NASA Confirms Earth Will Experience 15 Days Of Complete Darkness in November...

NASA Confirms Earth Will Experience 15 Days Of Complete Darkness in November 2015


NASA Confirms Earth Will Experience 15 Days Of Complete Darkness in November 2015 Bolden

Bolden held a conference with the Obama Administration to discuss further details of the “Black Out” event. According to Bolden, “We do not expect any major effects from the Black Out event. The only effect this event will have on Earth is an increase of 6 to 8 degrees in temperature. The polar cap will not be majorly affected by this. No one should worry much. This event would be similar to what Alaskans experience in the winter.”

Bolden further added, “The only other effect it will have is everyone will get to have a true Black Friday after Thanksgiving.

With 15 days of darkness ahead, one can only imagine what will happen on Earth. Despite NASA’s attempt to keep the public calm regarding the black out, with that many days of darkness, something is bound to happen.

What will you do during the 15 Days of Darkness? Use the hashtag #NovemberBlackOut on social media to discuss your feelings and plans about this major event.


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  • Roger


    • Linda Miller

      It’s going to be the next ice age… Lol! Or like the movie 28 days later… Lmao!!!!

  • Crystal Alcorn

    Oh look, another 1000 page document, from the obama administration, no one is gonna read, but accept. Yaaaaay!

  • Albert Madison
  • Kim Serrahn

    So is that going to be the Title of the film or is it just a working title?

  • Linda Kirby

    Does this mean that homes that are solar powered and vehicles that are run on solar power will not be able to use their electricity or batteries during this time? What about Satellite? Will it mean we won’t know about the weather during this time or will Satellite still work in darkness? Will there still be electricity period due to a black out? So many questions I have.

    • idiot

      So many questions for an article that’s not real.

    • Maybe it is real

      • Chetan Bhangale

        yeah it is real, report also said that all dumb and stupid will die very next day due to vit D deficiency

    • specialist

      If its really true that such a history will be made, then i will say that from my scientific view and knowledge, the solar power will be able to use the batteries until the energy in the batteries is exhausted. The satellites will not be interrupted during the reaction. And concerning electricity during the period, it depends from the country you are. normal electric supply will be experienced as has been supplied in various countries.

  • This article is so stupid, the one who wrote it should learn some basic science before attempting to explain what he does not even understand… gases from Jupiter from an interaction with venus, igniting the sun… lol! Absolutely ridiculous!

    • Jennifer

      I know right!

      • Morgan Mcdermott

        Like your opinion really matters to me………….LMAO in my opinion BOTH YOU AND JENNIFER ARE THE MORON’S. People like the two of you make me sick thinking you know everything about everything but not knowing anything about anything. Bashing other people for what they believe in is just like a high school girl calling another girl a slut to make herself feel better. I RESPECT other people’s opinions even when they don’t agree with mine, yet you both seem to have to call people names and for what purpose? Do you need to down other people to make yourself esteem better? You both certainly act like your still in high school! GROW UP AND TRY BEING ADULTS!

        • Dev Rajput

          Did you even go to school???? Earth is far more near venus than jupiter so any activity on venus will first affect earth then jupiter and venus is the hottest planet not because it emits heat but because of a thick atmosphere

    • Morgan Mcdermott

      and you know this to be absolute? nothing can happen? you have been to Jupiter and studied it yourself? you did experiments and collected samples? I guess I missed that news bulletin. Didn’t know anyone has actually been to Jupiter and came up with all this important information. Thank you for enlightening us all with your ignorance.

      • Yes. I know it is absolute, as I know that Jupiter is in a totally different orbit around the sun, way further away than Venus. I don’t need to go to Jupiter to know that, as I don’t need to go to your town to acertain that you’re a moron. :)

        • Morgan Mcdermott

          I simply asked you some questions and you felt the need to attack me by calling me a moron? Your reply told me all I needed to know about you and your friend Jennifer. I didn’t attack you yet you felt the need to call me names……………..WOW your a real grown up aren’t you……..

          • You seem to be missing something about that “attack” thing. But I forgive you. Calling me an ignorant is not an attack, of course, maybe in your circle is a common happenstance, since you seem to be the kind of people that measures others knowledge basing it on your own. In that way, everybody that does not agree with your prejudices and ignorance are ignorants as well, right?

            I know science. judging from your posture, you seem to be lacking on that department. You just don’t want to know and follow the teachings from that other moron from X files: “I want to believe” Well, I do not want to believe. I want to know. And since this article (which is just a parody) have reached many ignorants and gave them another pretext to enclose themselves in a world full of conspiracy theories, UFO’s and Atlantis (along with “scientific” news like this one that made me laugh for a good 5 minutes (don’t worry, I didn’t laugh at you, just as I don’t laugh at people like that Kim Davies who failed to do her job.

            Be happy. Get into your room and close the courtains for 3 days, only that way things like this will happen.

          • Morgan Mcdermott

            I don’t need for you to forgive me as i didn’t call you ignorant but stated “ignorance” meaning something completely different. Please allow me to to distinguish between the two for you:
            Ignorance is a state of being uninformed.

            Ignorant being an adjective used as an insult describing someone deliberately ignoring or who disregards facts.

            I do hope that clears up the issue and please go back an read what I said, as I never called you ignorant.

          • Disregard facts… well, I suppose that planetary interaction like the one described in this phony article is a fact, right?

            Please, go back to elementary school, and after you’ve had a good read about the solar system, we will resume our little chat about it

            And please, by all that is holy and sacred, learn also what “fact” is all about.

          • Oh, by the way, where are the 15 days of darkness described in this article?

          • Morgan Mcdermott

            I’m asking for YOUR paper on Jupiter. What makes you so informed on this planet. Have you actually studied the planet? If so, I would welcome it so I could see YOUR side filled with FACTS as you put it.

          • Describe the word “fact” please. Maybe your problem lies therein.

          • Morgan Mcdermott

            I’m guessing you have NO authored paper or any research you have done yourself, as I figured. your resorting to childish games which I am not going to play. Either put up your research or shut up about your opinion! fact = (in short)verified information. I kept t simple for you.

          • I’ll keep it simplier for you. I do have something to back me up: A college education. And a higher grasp of reality that you’ll ever get..

          • Morgan Mcdermott

            WOW I really struck a nerve with you huh…………….lol. Just for YOUR information I also have a college education! All I asked you for was your research on what your saying. I guess you have none. I was very respectful with my request and yet you continue to attack me with insults when I simply asked you for your work! You call me CHILDISH! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            Just remember that at one time EVERYONE thought the world was flat! My point is…………does it really matter if it is true or not? If it isn’t, nothing happens and life goes on. I can not believe you made such a huge deal out of this! I have better things to do than to continue reading your moronic replays. LET IT GO AND GET A LIFE! I HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO THAN TO CONTINUE TO BE BOTHERED BY AN IDIOT! YES THIS TIME I CALLED YOU AN IDIOT! STOP ASSUMING THAT OTHERS ARE LESS INTELLIGENT THAN YOU. AS FAR AM I CAN SEE YOUR THE LESS INTELLIGENT ONE. GET SOME HELP THEY HAVE DOCTORS THAT CAN HELP YOU. I STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU SEE ON AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

          • Liberty University does not count as a college education. :)

            There are countless people smarter than me. You, just don’t fill that position. Simple.

          • Morgan Mcdermott



          • If you didn’t go to Liberty University, well, I’m not aware about any other bogus university that gives away free

          • Morgan Mcdermott

            Serious do you not have anything better to do? I know I do! I have no use for you OR your STUPID COMMENTS! Crawl back in your cave and stop sending e-mails to me! I won’t say it again! Any replies WILL be considered harassment!!!!!!!!! IF YOU DIDN’T UNDERSTAND WHAT WAS JUST STATED IT MEANS I NO LONGER WELCOME OR WANT ANYMORE MESSAGES FROM YOU REGARDING THIS OR ANY MATTER! WITH ALL YOUR EMAILS HAVING BEEN LOGGED AND COPIED INTO A PERSONAL FILE (AS ADVISED BY MY LAWYER) I WILL PRESS CHARGES AGAINST YOU IF YOU CONTINUE TO WHAT IS NOW CONSIDERED BULLYING. STOP SENDING EMAILS TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Oh, I am not sending emails to you. I’m just responding to a comment. Your settings on the DISQUS page are to blame, not me. I am not harassing you, I’m using my right to free speech, and I will not be intimidated for it.

