Fight at Popeyes Chicken Caught on Camera

[VIDEO] Fight at Popeyes Chicken Caught on Camera


The location of the incident is currently unknown. If you have any leads on this incident, please leave a comment below.

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  • JzzE1 .

    What in the bloody hell is wrong with people?

  • Lenny Phillips

    Whats sadder is the fact that you have some ignorant brothas recording it instead of being black men, and putting a stop to the foolishness. Yet will be the first to be angered if a white person jumps on a black woman. Truly a shame that we will cry over what another race does wrong to us, but be so willing to embrace and accept the wrongs that we do to each other.

    • fitterforbetter

      Exactly!!! Black men should be ashamed of themselves to allow that to happen. That goes to show you their mentalities when cell phone footage is more important than not allowing that child to see the torment that will forever be in her mind.

      • Perfect Timing

        That’s not a Black issue, that’s a modern day social media issue.. Every race does this with their camera phones especially the youth

    • Perfect Timing

      Color is irrellevant why even bring it up smh.. If the issue is about helping someone in need stop being divisive and bringing color into it. That is part of the problem now and why society will never move past race issues in America. People keep focusing on COLOR when this has nothing to do with Color. These were ratchet individuals choosing to fight and argue instead of walk away, and as for the men NO they are not obligated to do anything. There is no written rule that a person HAS to put themselves in harms way unless it is their job to do so. Many kids of various race pull out their camera phones and record fights this is nothing new. People in general now tend to record things instead of using that same phone to call the police or call for help.

    • Ken

      They were raised by these single Black mothers. Violence amongst women has become normal to them.