McDonald’s To Begin Serving “McBrew” An Alcoholic Beverage This Summer

McDonald’s To Begin Serving “McBrew” An Alcoholic Beverage This Summer


McDonald's To Begin Serving McBrew An Alcoholic Beverage This Summer 2Many of McDonald’s customers are excited about the announcement however, many organizations are outraged about the announcement. Jack Petteroni, a spokesperson for AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) stated that alcohol should not be available for consumption at any drive-thru restaurant.

Brittany Schultz, a sophomore at NYU disagrees with AA and believes McDonald’s is doing an incredible public service. “I think McDonald’s is genius for serving alcohol at night. Many liquor stores are closed at these hours and some people don’t like the bar vibe. This will be very convenient for many and I think that it would be great to run to McDonald’s on a late night for a quick drink or two. I’ve always loved McDonald’s and with the introduction of the McBrew, I’m definitely Lovin’ It.”

McDonald’s has indicated that all employees serving the drive-thru between midnight and 3:00 AM will be 21 years and older and must not have any alcohol related criminal offenses. Furthermore, all customers requesting an alcoholic beverage must purchase an edible menu item and present valid identification which will be scanned and checked thoroughly.


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  • RJ Killeen

    But, the big question (besides the idiotic decision to actually sell alcoholic beverages in the drive thru !! – Believing that customers will wait until they get home to consume it?) is: Will this also be included in their summer promotion of $ 1.00 for any drink, any size ?

    • Perfect Timing

      I didn’t even think about that Lmao.. Selling Alcohol via a Drive Through.. Yes promote more drinking and driving makes total sense Mc Fail 😂😭