            If you don’t want to feel harassed, please, change your settings and most important: get an education and stop whining! You are an incompetent idiot that needs to have an education in basic science. Call your lawyer, go on! Or change your settings and stop being an idiot. And study, please. Study some basic science. Study so that the dumbing of america does not continue its rampant abuse of common sense! :)

            I also receive emails with your pathetic answers, that’s how I find out about your comedic ramblings. So… you know what it means :)

          • If you didn’t go to Liberty University, then, well. If I were you, I would ask for a refund. Your academics suck big time! Lol! Asking for papers on a matter that is so basic is like asking your wife for papers on the last supper se served you. I pitty her, only if there is someone willing to marry such a pityful being.

          • Morgan Mcdermott


          • I replyed with general knonwledge about how planet interact with eachother. It’s not my fault if your “academic” education didn’t prepare you to recognize an answer. It was really cute when you asked if I went to Jupiter to study it first hand. No kiddo. That is not how things work.

            Now, if you really want papers, I’m more than happy to oblige:

            These are my papers on this hilarious post:

            “�ber l�uft planetaren Interaktion zwischen Venus und Jupiter und warum die falschen Fragen stellen kann siehst du aus wieein kompletter Idiot. Arche Verlag, Hamburg, 2015 PP. 533-541.

            Wie man jemand troll so dumm, die Papiere wie ein gestapo-Agent Fragen ohne zu fallen, welche wissenschaftlichen Abhandlungen zu verstehen sind und ihre allgemeine Purpouse. Aufbau Verlag, Berlin 1947 pp 6665-687

            I hope that helps you get along with reality. 😉

          • Oh, I had completely forgoten about you! What a funny surprise!

            I provided proof, it is not my fault that you didn’t recognize the answer, I guess that whatever college you attended to was useless. I would ask for a refund if I were you :)

            Be happy. Soon it will be dark all over the world, or only in your head. One of those bot not the two at the same time :) If youy fail to recognize that event as another fact, then I recommend stopping doing drugs :3

          • Morgan Mcdermott

            you should take your own advice and when you grow up and can be respectful and understand what words really mean and not read into them and take them out of content you might be able to share your OPINION as that is all it is is YOUR OPINION. You talk about facts but you have no evidence of what you talking about but what others have stated. I respect your opinion but your childish reply’s show how immature you are. But, id you have a paper you authored about your research on Jupiter I would be more than interested in reading it.

            That is how you act like an adult! not with insults and name calling

          • Morgan Mcdermott

            you do seem to shine in the insult department. you must have some serious problems. Time to let it go and move on to adulthood. An adult debate on anything does not involve insults as you have so demonstrated here. From your responses it is YOUR OPINION THAT IS TRUE AND ANYONE ELSE’S IS MORONIC?

            Allow me to define moronic for you: very foolish, stupid.

          • It seems that you missed something I wrote some post behind about attacks: I’ll repeat it for your convenience:

            “Calling me an ignorant is not an attack, Being called an ignorant by someone that believes that Venus gases interfere with Jovian atmosphere in a way that will darken the sun for some days is another matter entirely”.

            There. :)

            Oh, and please, check the actual NASA site. It may enlighten you.

  • Belle

    so stupid… anyone who believes this should do some research!! NASA has not released any such news. Even so they have this on their website

    Q: Is NASA predicting a “total blackout” of Earth on Dec. 23 to Dec. 25?

    A: Absolutely not. Neither NASA nor any other scientific organization is predicting such a blackout. The false reports on this issue claim that some sort of “alignment of the Universe” will cause a blackout. There is no such alignment (see next question). Some versions of this rumor cite an emergency preparedness message from NASA Administrator Charles Bolden. This is simply a message encouraging people to be prepared for emergencies, recorded as part of a wider government preparedness campaign. It never mentions a blackout.

    Q: Could planets align in a way that impacts Earth?

    A: There are no planetary alignments in the next few decades and even if these alignments were to occur, their effects on the Earth would be negligible. One major alignment occurred in 1962, for example, and two others happened during 1982 and 2000. Each December the Earth and sun align with the approximate center of the Milky Way Galaxy but that is an annual event of no consequence.
    � More about alignment

    • Michael H

      Hi Belle. Agree with you this is nonsense. Is not planetary alignments we should watch for, should watch the sun for bulk plasma discharges in our direction. This will cause earthquakes and volcanic activity increases. Cheers and good vibes.

      • Adekunle Adetayo

        Whatever plasma discharge from the sun would chill before reaching earth man? besides… the meteor rock from it would burn up on entering the earths atmosphere. So nothing to worry about. Lastly, the sun is not some solid substance unlike the earth crust. It’s a flame of burning hydrogen gas. No plasma can discharge least you can have is water or some more gaseous mixtures.

        • Michael H

          Dude, take some time to study the sun. Watch CMEs, bulk plasma discharges that often leave the sun’s surface. If they are directed towards earth, they can interfere with satellites and electronics on the earth. Plasma is the fourth state of matter, super heated ionized (electrically charged) gas. What happens on the sun’s surface directly effects the weather, volcanic activity and earthquake activity here on the earth’s surface. Watch sights like suspicious observer which monitor daily activity on the sun and use this to inform us on what is to happen in the next few days here.

          • Adekunle Adetayo

            Reactions has continued to take place at the Sun’s environ for over 6billion years or more… and it continues to burn its continuous supply of hydrogen gas in its redox reaction manner ever still. The distance of the earth from the sun is enough to quench any ‘molten magma’ if I should use that world to make it more laymanly than the plasma you’re talking about. Such distance can only be penetrated by electromagnetic rays of the speed of light. Charged ion which have different wavelengths than the one’s we already feel here on earth can’t be generated by an abrupt or sudden increase in sun’s temperature (even the sudden increase in temperature is impossible by whatever supernatural being so to speak). I could say more but let me put my period here. As for rays from the sun affecting telecommunications device and/or satellites. That is a given as any electromagnetic impulse even within the earth interfere more especially when they of different frequencies or wavelengths coming in contact with each other. So it’s not new.

          • Michael H

            The most important thing to watch from the sun is the bulk plasma discharges directed towards earth. Earth’s magnetic field is decreasing like a sine wave as we have crossed the galactic hemisphere and magnetic field has to align to the galactic magnetic field of the new hemispheres. When the magnetic field of the earth changes to its new position, the field will have decreased like a sine wave to nominal protection from solar radiation. With a bulk plasma emissions from the sun directed towards the earth at this time will heat the earth’s core like a microwave. The earth goes through this cycle every 13000 years. This is why the coastline of the continents fit together. It is expected that the earth will increase 5% in diameter on this galactic plane passing. Volcanic activity and earthquakes will accompany this core expansion. Science is now catching up with the prediction of the likes of Edgar Cayce on the upcoming pole shift. Why do you think the bankers have created the underground fortified DUMB system to ride out the chaos that will come.

          • Adekunle Adetayo

            Hmmm… very elaborate. “Earth’s magnetic field is decreasing like a sine wave as we have crossed the galactic hemisphere and magnetic field has to align to the galactic magnetic field of the new hemispheres”… Can you give us a link to the official statement relating to this quoted comment of yours? Can you also expatriate on the distance average my covered by the plasma discharges when dispelled from the Sun’s spewing? I quite accept the microwave analysis used to explain the earth cores explosion as a result of the Sun’s overheating effect on the earth.

          • Esre Bou

            just by saying we are blind might be true if this confirming news
            source is really based not on facts. Let’s try to do some research by
            this time, instead of endless arguments here. We are just creating fear
            to others and to ourselves.

          • Esre Bou

            The question is how this source reliable? let’s directly log-on to NASA website and Read!

        • Morgan Mcdermott

          so what happened to dinosaurs? no meteor came through?

