black slave owners also African tribes would conquer other tribes and they would keep the women and children and sell the men out as slaves . blacks started slavery so if anyone owes them something its the tribe leader tinybutthurt he is the one who sold yall.

          • sham805

            Blacks did NOT start slavery. Slavery was around in Biblical days. The terror and dehumanization of people was done here in this country. The racial divide in this country is as real today as it was before, fueled mostly by people’s inability or indifference toward acknowledgement that there is a problem. Your comments are a testament to this fact. Our President is trying to bridge the gap, by educating blacks and whites on what it takes for us to be one united American family. It may be painful to look at your ancestors as the devilish, terroristic, inhumane people that they were, but it’s what is necessary to move forward. If you don’t want to be viewed in the same light as them today, there needs to be an acknowledgement and a different course of action than the one we’re on. You talk about black people wanting something. Yes, we do. It’s an equal footing in the American fabric. Are you willing to share your privilege?

          • Michael Norman

            lol obama has done nothing but divide this country and tried to start war between the races since he took office he is a traitor to this country, to white and black people alike. and if you actually took the time to read up on history 90 percent of blacks in slavery were treated very well and also some where given land from there owners and you should also read up on the slave trading of Africa. The tribes started slavery selling off there own people at times and the captured tribes that they took over. so blacks did start slavery. i know your black so you cant accept it. but that is the sad reality of it. Whites only participated in slavery we didn’t start it .

          • sham805

            NO WHERE in a history book from Africa do we find stories of blacks selling blacks into slavery to Europeans! That’s only in our books, to convince people that what happened to them wasn’t so bad. STOP KIDDING YOURSELF!! Secondly, I stated that slavery was around in Biblical times, so therefore, it couldn’t have been started by white people! Lastly, like myself, our President is of mixed heritage, and I find it utterly amusing that you and others would accuse him, of all people, of race baiting! That’s all I have to say on this. Thank You for the laughs!

          • Michael Norman


          • Michael Norman

            you as a mulatto should actually read up on your black history side . africans did start slavery. they sold there own people for money. if you bothered to investigate you would see that im right better yet watch a video called The story of us. and obama is a race baitor he started saying he was black when oprah said he was black. he has done nothing but divide this country. with the race bs card. and if you dont see that you are blond my friend

          • Hiizabella

            Actually it was the triangle trade. The new world (America) sent raw goods to Europe, europe sent weapons to africa so tribes can collect other tribes to send over to the new world. The more dominant tribes captured other tribes thinking that they would never have to be slaves themselves. Eventually when they started to run out of tribes they were captured anyway and sent over to the new world to be slaves. So either way
            it was not the Africans fault, becuase at the end of the day (getting weapons or not) they were going to get captured.

        • neontzars

          That’s an anecdote, not an argument. Christians make up about 30% of the world’s population. I think the racism in your church has more to do with the fact that it’s in Georgia (no offense to Georgians, it’s a nice place, but still a disproportionately racist one). Anyway, as a proper left-winger I’m just sick of ignorant liberals mocking Christians for their religious beliefs. Before the cynical tactics of the modern GOP most Christians active in politics were firmly on the left, e.g., Dorothy Day, Cesar Chavez, Martin Luther King, etc. Read:

        • That Dude

          Well crap, so did I,and I never heard the first racist sermon or teaching, and that was in the 1970’s in NC. I heard more arguments over the dang color of carpet than I did anything that could even be remotely related to race.

    • Nun Ya

      There is a huge difference between those who call themselves Christian and those who walk and act as Christians. Who cares what position you take?

    • Akkere

      You’re seriously morphing this into a religious debate? Seriously? Did you simply stop growing up after the 8th grade when you bought your first fedora?

      There’s really no limit to how often you people push the debate outside of relevance. You’re just as bad as the creationist fools, perhaps even worse.

    • Dora Webb

      They maybe religious people. But they are not Christians.

    • That Dude

      If the Christians are such racists, then how do you explain ALL the money, time, and resources THEY, the CHRISTIANS, spend in 3rd world country’s after a disaster? I never recall hearing of an Atheist Organization or community doing any of that. Heck, I never can recall the time an Atheistic organization even had a rehab program in minority neighborhoods, nor a food bank, etc.

      • Chuck Thom

        There actually are a bunch of atheist/ secular charities, like Doctors Without Borders. I don’t think anybody argues all Christians are racists.

