O.J. Simpson Said He Provided Bill Cosby With Quaaludes To Have...

[EXCLUSIVE] O.J. Simpson Said He Provided Bill Cosby With Quaaludes To Have Sex With Women


O.J. Simpson Said He Provided Bill Cosby With Quaaludes To Have Sex With Women

NEVADA (NEWSWATCH33) – New reports have surfaced regarding the accusations made against Bill Cosby and his alleged involvement in rapping several women using Quaaludes. According to O.J. Simpson, he helped Bill Cosby get the prescription drug used in the allegations against Cosby.

The former football great was acquitted of murder charges filed against him regarding the death of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson in 1995. Years later after his acquittal, Simpson found himself in another legal battle involving his participation in an armed robbery and kidnapping case that landed him in prison years after he famously escaped a conviction with the assistance of Johnny Cochran. Simpson is currently serving a 33 year sentence for leading a group of men to a hotel room in Las Vegas, who attacked and held two sports memorabilia dealers at gunpoint in 2007. According to Simpson’s defense, he was only trying to retrieve personal items claimed to have been stolen from him.

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As Simpson remains incarcerated, awaiting his eligibility for parole in 2017, he has become aware of the accusations brought forth against Bill Cosby’s alleged involvement in rapping several women throughout his illustrious career. According to Michael Bryant, an inmate at the Lovelock Correctional Center where O.J. Simpson is serving his sentence, he was told by Simpson that he helped Cosby get the prescription drugs used in the sexual assault allegations against Cosby.

“The Juice told me that he had met Bill Cosby at a party he threw at his house in 1975. The two got close with each other and had a few drinks. Cosby was telling O.J. how much of a fan he was of Simpson. Simpson then told Cosby that he was starting to feel the pains of playing football and was taking relaxers to ease the pain when off the field. Cosby had asked Simpson if he had a prescription for them and Simpson told him he did. Cosby then asked Simpson if he would allow Cosby to have some from time to time. Simpson didn’t put much thought into it and had given Cosby a few bottles of Quaaludes. Simpson told Cosby that the pills were strong so only take them when he plans to be at home,” according to Bryant.

After Byrant had spoken to Simpson about his past interactions with Cosby, he decided to reach out to his wife who then released the story. Simpson found out that Bryant had released information pertaining to the conversation the two had and decided to speak on the account himself.

According to Simpson, “Bill was a funny guy. When I first met him, I knew he was a ladies man. He had all of the women laughing at my party. When we sat down and spoke, we exchanged stories about our rise to fame and we bonded from their. Cosby told me that he had a few women on the side and his wife knew about it. I wasn’t passing judgement on the man, I just told him to be make sure he had a prenuptial agreement. Cosby laughed and told me he had nothing to worry about. When I told Cosby about my consideration of leaving the league because of injuries, Cosby understood and told me to make sure I found other ways to generate income. I explained to Cosby that I was taking meds to help with the pain but it was affecting my performance on the field. Cosby joked with me and asked, “Does it affect your performance with the ladies?”