          • Adekunle Adetayo

            Do your proper research it is not the sun that fell from the sky. Gondwanaland and other body of earth also got split besides the killing of those gigantic mammals and beasts. How did those happen? The earth as much as your body generates heat. I’m sure you already know that the midpoint of the earth is a very hot molten magma which even finds its way out of the earth to the open surface all over the world. It could no longer be as huge as the days of yore when the whole earth’s landmass was jampacked together unspoilt; now separated, the earth can breath and the major heat has been dispelled which will also make it difficult for a repeat of the earth’s landmass break up or further disintegration which occurred from the earth’s inability to contain the build up of heat underneath the earth that had been trapped over eons before cause the deaths and break up of a lot of things. Even now it still happens just that it certainly isn’t as weighty as it used to be. Hope you got that Morgan?

          • Morgan Mcdermott

            Thank you, first for being an adult about your answer. Although it was more of more of a sarcastic style question that wasn’t meant for a response, I do appreciate you taking the time to reply.

    • adbklyn

      Anyone who believes this is already too far gone on the “Stupid Train” and no amount of research will help them. So, I say we should play into their panic and paranoia. Let’s give them a sedative, while they’re asleep we’ll put pitch black contacts on their eyes. 😀 What fun THAT would be!

      • Cock

        Suck me

        • adbklyn

          :-) Not into it, but I certainly appreciate your generous offer!

        • adbklyn

          When I have an urge for tiny sausage..I simply open a can of Libby’s Vienna Sausages. But thanks for the offer. :-/

          • Ebony Hagen

            Lol good one

          • Bwahahahahahahaha!! You won the internet today!

          • adbklyn

            I aim to please. 😀

        • Jennifer


        • Nathan Amar

          U suck me first

        • Fred Phillips

          Wouldnt it be suck my instead of me

    • Harry Nayyar

      hi belle..

      not sure if its true or but just curious to know, how you can be so sure that it not true..

      • Grande Latte

        Ok, here are some updates on why some of those statements are so unfounded that its not even funny. (well, I made the last one I have quoted look a bit funny)

        “The light from Venus will heat up the gases on Jupiter causing a reaction”

        – How can Venus emit light? Venus, like all planetary bodies (and moons) only reflects the sun’s light. Venus and Jupiter are 670,130,000 KM apart, whereas Venus and Earth are only 41,400,000 KM apart. This means, Earth is 15 times nearer to Venus than Jupiter is. Assuming there is “heat emitted” (which itself is a NO), and if the “heat” from the “light” of Venus can heat Jupiter which is 670 million KM away, will it not burn the earth too, which is ONLY 41 million KM away?

        “The amount of hydrogen making contact with the Sun will cause a massive explosion on the Sun�s surface temperature to increase to 9,000 degrees kelvin in an instant.”

        – The amount of fuel burnt in the second per second is almost 4 BILLION kilograms of Hydrogen per second. So, its already a mega-massive explosion. How much more Hydrogen would be needed to cause a “bigger” explosion?

        “The Sun will then attempt to cease the explosion by emitting heat from its core, ( diagram shows above )”

        – Why would the sun “attempt” to cease the explosion. Is it going to Firefighter training?? :-)

        • Rakesh Kumar Rautray

          very true..liked ikt

        • Jennifer

          At least someone has some sense to them! People aren’t even trying to look into the science of it and understand that it is absolutely scientifically impossible. Another point that you missed (but I must say you’re one of the few that actually know what’s going on!) is that they state that the sun will “return to a red giant.” The sun is not a red giant in the first place! Lol. The sun is a main sequence star and is yellow. They say that the sun will turn blue as it lowers is temperature. Only the hottest stars are blue – if it were lowering is temperature it would become red, if it were raising its temperature it would be turning blue…. But that’s assuming that hydrogen could affect the sun in that manner, which it cannot. Stars only change color when they’re dying, NOT because of some temporary event as they propose. I’m glad someone else has some common sense and some knowledge about science! Thank you for not being a complete idiot 😉

          • Morgan Mcdermott

            you seem so sure Jennifer as to your facts! Did you get them from men who are still learning about a universe? things they don’t know but only have hypothesis and theory’s but little knowledge. papers and reports written by men but the papers written by men 2000 years ago can in no way be true? PLEASE i believe the creator of the universe over a man that THINKS he knows what hes talking about thank you. If you don’t believe tat’s your right but don’t DISRESPECT other opinions on such matter. that shows how ignorant you really are!

          • Dev Rajput

            Is there any proof about god?? There is proof about scientific theories so i believe in science

        • Jennifer

          I’m glad someone has some common sense and some actual knowledge about science! People need to learn more about science instead of spending their time believing this nonsense!

          • Dev Rajput

            yes you are right

      • pam95650

        Because it’s NOT true. Like Belle said, do some research.

    • mukesh gocher

      You are right bebyBeby..its stupid jock

    • Akeel Ahmad

      i m agree with u

    • Abhishek Sahu

      why this news is viral…..?

      • keshav singh

        Kabhi kabhi bharosa bhi kiya karo mere bachcho

    • balutia

      Hi bela

    • Appiah-kubi Thomas

      God is the creator of this universe, what they are saying does not have BIBLICAL support! If JESUS in the boat we will laugh at storms!

      • angel


      • Nonty Monica Ncube

        amen ,only God knows our tomorrow. even he says do not worry about tomorrow ,we only live at our best for tody

        • prateek


        • Samuel Brako-Amoafo

          Hmmm!!! Show us thy glory ooh! Lord. Let the dew of Heaven brings a refreshing and show us thy glory once more

      • Michael Badalamento

        First how about giving some support to anything biblical… Sorry but the holy edited censored and fill in the blanks when the tyrannical corrupt feel is needed BIBLE is nor more creditable than the topic of this nonsense black out.

        • Jennifer

          I COMPLETELY AGREE! The Bible was written by men (not God) with agendas that thought the earth was the center of the universe. It’s simply the best joke ever played on mankind.

          • Ting Sam

            Yes, You are right. The bible was not written by God but by men who were inspired by the holy spirit, 2 Timothy 3:16.
            Do not be so closely attached to science since it’s all but theories. Had you studied your bible, you wouldnt have wasted your time posting all those irrelevant and conjectured ideas.

          • onojaobe

            Thanks dearie!

          • onojaobe

            Jenny, how about believing in Jesus Christ and compare it to your current life style? Repent or Perish!

          • I did, but then again I stopped believing in it since I grew older and wiser. I suppose it is easier to be born again than to grow up, right?

          • chris

            Actually being born again is so not easy and Christians are grown up as you put it Mythopoeikon. Being a Christian isn’t easy either but so worth it. I know where my soul will go when I die – do you?

          • I know where it won’t go. Either heaven nor hell. And that, even if such a thing as a soul does exists. After 2 thousand years I’ve yet to see a real evidence of god’s existence, and that of a soul. Not a single shred of evidence has been presented so fa.

            I suppose that being a Christian is really hard, specially when over 80% of the US population considers themselves as such. Oh, for Zeus sake! Lose that persecution complex already! You want to know what it’s really hard, countless times harder than being a christian in the US? Being an atheist. Period.

            The imaginary war on christianity is nothing more than a cry for not being able to get away with murder anymore, as in the past. People are more open to talk about this kind of things. Even tho, if I go out tonight and say somebody that I’m an atheist, I run a serious risk of being assaulted just for that.

          • A Tobi

            where ever you stand is technically the center of the universe…

          • Fred Phillips

            Thats like saying, if your standing on the edge of a circle your in the center

          • Beulah Dias

            The Bible is inspired by God 2Timothy 3:16
            Show me the scripture where it says “the earth was the center of the universe” . There is no such scripture.

            So dont believe on hear say.
            First study the Bible for your self.

          • Robby M C

            will you wait until you go to hell to know the truth about God? Devote your time to be objectively pursuing the truth of the Bible…it amazes me that most people would rather believe Evolution and every lie about the Bible even if there is no evidence…than the truth…you are simply suppressing the truth as it is clear in your heart that there is a God as testified by Creation, Conscience, and the Commandment, is up to you to yield to Christ for salvation…

          • eesa

            It is good that you believe in God. But, make sure that you are on his true path, which is not the current version of Christianity, that are so distorted now that you are totally misled about the truth!