        • Zelda

          Some people do, though. Some people lump all Christians in together as one big, closed-minded, racist and intolerant group of people, and that’s so far from the truth it’s almost laughable. It doesn’t matter if you call yourself a Christian or not – if you’re just a bad person, you’re a bad person.

  • whonichol

    This is fake.


      I agree. For one, donation NAMES would not be visible to another person in the process of allegedly donating $3000 as it shows.

  • Pyno

    Huh, I recognize some of those surnames from the KKK hearings of the 1800’s, and 1920’s, and 1960’s…I also know families with those surnames, this does not surprise me.

  • Shane Shaw

    I’m gonna call BS, but it sure did get ya’ll riled up didn’t it? Sheep..

    • Stacy Robinson

      Yes, until there is PROOF its fake, people have a right to voice their opinion against it. So, do you have proof? It could shutdown any “Sheep” concerns.

      • thatguyJMM

        Yeah. This website has no “About” section, no name, real or fake, attached to this article. Seems legit.

      • Michael Perry

        How about the fact that Newswatch33 is a known satire site?

    • wisepati
  • Robert Squires

    Makes him a contract killer in my book …

    • nas

      considering he won’t be able to use any of that money thats a stupid thing to say.

      • debbiehayesmashburn

        If it’s used for his defense it’s the same thing as him using it!

      • Willybite

        Well I gave you a ‘down’. Pity you didn’t go into the minuses.

      • Doc Wright

        HE’S GOING TO GET OFF, Not one court in SC will convict, and trhat $4Million will be Tax Free on religious grounds. What a great nation.

        • Ironheart

          yea just like the elf plant in Colorado got off right? Didn’t he get life +3,200 or something years? Is that’s getting away with it?

          • Doc Wright

            Colorado is American. South Carolina is proud that it is anti-American and Confederate. Your good ole boy Roof is going to get away with his blow for the CSA in a CSA court. BTW, your “IronHeart” tag shows a touch of Nazi-ism and cowardice. I use my real name, how about you do, too?

      • annette chapel

        he can use that money as long as its not in his name which it isn’t …dzhokhar tsarnaev the wrongly convicted boston bomber why do you think he never got bond they knew supporters would raise the money and get him out no matter how much so im sure dylann wont get bail just like he hasn’t been charged with the death penalty but yet they gave him a death penalty lawyer who was also dzhokhars lawyer which i feel sorry for dylann he will get no defense but im sure the atty got a good check for dzhokhar is was a mere 5 million

      • Ironheart

        B.S. the lawyers and judges will take every penny of that loot

  • Daniel Sieradski

    there should be laws against concocting false news stories in order to mislead the public and you should be prosecuted under them.


    The only way this patsy is getting $4 million is if it’s from the government or from organizations and operatives being secretly funded by the government. The whole white supremacist movement is a psyop of the bankster-hijacked Pentagon and part of the effort to destroy America through the divide and conquer strategy.
    Every atrocity the murderous tyrants have committed against Iraq and Afghanistan they are inflicting on the USA. This is how they do all over the globe.


      Conspiracy theorist much??? So a black president is donating $4mill to a killer of blacks, got it….

      • Chasity Langenecker

        Yes because “Obama” is the government.

        • TY million

          Bye Girl ??

  • imagine966

    Anyone who believes this is part of the problem

  • Martin Rios

    Because of people like Dylaan and his fundraisers, I’d wish that purging was a reality, cause I’d go arrow-straight to visit them across the country to show them my respects :)

  • TM

    Okay, this can’t be real. If anyone Googled “Citizen’s for White Rights and Michael Lawson” nothing comes up. Nothing comes up on just the organization’s name. Not to mention, the use of an apostrophe in Citizens is incorrect usage.

  • BenTheGuy

    Anyone who donates to this guy is a sick puppy.

    However, they also have the right to be sick puppies and the right to remain anonymous.

    And like it or not, that money should go to his defense. Giving it to the victims’ families would be straight out theft. We have laws we should all follow. Don’t respond to a tragedy by breaking the law.

    • La Shawn Woods

      The donors have no right to remain anonymous. Taxes have to be paid on these donations. This list can and should be made public.

  • TychaBrahe

    “…Looking to make our client guilty.” He fecking well admitted it!

    I’m going to go look at kitten videos and mourn the loss of my faith in humanity.

