Senate Prepares To Vote On New Law Requiring Castration For All Sex...

Senate Prepares To Vote On New Law Requiring Castration For All Sex Offenders


Senate Prepares To Vote On New Law Requiring Castration For All Sex Offenders

WASHINGTON D.C. (NEWSWATCH33) – A new bill has been proposed which is believed will deter individuals from committing sexual offenses. According to the new proposed bill, all convicted sex offenders would be castrated before leaving prison.

According to the bill, which has been presented to Senate for vote, all sex offenders would undergo a surgical procedure involving the removal of their genitals. Should the bill be passed, not only will convicted sex offenders have to register as they do currently, but they will also have their genitals removed permanently.

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“The current legal process in place which handles sexual offense is inadequate. Due to the nature of these heinous crimes, a stronger deterrent must be set in place to minimize and hopefully stop these criminal acts. Stricter punishment needs to be enforced to successfully bring justice for the victims of these crimes as well as punishing those who commit them,” said Judy Oliver, a victim of rape who supports the bill.

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Sex offenders have to register in state sex offender lists and must notify their neighbors about the type of crimes they have committed. State Senator Ernst doesn’t believe that the laws are doing enough.

“The resolution being submitted to Senate for voting will put an end to sexual offenses. The permanent removal of an offenders genitals by court appointed surgeons is the remedy to these acts. We firmly believe that this new form of punishment will deter future acts of sexual offenses. There are a lot of sick individuals who after receiving psychological help, still commit these crimes because they have the sexual urge to do so. By removing the parts of the body that contribute to their sick sexual desires, this will bring an end to these types of acts,” said Linda Wargins, representative of the Women’s Council Against Rape.

Human rights activist, Philip King, believes that this bill is a violation of human rights and will only cause sex offenders to become more violent.

“This bill is simply insane. We live in modern civilization where we can effectively find ways to handle sex offenders without removing their god given body parts. I believe that this bill is worse than the death penalty. By knowing that a sex offender faces castration if caught, they will only become more aggressive and incognito with their acts. I agree with long prison sentencing, psychological evaluation, and monitoring after an offender is released but castration is not the answer,” said King.

The “Clean Cut” Bill is expected to be voted upon by January 2016.


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