          • teresa

            Amos 3:7
            Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets. I know the bible is literally written by the hand of people of God not by their own knowledges but by the power and intelligence of God.

          • eesa


          • Arn Lewis

            Are you talking about the same merciful, loving, generous God that ordered the people of Israel to take the tablets of the commandments and march on nation after nation, slaughtering the people that stood before them, or the one that decided to kill off the entire population with a flood and let one man and his family live to save two of each animal (yeah, he killed the animal population off too)? The God that says to stone your daughter to death if she has sex before marriage, the God that decreed that any violations of his rules are all punishable by death, is that the loving, merciful, generous God you are talking about? OK,,, keep talking

          • eesa

            Nope. that’s the God you desire to be, so that you can have an excuse to reject, having a higher ethical standard than this primitive uncivilized God of your sick imagination and the imagination of those who wrote the “current bible”!

            Anyway the truth must be sought not imposed. So I’m not interested into arguing with you, it’s your choice to believe whatever you like and bear its consequences eternally.

            For me I have fulfilled my obligation before God of presenting the truth as I know it and that’s it. The rest is between you and your creator, who you do not believe even exist, and regardless of what Darwin or you believe that you evolved from monkeys or chimpanzees! not descended from an honored creation of God!

          • Fon Martin Luther

            And u Jennifer, are the greatest joke that the Creator ever designed! Who refutes that the Bible was written by men? Weren’t u born by men? Yet, were u created by them? God writes straight on crooked lines…like you!!!

          • chris

            Jennifer is not a joke and God doesn’t make mistakes! Shame on you for the way you speak to Jennifer Fon Martin Luther!

          • Lynn G

            They all had to get their information from someone and/or lived in that time. Stories, as some may call it, do come from the word of someone else’s mouth and so forth.

          • GOD’S CREATIVITY

            If there is no God, then there is no one like you, Because God form man into His own image, breathe into man and they become a living soul. But the FOOL has said in his heart there is no God. So there you go FOOOOOOOOOOOOL. Its the WORD OF GOD THAT SPEAKS. YOU NEED TO REPENT!!!! BY ASKING JESUS TO FORGIVE YOU OF YOUR SINS AND SAVE YOUR SOUL. BUT THEN, YOU ARE A BLASPHEMER

      • Cock

        There’s that name again Jesus. His name is yeshua jesus is a white man name that they out on to confuse you all.

      • Babatunde Morgan

        19 And I will show wonders in the heavens above
        and signs on the earth below,
        blood, and fire, and vapor of smoke;
        20 the sun shall be turned to darkness
        and the moon to blood,
        before the day of the Lord comes, the great and magnificent day.
        Act 2:19-21

      • Mbenja Jeremiah Powell

        DONT SAY ITS NOT TRUE…… They said will be 15 days of darkness, i felt this thing since 2012, when i was awake from the blindness World of ours. If will not be Dark as dark, a day without light, then a meaning is it should be a Dark of evil, will rise.. This kinder crazy HAA… KEEP WATCHING AND KEEP COUNTING, THOSE DAYS ARE COMING, VERY FAST, SOON THAN YOU CANNOT EVEN IMAGING…

        • Jennifer

          I’m sorry, but I have to say this. If you really believe this is true then you are really dumb. If you know anything about science, you would know that this is absolutely impossible. These dark days are not coming, lol, it’s so stupid that people actually believe this! The science behind it is absolutely absurd, this is absolutely 100% scientifically impossible! So you keep counting, cause no dark days are coming. You’re going to be pretty disappointed come November

          • Morgan Mcdermott

            I guess your so called research has not gone to find that they have actually proved how Moses could cross the red sea as described in the Bible…….hmmmmm, science PROVING biblical event could actually happen. interesting how blind you can be. science “facts” are written by MEN and you hold that to be true but put the word God in it and it is automatically false? who is the stupid one? have you ever thought the creator of a universe knows how to make it work and how it functions so HE can do what HE wants when HE wants with it? you claim to believe science…………..try using your brain for something other than trying to disprove and see how it is PROVING! don’t claim to see facts when you pick and choose what you want to believe because it came from a 2000 year old book. get real your the stupid one!

          • Sarah

            Jennifer I respect your views, but I want to know on which basis you can say that this event can’t occur.

          • niterisk

            there are things/events in this world that even science cannot answer..If your basis is pure science, I might say you dont believe in God.

          • Ria Sen

            I hope your God can save you when real calamities surface. Good luck to you and your God.

          • Dennis Guerra

            You and your absolute science STOP you are not making any sense how is it absolute

          • Joolz Braains Hulley

            Also this exact hoax with different dates have surfaced since 2010. You’re welcome

          • felihle zwane

            The bible does say in Mathew 24 that such events will happen and that these evennts will happen when the Son of Man is coming . Ignorance is sin , and i would advise you to acecept Jesus Christ while you still can . To add onto that you have absolutely no right to call out peoples religions and calling them dumb for believing in GOD .Even if you say it is scientifically impossible , the bible says ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD !!!!!
            God Bless You .

          • Joe Abbott

            u sound like a logical woman jennifer. The “WORD OF GOD”, was used through out history to justify oppression towards women, SLAVERY , Violence and War. Fundementalists are bad news in both christianity, Muslum sects and jewish Zionists. I began to study Animist beliefs ( all things has spirit and spirit is in everything). I see the prophets in all religions as Shamanic teachers. The Bible and other texts have been retold for millenia . Much was oral tradition before it was transcribed 70 – 400 years later. The childhood game whisper down the lane, gives us the idea on how the message can be corrupted.
            Wars have been faught in the name of the “ONE TRUE GOD”.
            Animists have never waged war over weather your rock or tree is better than another. on contrary “christians” have killed them in the name of Christ. Why would a loving God, condemn his creations around the world, because they do not believe in a certain religious doctrine or scripture. They keep dragging up the old testement. Yet Jesus himself stated to throw away those scriptures and rules. He stated just 2 rules, Love God with all our heart and love others as we love ourselves. He preched non-judgement in our lives towards others ” yea who has no sin, let him cast the first stone”.

          • eesa

            Jesus himself has told his followers to follow the last prophet of GOD once he comes. If you love him, listen to him. Fundamentalists do not represent anything but themselves. As from one human being to another fellow human, who both believe in peace and GOD, I invite you to study Quran.

        • Jennifer

          You’re gonna be really disappointed come November! Lol

        • Dev Rajput

          I am with jennifer I think Bible was originaly a childrens book

          • mbinga

            if you claim that the bible was originally a children’s book and yet you an adult shows that you have failed to understand what the perfect law (bible) is all about ,then i will personally categorise you to be among these very children to whom the bible was written as you claim

        • Henzaz Whizy

          HAHAHAHAH……ive heard the word dark november in a movie…….its so crazy that people just believe anything….i mean humans are dumb. well if its do happen then its gon be 15days of ladies night….Lol

      • Jennifer

        This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard! Who cares about biblical support. The Bible isn’t even real, it was created by a bunch of men that thought the Earth was the center of the universe! Science is absolute, religion is a theory. Your comment is so dumb, I hate religious fanatics!

        • Kary Daniel

          Just to say if science means proven facts by repetition meaning conducting experiments where the outcome reveals the same conclusion, then science can offer no answer what so ever in how we became about meaning how life began on earth! You cannot repeat that. The truth is we are here we were created by a creator, the bible states so much that actually goes hand in hand with science… The bible teaches to believe in the word and to have faith meaning trusting in what it says because we did not see those events take place such as the earths creation. To simply say that God is not real is a theory of its own and to say science is absolute is discredited on its own due to the fact you cannot conduct experiments to prove how the earth was created due to the fact that you cannot recreate the big bang theory.. notice how it says theory after it?? Science in many ways is also theory!! And to let you know im not arguing or starting a war, im simply suggestion in the most peaceful healthy way that you be a bit more open to researching the bible before you question its credibility!!