  • Fair Dinkum

    I wonder how many of you guys spoke out against the beatification of black cop killer Mumia Abu-Jamal.

    • La Shawn Woods

      Mumia Abu-Jamal is innocent.

      • Fair Dinkum

        You believe that, I’ve got a bridge I’d like to sell you.

    • Victor

      Y is it they say white people have America is all there’s and black get all work up….be for white and black there was Mexican and Indians way be for ya so y get all work up for America that’s all i got to say……..

  • Jeff Spicoli

    Whites are terrible people.

  • chang

    This site calls itself satire. Read the “About” page which is linked at the very bottom of the site. I disagree that it’s satire b/c it’s not even funny. Satire is supposed to be funny. It’s just irresponsible.

    • Abraham Goldberg

      Isn’t one of the purposes of satire to expose people’s stupidity?
      Didn’t this article just do that by making a bunch of idiots believe this is real?
      Cry more faggot.

    • Michael Perry

      What’s irresponsible is people being so idiotic that they believe this without doing a 5 second Google search to find out that it’s satire.

  • AbstractRealist

    This is a satire site…until you see this popping up on legit sites/channels…

  • Malik Wilson

    “Make our client look guilty” if that doesn’t sum up how big of losers Lawyers are and how far they will bend over to take it up the butt for some money, he actually made himself guilty when he did it clowns.

  • Pascal Antoine

    Wow! I guess it’s just open season on black folks.

    • the guest

      But black folks are a part of the racist cycle. Black racism is worse because it gets a pass. Poor inner city black youth terrorize people daily and given permission by white liberals to commit racist attacks on white and non-black people.

      • neontzars

        That sounds familiar. Oh wait, it was in Dylann Roof’s manifesto.

    • bypest

      Negro ‘hoods should be deemed hunting grounds, where White families can take down a few bucks, and save a few keepers, for display, within one’s residence; the rest may serve as feed for the higher echelons of the animal kingdom.

      • Pascal Antoine

        “Negro hoods”? Negro please!

      • TY million

        Shut up Stupid!

  • Matt McGivern

    “Protect him”? From what? Justice?

  • mullyp

    Wonder how much Hannity and O’Reilly donated

    • Mim789s

      They will spend on the air pretending there is no racism in America.

  • Tanimu Garba Mohammed

    If this is true, then what to do is to figure out another way of getting justice for the victims-any other way.

  • Sara Hines

    Anyone who would donate money for this murdering racist bastard is a racist themselves and are complicit in the b******* that comes along with this mother f*****

  • Rescue Mom50

    Since he has Federal public defenders, wouldn’t this be illegal? Basically under the laws of profiting from a felony? Sick people who would support this!

    • andsowhat75

      he hasn’t been convicted yet

  • Sharon Williams

    You know the law enforcement really think we are blind and can’t see what is truly happening in this country, I say this country because this racism is state to state, How does one’s keep trusting it, these laws that has been set forth for all our human race!! Why when a black man commits a crime , he gets treated like an animal, but when other race, they get treated like a human being. What the hell is going on thru peoples mind? For all the one’s that’s hating on us, We’re get the last laugh! What is it with the other race? Are they jealous of our beautiful black and brown skin complex? We come on this earth doing no harm to anyone! They decided to beat, robbed, and raped our black women,now they want to pickup a gun and just go around and shoot us. Therefore I feel we should have the right to shoot back, if someone try and kill me with a gun, naturally I have the right to protect myself. That’s whats going on now with Isis terrorist. This is what I consider Roof as a terrorist! ! He knew already what he planned to do, so white race, stop trying to cover up reality.I want to see you worm your way out of this one. The Truth is the Light!! And if you want to continue to hate on us God forbid! Why don’t you hate God because he gave us this skin color, We didn’t do it. He give you all the straight hair and give us kinky hair, but are going around hating. Nooooo! We accept who we are and carry on Try loving God first, then yourself! If you don’t love God’s creation, then you don’t love God at all!!

    • banned

      God is a figment of your broken imagination. Grow up.

  • Fataah Ewe’

    The families should immediately file a civil suit.

    • ConservativeDebt

      Seize that money!

    • bypest

      Does the twenty some million in federal gibsmedats not suffice for their “grieving,” or is Roof not entitled to a competent defense, against the persecuting, state prosecution?

