O.J. Simpson Said He Provided Bill Cosby With Quaaludes To Have...

[EXCLUSIVE] O.J. Simpson Said He Provided Bill Cosby With Quaaludes To Have Sex With Women


O.J. Simpson Said He Provided Bill Cosby With Quaaludes To Have Sex With Women

Not knowing how to properly respond to Cosby without offending him or seeming to be offended by the question asked by Cosby, Simpson further responded:

“I paused but then told him no, it actually makes it easier for me have sex and it makes it last longer. I told him that sometimes the woman ask to take a pill with me so they can open up and enjoy the experience. Cosby asked me if I had any extras to give him and I told him I did but to use them safely. I told Cosby that I take them with my drinks sometimes because it has a better effect. I gave Cosby a few bottles that night and from time to time, he would contact me for more.”

Reportedly, Simpson was unaware that Cosby was giving the pills to the women without their consent because when he had spoken with Cosby on other prior occasions, Cosby told Simpson that the “women loved it” and he wanted more.

The next pivotal moment between Cosby and Simpson would be the wedding between Ahmad and Phylicia Rashad where the two would meet for the final time discussing Cosby’s use of the Quaaludes.

Here's a photo of O.J. Simpson attending Ahmad and Phylicia Rashad's wedding with Bill Cosby.
Here’s a photo of O.J. Simpson attending Ahmad and Phylicia Rashad’s wedding with Bill Cosby.

“I had met up with Bill in 1985 for a wedding between two mutual friends. I was close to Ahmad Rashad and Bill of course was close with Phylicia Ayers-Allen. Prior to meeting up, Bill had called me to see if I was coming to the wedding. After I confirmed my attendance, Bill told me how the women loved taking the Quaaludes. I asked Cosby if he had given it to the women consensually and he told me they were begging for them. I explained to Cosby that he should be careful because a lot of these woman are enjoying themselves now but may turn the tables on him later. Cosby told me stop worrying so much and had asked me to bring some with me to the wedding. At first, I thought Cosby was addicted to them but when I got to the wedding, I realized that Cosby was using them on his sexual escapades. Even at the wedding, I saw this white girl following Cosby around trying to get a pill from him. At that point, I realized I couldn’t be involved and told Cosby I wasn’t going to give him anymore pills. Cosby told me I was acting scared and that he had other people to help him out. Our relationship from that point became dysfunctional but we kept in contact every now and then,” said Simpson.

The new information provided by Bryant and Simpson shines light on the accusations brought forth against Cosby. Although it is unclear if the pills were given to the women with or without their consent, the fact remains that Cosby has admitted to using them.

Given that the women waited decades to come forward, for whatever personal reasons they chose to delay, it’s unclear whether or not Cosby is guilty of raping these women. One can only hope that a thorough investigation will actually reveal the truth regarding Cosby’s interactions with the women accusing him of sexual assault.


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