          • Dev Rajput

            I think Bible was a children book earlier you know teaching them about values and later when it was found in another country the people of that country thought it was real and they started believing in god

          • onojaobe

            Hahahaha! Devil you are funny! Dev, how on earth will a human being call cow his or her mother? I know you have Christians in India. Please go to them and ask for help. I can assure you, your life will not remain thesame.

          • Anee C

            OnoJaobe – I am not religious and you will know why I say this little later. Just could not help noticing how little you know about anything and everything. But wiser thing to do is to probably not pull someone else down to prove your point. “Dev” means God, not devil and cow is not the mother who gives birth but a provider. I am an Indian, who do not call cow my mother and do enjoy a good steak. But to do all this I don’t need Christianity or any other religion. If religion leaves a man/woman mean to another (like you), I am doing so much better without it. Cheers!

          • onojaobe

            Now that I gat ya attention, first and foremost, sorry for any offence(s) that I have caused yourself. Secondly, when I am going to India from Nigeria, I will give you a shout so we can enjoy some good steaks. Thirdly, it pays to accept Jesus Christ as you Lord and personal Saviour. Trust on me when I say, ‘it pays’. Have a decent weekend and once again, I am so sorry. Forgive me.

          • Jesus Christ

            I must say reading all the lovely messages to Jennifer truly touched me, I couldn’t help but sit here and just laugh at how ridiculous you all sound. “The Bible is real” I will agree with you here, there is most definitely without a doubt a fiction book called “The Bible” like most books, you shouldn’t believe every word inside of it. Unfortunately, people do.


            YOU HAVE NO BELIEFS OF AN GOD!!!!!!!!!

        • oladapo

          if good happens and bad happens then devil exist and God exist and the word that talks about God and its existence and how to know him and his power is the bible.also christianity is not a religion is a way of life.

        • Steve

          Dear Jennifer, the bible is very real. Even scientists have proof that all what was recorded in the bible are real. You can read all the account of Jesus in the bible right from isaiah till revelation. Jesus is real and he is alive today. Its very important for you to accept Jesus as your Lord and saviour. Have you ever thought of where you are going after death? Say this prayer- Dear lord God, I come to you in the name of Jesus Christ your son. Your word says for who so ever shall call upon the name of the lord shall be saved. I believe Jesus died and rose again and I confess with my mouth the lordship of Jesus Christ. I declare that am saved, i am born againam a child of God, eternal life is at work in me now. Greater is He that is in me than he thats in the world. Thank you Lord. If you say this prayer, I congratulate you and you are a child of God from today. God bless you.

          • jamal

            you did mention that Jesus is the Lord God and we all know that God controls the world … you said he died and rose again … if he is the Lord God then who was controlling the world at the time of his death so there is no truth in your statement…. I believe that Jesus is not the Lord God he is just a messenger to the Lord God

          • onojaobe

            I believe you are a man Jamal. If you are heir to your father for instance and he sends you to fight in a battle, I believe he will be at home watching over the house. What do you think?

          • Jane

            Jamal saying the truth.Jesus Christ was a prophet,a messenger by other prophets.He is not Lord God or son of God.
            U give advice to others but dont know the truth urself.In Bible Jesus never says I am God or i am son of God.

          • chris

            Jane, you are incorrect. Jesus is the Son of God and God and part of the Trinity. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit – three in one. A human example – I am one person yet three in one mother, grandmother and daughter. Three in one. So is God, three in one and all co equal in power.

          • chris

            Jane try reading your Bible again.

          • eesa

            If you are interested in knowing the truth, Jesus was a great human messenger from God to his people and to support him, God has made some great miracles happens on his hands. His people reaction? they tried to kill him! (no they didn’t succeed, they killed someone else!)

            Let me introduce your true creator to you:
            He is nothing like his creation, unique, one, absolute, and most merciful and loving among so many absolutes. You will get to meet God on judgement day so make sure that you won’t face him thinking he had a son! you will be in great trouble!

          • onojaobe

            So sorry for you but it wasn’t intended for you to understand anyway. If God can create a man, why create a woman if the intent is not for procreation? I am sure you’ve never read the Bible and asked the Holy Spirit to interpret it to you. Repent or Perish! Believe me on this.

          • chris

            Thats where you are wrong eesa. Jesus did die on the cross and he was raised from the dead. Youre the one who will be in trouble on judgement day, I can assure you.

          • chris

            jamal – Jesus is God and part of the Trinity. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. God is in control and Jesus was sent by God to die for all of us to save us from our sins. Jesus is God and yet he is His Son. For an example of the Trinity in human form – I am one person – yet I am three in one – mother, grandmother and daughter – three roles in one person. Jesus is God and he died for all us because thats what he was born to do and Jesus lives in every Christians heart. Every Christian has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and follows Jesus by the promptings of The Holy Spirit. May God bless you jamal.

          • felihle zwane

            Thank you Steve for this wonderful comment .@ jennifer , i truly hope for your sake you do accept Jesus Christ as your Saviour , to guarrantee your place in heaven . The bible is VERY REAL , and yes it was written by man, but it was was written on the accounts of Jesus Christ and those who were blessed enough to be tasked with writing it were instructed to do so by our Lord God in Heaven .
            God bless you .

          • onojaobe

            Thank you Steve. She has heard it all. ‘A dog that is determined to get lost will never respond to the owners whistling’. She has heard about Christ, it is left for her to accept Him into her heart. I just have a strong hunch that she was a victim of child molestation and she needs help urgently. Except of course, the name Jennifer is being used by an Anti-Christ trying to pull weak ones on this forum. Have you seen a name ‘Dev’ that is supporting her opinion? I think something is fishy here. God bless you sir.

          • Jane

            Jesus Christ is not son of God

          • eesa

            Very True. God doesn’t have a family! didn’t die on a cross on the hands of own creation! God is the greatest, one and unique and is not like anything of his creation.

          • chris

            God does have a family – his kingdom! All Christians are part of Gods Kingdom eesa.

          • chris

            oh yes he is Jane! God sent his one and only begotten Son (Jesus Christ) so that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish and have everlasting life. Jesus said I am the way, the truth and the Life, no one can come to the Father except by me. Yes Jesus was crucified and died on the cross for mankind to save us from our sins. We are all sinners. Jesus was raised from the dead on the third day and lives in every Christians heart.

          • Whitetigerdragn

            That is an out right lie. Scientist do not have proof that every thing that was recorded in the bible is real. There are several things recorded in the bible that scientists say never happened. The flooding of the world is one of them.

          • chris

            thats not true

          • chris

            Jennifer needs to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and baptised in the Holy Spirit Steve.

        • Dennis Guerra

          Science is not absolute, and the bible is not theory science is base on theory stop being.

          • onojaobe

            I wonder the meaning of the name ‘Jennifer’

        • onojaobe

          How about focusing on the topic at hand. Do you think the darkness is for real?


            Yes it is REAL!!!

          • onojaobe

            lets keep our fingers crossed till then.

          • chris

            Darkness is real and biblical onojaobe.

        • ^^^ stupid ^^^

          my name is not directed at you but i do believe that religion is a theory however you saying that Science is absolute is rubbish
          it isn’t exactly the solution to everything but it does prove a fair few things

        • Noel

          I am asking you two Truths .. Please answer if possible !

          1. Can you tell why are you here , what is the purpose ?

          2. Do you believe in sprit is in you ? If you believe what will happen to your sprit when you die ?

        • Balaji Rao

          u r right jennifer…religious books are often mere story books. but the god does exist. to my belief GOD is nothing else than ones own innate feeling of doing good deads, the fear when we do wrong doings, the pity we feel to other beings, the weep we do at others pain and son on.hope you accept this…

      • Jennifer

        Who cares about biblical support. The Bible is not real, it’s merely a story book. Refuting this notion is done so through science, not the Bible.

        • Madison Watkins

          The Bible is not merely a story book, it is a true book written about the same person and his miracles by different people through different times and different places. How can people through different times and places all talk about the same person?