  • ConservativeDebt

    That is an unbelievable amount of money and proves that racism is alive and widespread and runs deep in America.

    • banned

      Are you dumb? Rhetorical question.

      • ConservativeDebt

        You have a bit of rotten sheeps brains flowing out your ears. Wipe it up!

        • banned

          It’s on the internet it must be true.

  • banned

    Ya’ll got trolled. No wonder this country is having problems, it’s full of dumb people.

  • matt nall

    This is another hoax, guys.

    • Fair Dinkum

      Sometimes I wonder if many of these so-called “satire” websites have been set up specifically for the purpose of spreading disinformation. If they run into any legal trouble, they can just say, “Hey, it’s satire,” and point to that tiny notice at the bottom of their home page.

  • Enlightened Black man

    Any other verifiable news source that cosigns this article? Otherwise I’m assuming it’s spam

  • Makenze

    PROTECTION?????!!!!he’s a cold blooded killer… seems like us citizens need the PROTECTION since (people) can just kill who ever wherever when ever they chose as long as the gov. Benefits from it … also allegedly like really he admitted to doing it ! If y’all can raise SO much money (4 mill $) for killers and pshico paths then why in the world is there innocent kids starving , no shelter , no education , no clothes why I don’t get it … Or lower class ppl (myself included ) who go to work every day and busy their a** for what , to struggle … it ain’t right , how does the murders and rapist get three hot meals and shower and a place to sleep while we help pay for it , when there’s some ppl out her who can’t even feed their kids cause the bill’s got all the money !! I know I for one don’t get it… I’m a waitress I make 2.13$ a hr and I’m lucky if I make 30$ a day , when I work my butt off go to work EVERY DAY and yet I still don’t got a dollar to my name , bill’s are behind , cables off no food in the cabinets .. but then there’s this young boy who brutually murdered 9 … yes 9 innocent ppl ! And ppl are donating money to him ! That’s insane , why don’t u go find a starving child and buy him a happy meal !! Smh some people just don’t even deserve this wonderful , thing we call life !! But God will be the one to judge you … RANT OVER wheww

  • Makenze

    Wow so my post is gone , I knew the gov. Wasn’t right ! Smh pretty much rewarding him for killing people !!! Not the society I wanna live in…

  • SinisterSinner

    Are you fucking kidding me. No murderer deserves any sort of fair treatment under the nation’s law. He killed 9 innocent people. He deserves to rot away in prison for the rest of his worthless life.

  • Vince

    Mooney is right. If you’re white then you have the complexion for the protection, complexion for the collection. If that were a black kid, they’d be pulling the switch as I type.

  • Jeremy

    This is disgusting and if you donated a penny to this you’re a racist. It’s that simple. Absolutely pathetic and embarrassing.

  • wisepati

    Hello? You all do know this is not a reputable source of ‘news’? Search Snopes!

  • Ronald Arden

    He has the right to the best defense he can afford. If his supporters wish to raise money for him, they should be permitted to do so. I question the 4 million amount as that seems very high. However, we cannot forget the whole “presumed innocent” mantra.

  • Ronald Arden

    No one complained when oj simpson spents millions on his “dream team” for killing two white victims. . .of course, it works in reverse when it’s a white suspect and a black suspect. Unfortunately, Dylann Roof was correct on some of his points.

    • Youbigdummy

      Yeah whether he did it or not..He was not caught on tape like this idiot. You dummy. Nice try tho. Where did O.j.s money come from?

  • jimmyt

    you guys are stupid if you believe this

  • SuperDelicate

    Karma sometimes needs stupid racists to dig deep in their robe pockets. Freezing, then suing an unemployed Beetle head racist for wrongful death, isn’t as lucrative before the racists can fill his war chest. Keep it coming Bubba! These kids need compensation….LOL

  • Mark H

    any funders to this cause have only one thing in common and it has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with outright racism … what kind of sick individuals could possibly come to the defense of am outright murderer other than the kind that would have been there sneering and cheering as the innocent black man was hoisted by his neck after being beaten and taunted in some back woods sadistic circus of a proud white lynching mob

  • humble

    Coward ass people that hides behind money…secretly hating the black man while smiling in their face…I’m a black women and I don’t like most people in general be it white ,black,brown…whomever because the people of today have tainted hearts…and everything that is happening today is meant to happen and we’ve seen nothing yet!