          • chris

            Easy actually. Jesus is alive in every Christians heart across the globe and each of those people have a personal relationship with Jesus. Try talking to God Madison Watkins about all the good stuff and the bad stuff and thank him for his answers. seriously.

          • Arn Lewis

            which person would that be? God? People around the world talked about Gods, just not the same Gods. Or did you mean Jesus? Only the New Testament talked about him, and the books of the New Testament are just copies of each other, most of which weren’t even in the Bible to start with, most of the Bible was written by priests over 400 years after Jesus died, the book of Revelations was written by a crazy old man exiled on an island eating hallucinogenic mushrooms, no wonder he saw all those weird things, with mushrooms as the main par of your diet you would see weird things too. Ever wonder why God never spoke to two people at the same time? Or why in modern times he only speaks to Republicans?

        • Dev Rajput

          I agree with you

          • onojaobe

            Is ‘Dev’ the short for Devil?

        • onojaobe

          Your mother would be so disappointed in you Jennifer. How about praying and asking God for direction as it seem you do not know your left from right?

        • dundain ranger

          the bible is real al right , but the words had been changed and also they explain it as they wish sweetheart

          • Ryan Ranando Robinson

            Thank you. Which is why its hard for me to believe in it fully


            Science has proven events from the bible!!!! The best way to believe is too read, with an open mind!!!!

          • Ryan Ranando Robinson


          • chris

            no, it is inspired by God the Father. Try reading it.

          • Arn Lewis

            That’s the silly thing about it, back then anyone could write anything and say it was God’s words and everyone believed it. Most of the Bible was written by priests long after the times mentioned in it. Revelations was written 90 years after Jesus died by an exiled old man living on an island full of hallucinogenic mushrooms, he really did have visions as do most people on mushrooms. Before the priests rewrote the Bible 400 years after Jesus died, there was no virgin Mary, no Joseph, no three wise men, no manger or talking animals, in fact, Jesus was a full grown man when he first entered the scene in the Bible. Also, there was no resurrection after he died, or ascension into Heaven, those were all things that were added by priests in the 5th century. Perhaps I could list the things they added to the Old Testament, but this is a comment, not a book

        • Beulah Dias

          So you dont believe in God.
          But you believe in the existence of an atom , which you haven’t seen.

          If there is Design , then there is a Designer.

          Now meditate on this.

          • Ryan Ranando Robinson

            What and Who is this designer?



          • Ryan Ranando Robinson


          • chris

            no God the Father – our Creator is the designer of our creation.

          • ^^^ stupid ^^^

            Do you even know what an Atom is?

          • Neon

            but we have seen an atom.. and has anyone seen your so called god? no

          • ?. ???-???????

            do you know what is love. God is love.. all of us have can feel love.. and there are still people who can’t read or didn’t attend school. they don’t know what is an atom also there is no need to know about them. finally in the bible I suggest you to read Genesis 2:7 Then the LORD God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being. If there were a word ATOM instead of DUST will people understand..

          • Hedgy

            Do you have to see everything just to believe? Can anyone have an other opinion than u?


          We are science correctly— But Science only helped prove certain facts of the Bible…. Evidence is within—-and yes it is a Story Book… But it is also a Story Book of Guidance… A Book that helps us (MAN/WOMAN) to understand our/his purpose !!! I am not here to lead you into reading the BIBLE… But if you don’t understand the BIBLICAL SUPPORT then you will never understand anything………!!!!! That’s your story and that is your belief —-!!!

        • Donaldsd

          There is no reasoning with simple-minded religious zealots. They lack the knowledge necessary to rationalize an increasingly complex universe. Their remarks are humorous, at best, lacking any influence on broad-minded individuals.
          They are simply throwbacks to a time before the age of reason.

          • nxprov

            yeah, right-on bro!! those simple-minded religious zealots called atheists … right?

          • Donaldsd

            I’m not an atheist. My father is a Baptist minister and I believe in God. I’m just not blinded by religion. Nor do I limit my understanding of the natural world to stories in the Bible. I can accept the knowledge we have gained thru physics, chemistry and the biological sciences without feeling a conflict with my belief in a higher power. The Bible is a collection of books suited to its roll in sociology, philosophy and theology. The fact that I don’t look to the Bible to explain Quantum Mechanics does not make me an athiest.

          • Arn Lewis

            most of them haven’t even read the Bible that they are always talking about

      • chris

        The Bible does say about having days of darkness – go look it up.

      • Neon

        Alright then.. lets shut down all police stations all hospitals and fire stations and just pray for nothing bad to happen how that sounds huh? I guess god really made your brain.. from nothing

    • trilok

      goode baby

    • Cock

      Belle shut up

    • Jennifer

      Thank you lol, finally someone that has some common sense!

      • Samuel Brako-Amoafo

        Ooohh!!! Pls

      • eesa

        Time for you to have some too. God is more real than all of us ( this is absolute! unlike science! ) his creation! And no the current bible is not his book, nor Jesus is a god!

    • Neu Skrapy

      Seriously 😀

    • dundain ranger

      u are right belle, sweet & brilliant mind

    • San Jaf

      hehehe Are you scared ????

    • chris

      There was an alignment of the planets the other night – and I forgot to go and check it out – so not happy about that! It would have been amazing to see.

    • Hedgy

      Also if anything should happen NASA is forced to keep their mouth shut because of national safety! So they never put anything like this on the web. They will never tell us! We are forced to live our antlife and act as we live the normal even if we saw something weird or unlogical. Dont ask questions and keep your mouth shut…Or they say it’s a hoax or something and try to debunk it. I dont say that darkness comes or w whatever i only try to explain that NASA never going to say a thing if it’s a risk of the national safety. It is a procedure. Professional secrecy… Van een beroepsgeheim gesproken…

  • Belle

    so stupid… anyone who believes this should do some research!! NASA has not released any such news. Even so they have this on their website

    Q: Is NASA predicting a “total blackout” of Earth on Dec. 23 to Dec. 25?

    A: Absolutely not. Neither NASA nor any other scientific organization is predicting such a blackout. The false reports on this issue claim that some sort of “alignment of the Universe” will cause a blackout. There is no such alignment (see next question). Some versions of this rumor cite an emergency preparedness message from NASA Administrator Charles Bolden. This is simply a message encouraging people to be prepared for emergencies, recorded as part of a wider government preparedness campaign. It never mentions a blackout.

    Q: Could planets align in a way that impacts Earth?

    A: There are no planetary alignments in the next few decades and even if these alignments were to occur, their effects on the Earth would be negligible. One major alignment occurred in 1962, for example, and two others happened during 1982 and 2000. Each December the Earth and sun align with the approximate center of the Milky Way Galaxy but that is an annual event of no consequence.
    � More about alignment

  • Robert Horton

    So, does this mean that aunt May will not be coming for dinner? ?

  • TR Young

    Wow… some people need to learn that this is a satirical site and not a real news site.

    • Brocephus

      Thanks be to the Good Lord! What an incredible relief – I thought I might have to spend Thanksgiving waiting for the looters with my shotgun… and then I’d miss the big football game…

    • Jennifer

      That would be true if there weren’t a ton of idiots asserting this is going to happen…

      • Morgan Mcdermott

        idiots according to you? what are your credentials for saying these things about people? from the things I see here your the idiot. Not because you don’t believe any of this but because you are so narrow minded that if it’s not what you believe others are idiot’s? That;s idiotic in my eyes.

  • Tanvir Ansari

    Total nonsense. There’s no such thing in Koran. But there’s one indication of nearness of dooms day and that is that the sun will rise from West, come half way, will go back and then rise from the East as usual. That has happened earlier this century on one of the planets as reported by scientists.

    • Chetan Bhangale

      and that scientist think it will happen on earth in few centuries? stop spreading lies by giving reference to truth. every religious book was written by our ancestors who had very little knowledge about science.

      • Tanvir Ansari

        I can only feel sorry for your poor knowledge. All religious books are divine. What lies I am spreading and what reference is to truth please elaborate.

        • Dev Rajput

          I agree with Chetan Bhangle

  • the light
    • Soumya Das

      edited the 7 or 15 …. also edited all…. and 2015 too …. :)

    • aman

      For your kind info. Its not there right now… Probably nasa had deleted it..!!!

      • disqus_LrLfSv18my

        NASA did delete this post, as I just went look for it and its not there anymore…

        • Fred Phillips

          Like the name. Looks botty to me.

    • Rhys

      Considering this is the website that stated scientists found a second sun approaching earth, I don’t think anything said here is trustworthy

      • Neu Skrapy

        I completely agree with you!

      • Absolutely. :)

      • Zvone B

        really ?
        hehehe and you think there is NO second sun approach earth
        hm…interesting and very naive
        but people by their nature are blind and heheh ..:)

        • Rhys

          I honestly can’t tell if you’re joking

      • JasonAW3

        Actually, there is, but it’s several light years away and won’t be really that close for many millions of years. So, unless you’re immortal, I don’t think that we really have anything to worry about.

        • Rhys

          You are aware that there is only one Sun right? There are a few stars on a collision course with our solar system, but we there is only one star known as the Sun…

          • JasonAW3

            A bit of clarification; EVERY star is a sun. The name of our star is Sol, hence the name, Solar System. Of course modern education being what it is, your confusion is quite understandable.

          • Rhys

            That is false, stars are not known as suns. Our one is. Stop making a fool of yourself

          • JasonAW3

            Our sun is a star, those stars, whether with or without worlds, are other suns. I recommend that you look up the astronomical definition. Assuming that you have access to such tomes.

          • Rhys

            They are not other suns, they are other stars. Please, DO YOUR RESEARCH.

          • JasonAW3

            Rhys, others stars are often referred to as other suns in both literature and in scientific books and journals. While the Sun is a proper name, along with Sol, for our star in this Solar System, sun or suns, in the lower case, is a commonly used alternative to the word, star, especially when referring to the central star of other (note the lower case) solar systems.

            As I have wasted entirely too much time on this discussion and realised you are simply trolling me, expect no further reply on this subject.

          • harpal singh

            hi… I am impress bro… u explains good and in cool.. thanks for your respect towards mother nature.. please add me in your face book…. my ID is ..

          • Reality_Bites

            Ever star you see is a sun, in its own “solar system” with or without its own planets rotating it, you are confusing stars and planets. Also there is a lot of conjecture that our solar system is in fact a duel system with two suns, they are just so far apart no solid proof is yet available.

          • Rob Palfrey

            The Sun (in Greek: Helios, in Latin: Sol[a]) is the star at the center of the Solar System and is by far the most important source of energy for life on Earth. Other stars have no names, except the ones we give them. There is no other star known as a sun, but to make tedious idiots who don’t know anything about astronomy Stars are sometimes referred to metaphorically, as Suns.

          • Reality_Bites

            Ooooooh si impressed, here’s a rigid middle digit for you

          • blueindy1

            Our Sun is but a star seen close up. The stars are but other suns, seen very far away. I suggest your research is flawed.

          • Lokari

            Sun: a self-luminous heavenly body; star.

          • Rhys

            Also, Sol is the Latin name. The English name is ‘Sun’. Do your research.

          • carbonated_turtle

            This guy isn’t aware of much. It only took a short exchange with him to figure that out.

        • carbonated_turtle

          Hahahaha, no, there really isn’t. You don’t have the slightest clue what you’re talking about.

          • JasonAW3

            Obviously, you don’t keep up with the many space news websites.

          • carbonated_turtle

            Well it seems I’m being moderated for some reason. But I’d love for you to post a link to one of these sites you’re talking about.

          • JasonAW3




            Just to name three. You’ll have to go back quite a ways into the archives as the news is actually a few years old.

          • carbonated_turtle

            No, that’s not how it works. You can’t just post sites. I meant post links to the articles that back up your claims. Show me one article from one of these sites that confirms what you’re saying.

            Edit: Oh wait, here’s one from Live Science debunking your BS.


          • JasonAW3

            Sorry, that’s not how EDUCATION works. I give you the sources and YOU look them up. Who knows? You might actually LEARN something!

          • carbonated_turtle

            Hahaha, no, that’s not how “education” works. If you make a ridiculous claim, you need to back it up. That’s called burden of proof. Stop backpedaling. What if I said that Godzilla was attacking Japan and told you to look it up on and Would that make it true?

            I already posted a link debunking what you said from Live Science.

          • JasonAW3

            Look it up yourself. You asked for a few sites, I gave them to you. I’m not going to lead you around by the ring in your nose.

          • carbonated_turtle

            Did you have trouble reading my entire comment? I DID look it up, and I just posted an article above debunking what you said from a site YOU posted. Stop being so stubborn and just admit that you were wrong.

            And again, look up “burden of proof”. When you make a claim, you need to back it up.

          • JasonAW3



            There are many others, but you’ve wasted enough of my time today.

          • carbonated_turtle

            Wow…I don’t even know where to begin. This isn’t even remotely the same thing. Did you even read the article, or did you just see “sun” and “companion” and think it confirmed what you were saying? This article says nothing about this star being on a collision course with Earth, it says “Scientists speculated that such a star could affect the orbit of objects in the far outer solar system“.

            I don’t know where you went to school, but I’d demand all of your previous teachers be fired for failing you so miserably. Don’t waste any more time on me today, spend the rest of the day figuring out why you believe things you read on tabloid sites.

          • JasonAW3

            Hold on; I think there may be some confusion on my part. I thought you were arguing about whether or not other stars are suns! This is a bit I argued with a somewhat educationally bereft individual, later in the thread! Sheesh! My bad!

            Truth is, the only stars we KNOW are likely to pass through or near our solar systems shouldn’t be arriving for several million years!

            Nemesis is thought to be either a planet four times the size of Jupiter, or a brown dwarf of the same size. It looks to have an orbit of about 250 million years, but is MOST DEFINITELY NOT going to fall through the solar system! Again, sorry for MY confusion!

          • Steg

            Glutton for punishment there mate, trolls are often best left, if ya know what I mean, the frustration is not worth it.?

          • JasonAW3

            Truth be told, I confused him for a different troll, and, well, I kinda exacerbated the situation.

  • Zaggy Jonathan

    No Breaking News in this Website NewsWatch33 is real. Trust in God. God will decide what will happen…. not human beings…

    • karan lund

      You are right

    • Dev Rajput


  • Jared Ronning

    FYI, the sun is not a red giant. Otherwise, we’d all be dead.

    • Adekunle Adetayo


  • Zapkingdude

    PLease look at this nasa scientist’s answer regarding this hoax..

  • Zapkingdude

    He mentions the news as:

    “THERE WILL NOT BE 15 STRAIGHT DAYS OF TOTAL DARKNESS IN NOVEMBER, 2015. The idea is poppycock and balderdash with a sprinkle of codswallop.” lol… :)

  • onlinethreatalerts

    The article is a hoax. The same pranksters published a similar article last November:

    And, the same hoax first appeared on the internet in 2012.

  • onlinethreatalerts
  • onlinethreatalerts

    This is a hoax. We have seem about 3 of this NASA hoax since 2012. All the pranksters did was to change the date and the amount of days. Click the following link for more information:

  • Rushil Bhatia

    The sun wont turn blue itself. Its not a livig oraginsm.

  • Ben Cox

    Pretty sure I read this last year

  • Terror_avg14

    I HAVE NO CLUE WHAT IS GOING ON !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Robert Giay

    So where is the link to NASA’ s original announcement??…I thought so….Nowhere to find it on internet….

  • Andrew James Lane

    More like NASA will cause a total black out

  • Matt

    Like when they said the world was gonna end. DID THAT HAPPEN


    The distance between jupiter and sun is 778.5 millon km so will the the huge amount hydrogen gas be able to cover the distance in the space without getting expanding in space in such a small time ???? Will the works be going on in the dark . Will there be something destructive be going on at the dark. Will the evil again be alive in the dark.

    what will be the position of earth during day time . While hydrogen traveling to sun then will the other planet would also be affected?

  • Mansoorpaul Ahmad Paul

    This not true. It is funny that hydrogen released by jupitar at the end of October will reach to sun’s surface on 15 November. What is the distance between sun and jupitar. At what speed hydrogen will travel towards sun. It will take hundreds of years to poor hydrogen to reach the sun. Poor hydrogen.