  • Sydvixen

    Is there a way to put a frezze on that money? It sounds like some more people need to be arrested.

  • Jevon Porter

    The Fact That People Would Contribute That Much Money To A Racial Motivated Crime Against Blacks Says A lot About How Wealthy White America Feels about blacks and Everyone On a that List Should Be Investigated. That’s Sad, This 2015 and It’s Still Racial Hate, So Sickening.

  • Cdat88

    It is fae folks. honestly. Just do a bit of research before you comment?

  • neontzars

    This is, thankfully, not true.

  • Michael Sterling

    I hope the jude orders the money to go to the victims famlies instead.

  • Khailyn

    You all DO realize that Newswatch33 isn’t a real news site. They take real events and add their own creative flair for shock value.

  • Pamela
  • David Ward

    Once again, threads such as these confirm that some of the same people that refers to those less conservative than themselves as “sheeple”, are in fact, exactly that. They will blindly follow and parrot loudly that which they won’t take three minutes themsleves to research. Because that would require effort. The same people that continually vote for leaders that don’t have their interests at heart but who they will blindly vote for because that politician simply knows how to wrap their package in the flag better.

  • Marcus Zob Jones

    Wooooooow 1 million and the judge says its victims in his family foh y’all all dirty.

  • Not a hater, just a realist.

    Let’s be real here…this is not about “protecting” his rights. This statement by the atty Michael Lawson is so blatantly transparent that it galls me! “With all of the publicity this recent incident is receiving along with the Black Organizations LOOKING TO MAKE OUR CLIENT GUILTY, it’s important that Dylann Roof is protected. The donations we are receiving will ensure his protection as we wait for trial as well as when the trial begins.” WHAT??? “looking to make him guilty”????? Are you serious? Of course you are…you can’t see past the dollar signs $$$$$$. Come on Mr. Lawson…no one is looking to make him guilty, he’s already confessed. You’re just a grandstander who wants his 15 minutes of fame. Let me ask; Who will benefit from this $4M windfall? Mass murderer Dylann Roof, or the attorneys who will eventually deposit this money into their bank accounts? Yeah….I thought so. This is nothing but an opportunistic lawyer doing a money grab!!

  • Irma

    The Devil sure does take care of his own.

  • mc david

    top lel

  • Mic Theory

    All the money will go to the victims families their lawyers will see to it, it is illegal to profit from an illegal act.ASSET FORFEITURE and SON OF SAM LAW!

  • LarryJensen

    I support him. It’s time to get rid of the blacks.

  • noirevixen

    Cool. Now the victims families can sue him. Thanks racist organizations and people!

  • Reynaldo Weeks

    They’re lying.

  • Jill Camezon

    Now his parents could have done that. Now keep him alive to study later why whatever when hw want to talk

  • Tee Mac

    That money needs to go to the families of the people that was killed by this sick person.

  • Angela Unknown

    Being racist is stupid an ignorant (we bleed the same we eat the same we love the same what’s so different other then the color of the skin.. we are them SAME. ) this man should get no special treatment for what he’s done killing 9 people for what purpose. To create pain for the family
    To prove nothing that you were raised to hate a person of different color then your own. My thoughts and prayers to the families of your loved ones rip

    • bypest

      You may love big black cocks, all the same, with other mudsharks, but don’t project the bestiality onto others.

      • Angela Unknown

        Your an idiot

  • D Kidd

    I’ve noticed many so called statements that the defendant has made that seem too damning. How would his attorney allow those statements to be published when their is supposed to be a client attorney privilege….No attorney would allow their client to talk to cops….I’m finding that their is something about this case that’s fishy.

  • Bruce Probert

    Racists have no place in our country If good men don’t stand for the rights of all then we’ve already lost. I didn’t wear the uniform of my country for just one race I wore it for the Freedom of all, for equal opportunity for equal protection under the law

    • D Kidd

      Tell the Democrats how you feel….the confederate flag belongs to them.

      • Bruce Probert

        Mr D. Kidd since when has a Democrat listened to more than their own voices. We just had a President pretend that singing Amazing Grace makes him a Christian. The Same Guy that sat in the church where Jeremiah Wright spewed his Liberation Theology for 18 years, the same pastor that counseled Barack and Michelle prior to their marriage and baptized both of their girls and then said he didn’t know he was anti-American and a racist. The Same guy who supports late term abortion and gay marriage was telling to world how Rev. Clementa Pinckney Inspired him, not one single person asked what Rev. Pinckney thought about those issues. What a piece of crap, I’m just like you, a propaganda piece. No You can’t tell a Democrat a thing. You can however vote against them every time you can. Believe the opposite the media tells you, Few voices in the media have a clue as to what is really going on and some portrayed as experts still don’t know what really works. Change sometimes really does take generations. The hatred of our great grandparents in some cases still permeates the present. Until generational hatreds are flushed from our memory and there is equal protection under the law we will have problems to address

  • Hingle McCringleberry

    I told you racists will help out their own. Be proud you racist in America.

  • Hingle McCringleberry

    It pays to be a racist in this country,

  • MetFan

    He din du nuffin…………Free Dylann Roof!!!

    • bypest

      His was a gallant act. Do not discount it!

  • Mocha23

    Unbelievable. I feel that his target was that U.S. Congressman who was also the senior pastor. He murdered all those elderly people as a bonus! I believe the folks who sent him are Satan worshippers this is pure evil and brainwashing. What sane person would support and donate to a mass murderer just because the victims were black?

  • BlueEyed Apache

    Anyone ever hear blacks denouncing fellow blacks when they murder white people? Usually they make them heroes like Omar Thorton, Tookie Wilson or Nat Turner. When blacks murder whites the black community idolize them. Now a white kids returned fire, I’m not going to ingratiate myself by throwing him under the bus. He was forced to grow up in an antiwhite system that was imposed by the Supreme Court in 1954, that kid is just as much a victim as those 9 blacks.

  • Julian Hardaway

    This is one of the many reasons I am almost totally out of faith in white america.

    • bypest

      Black lives splatter, in a frequency which overtakes the total number of hanged Negro murderers and rapists, during Jim Crow, every six months.

      • TY million


  • Denise Callow

    Bunch of sad misguided people. We’re not the greatest country in the world; we’re a constant joke because of all this racist nonsense. Get over your entitlement b.s., and stop causing division.

  • Jason

    Well at least we can get rid the “We are living in a post-racial society” idiocy. Either there are a few really wealthy people who support this guy, or there are a LOT of whites who agree with what Roof did. Your choice, but I think we know it is the latter.

  • OvidiuGOA

    ahahaha this is america, where a murderer gets 4 million in donations. There is no other country so deeply entrenched in hypocrisy as this one.

  • Janet Garnett

    Okay – so is this going to be looked on by the government as “support for terrorists”? and the donors arrested??

  • Mark

    piece of pig excrement. i hope he gets chopped up

  • Schwartzehonky Peckerwood

    Funds being raised by Republicans.

  • Susan Shaniqa Hansberger

    You would think people could find better uses for thier money, like helping hungry kids, homeless shelters, a scholarship fund, helping someone with medical needs, the list goes on and on, he will get as fair a trial as anyone, he admitted to it and it is nine lives lost come on people

  • BigO

    If I were an attorney I’d represent him, put on a great defense , and laugh all the way to the bank after his ass is convicted. Then I’d split half the proceeds with the families.

  • Mikey

    the comments show how gullible the left is. no wonder they believe any horsesh-t that schools and the media feed them.

  • Mike Harris

    arrest all donors for aiding a terrorist just like they
    are doing to anyone giving money to isis

  • Dusquene Whistler

    I want to say I can’t believe people fell for this but…

  • Democratic_Thinker

    This is likely a hoax.

  • David

    gross. Even if you hate dark-skinned people, you have to be pretty moronic to praise an individual for murder of unarmed women and elderly in a place of sanctity… not much more cowardly than that… but then again, they do vote republican.

  • Patrick Leahey

    Families of murdered should suit for it.

  • Tonia Brown

    That’s A Bunch Of Crap.He Deserves The Death Penalty. He Took 9Lives. Give A To Charity.

  • I’ll take what’s in the box

    This story is made up. Hit the google search.

  • 2bhighlyfavored

    They should donate all the money to the families of the victims. Then shut down the hate groups that donated it.

  • Dj Pilkington

    I wouldn’t let him out, but he wanted to start a race war right, that’s exactly what he’s doing cause the govt is bringing down the confederate battle flag of the CSA and also the majority of the big time retailers so you tell me what’s gonna happen?

  • barbara