  • mojopowah

    would be pretty sick tho

  • Israfel Darkblade
  • balutia


  • balutia

    15 Nov blackout is true

    • Jennifer

      Sorry to disappoint! Not gonna happen, it’s scientifically impossible.

    • Dev Rajput

      Its not true IT IS IMPOSSIBLE

  • Anup Singh

    Here is the Explained truth report about this matter..

  • Anup Singh

    Here is the Explained report about this matter..

  • Israel Cultura

    Those who are saying that it is not true cant even prove themselves. This “the light” guy is a hoax also. I checked on the NASA’s Earth Observatory page and I did not see this post. After the August 10 posts are is the Aug. 12 post. So please, what’s the real story?

    • Jennifer

      What do you mean those saying its not true can’t prove themselves? There are plenty of people commenting who are explaining why it’s not true… unless it was a typo, you saying that those saying it’s not true can’t prove themselves…

  • Luiz Mandelah

    Actually daunting if this is really true yh.. Noh d Frst time hearing dis rumours tho

  • rahul

    so stupid i can’t believe it
    say belle ur true

  • pam95650

    I receive ALL NASA updates, and this one is no where to be found. Quit spreading “end of the world” BS.

    • Jennifer

      Right? If this wereally true, NASA would confirm it and it would be all over every news channel around the world for months. Never mind the fact that this is scientifically impossible! Lol

      • Dev Rajput

        You are absolutely right

      • Hedgy

        NASA is forced to keep their mouth shut if it brings national safety in danger.

  • Golu Singh

    I think you need to Check this

  • Abraham Zuakwagh

    who kept the record of such an event a million years ago? what is the solution for total blackout for 15 days?

    • kapitanvic1

      flashlight is selling briskly….

  • Reo

    May be it’s true …..don’t no whether it is true or not but the thing I want to know
    Why such a news came over if it is not true and why nobody react on this news yet..
    Can anybody tell me please…after all we have right to know about it..
    But the one thing is must true ..if allah wants then and only then it is can be possible …let see what it will be..

  • kapitanvic1

    Flashlights by the dozen. Different colors….

  • sid


  • Yasir Imtiaz

    it is not possible because my Allah has confirmed all the universe that nothing can be changed without his order. who the is NASA???? they are discovering those thing which our prophet (s.a.w) has discovered before

    • Mbenja Jeremiah Powell

      DONT SAY ITS NOT TRUE…… They said will be 15 days of darkness, i felt this thing since 2012, when i was awake from the blindness World of ours. If will not be Dark as dark, a day without light, then a meaning is it should be a Dark of evil, will rise.. This kinder crazy HAA… KEEP WATCHING AND KEEP COUNTING, THOSE DAYS ARE COMING, VERY FAST, SOON THAN YOU CANNOT EVEN IMAGING

      • Jennifer

        You’re going to be really disappointed when November comes and goes and there’s no black out lol. Go learn some science lol, this even is scientifically impossible!

        • Dev Rajput

          If there was such a thing going on every news channel and news paper will report about it for months

  • coolman

    i seen in nasa website: it says tht : Absolutely not. Neither NASA nor any other scientific organization is predicting such a blackout. The false reports on this issue claim that some sort of “alignment of the Universe” will cause a blackout. There is no such alignment. Some versions of this rumor cite an emergency preparedness message from NASA Administrator Charles Bolden. This is simply a message encouraging people to be prepared for emergencies, recorded as part of a wider government preparedness campaign. It never mentions a blackout.

  • Jim Pook

    I had a taxi driver tell me about this a couple of weeks ago. Where do people get such stupid ideas from?

  • Vaibhav gupta

    Many of my frnds are saying that its a rumor lets see…………….

  • Roshanth G

    Venus and Jupiter are Miles apart.. Who the F@#$% come up with this rubbish stories ?? Religious sectors I believe … It’s only they who are Quite dumb when it comes to rationalization !!

  • vishnu

    bleady idiots you write anything without any authenticity rascals.

  • MajorMendle Mendelistic

    hahahahah!!!!!! this train gonna crash. it seems you dint study physics and light

  • Gregory Kline

    Drink some beer and play nhl hockey

  • Rana Basant


  • Jennifer

    THIS IS 100% SCIENTIFICALLY IMPOSSIBLE! Here’s the science behind it and why this blackout is never going to happen!

    The entire notion of the Sun turning blue is absolutely absurd. This article says the sun will “return to a red giant.” The sun is not a red giant to begin with! It talks about how the sun will temporarily turn blue as it tries to cool itself. Blue stars are the hottest in the universe, just like blue flames in a fire are hotter than yellow flames. So in the categorization of stars, blue stars are the hottest, then below that are main sequence stars which are yellow (such as our sun), and below that are red giants, which are the coolest of the three. (Brown dwarfs and white dwarfs are below that.) So the sequence of events that this stupid person wrote basically goes the opposite of science. It’s trying to say that the star, or the Sun, will dim to a blue color while it is trying to cool itsel (which by the way, stars do not attemp to cool themselves, they simply fuse hydrogen into helium, end of story). This is scientifically impossible because blue stars are the hottest – if the sun were trying to cool itself it would turn red, not blue, but stars don’t try to cool themselves in the first place. So if anything else, that entire notion is absolutely absurd. The sun will remain yellow for another 5 billion years until it enters its death phase and begins to die. Stars stay in a spherical shape because of the balance between the pressure of the nuclear fusion pressing outwards and the gravity of the star trying to collapse in on itself. When stars enter their death phase, they start running out of fuel and this balance is disrupted. Stars then began to expand out and turn into a red giant. (Any red giant star in the sky is in its death phase and could go supernova at any time.) When the Sun begins to run out of fuel, the balance will be disrupted and it will expand into a red giant, and it will puff out and expand to the orbit of Jupiter. Once the star finally runs out of fuel, or hydrogen, it will then release all of its gas and either go supernova which creates a planetary nebula, or release its outer layer of gas and collapse into a white dwarf, where it will stay like that until the end of the universe. So stars simply do not change their color unless they are dying. Especially in the manner this article proposes. These explosions the article talks about, the sun trying to cool is surface, is so immensely absurd. No event like this has ever been recorded in the history of astronomy, and it’s not going to start now. Any event in the universe, especially a so-called release of hydrogen, would not affect the color of a star. End of story, point, blank, period.

    Also, they talk about a planetary alignment which will supposedly release an excess amount of hydrogen which will affect the Sun. This is absolutely absurd! Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, so the Sun and all of the stars are not affected by this. Stars are created by a disk of gas and dust which then collapse into themselves and form a star. Other than that process, any hydrogen will not affect the Sun or any star. The talk of this planetary alignment is really stupid. Planetary alignments happen all the time, and at no point do they ever cause a release of excess gas. Also, Venus and Jupiter are so far away from each other, there are two planets in between these two, Earth and Mars. If they wanted to make it more believable they could have at least talked about an alignment between Mars and Jupiter. But planetary alignments happen all the time and in no way do they affect theiron host star.

    Everything they stated completely goes against science, which we know is either black or white, there is no gray area. I’ve had some people say to me that the impossible is always possible. Not when it comes to science! People are so stupid lol

  • Ashley Haynes

    Jennifer you apparently need a bible lesson:)

  • geoff611

    This is what they do when they want to take our minds off disturbing matter. Or even leave us clueless of an attack they are planning.

  • Thomas Murphy

    ….. would one of you geniuses tell me when the world will end … I really need to know …

  • Yolanda Dioses

    This is a hoax. Why do you people insist on making up lies ? You people just want to make a dollar . It’s all garbage, you are lying to people. NASA didn’t print anything nor have meetings with the government about 15 days of darkness. Your news cite is very misleading and non creditable. PLEASE STOP WITH YOUR LIES AND GARBAGE STORIES.

  • Pete McDonald

    FFS this same site has a story that NASA confirms planet covered in marijuana – this is obviously a spoof news site – I expect it says so somewhere but I don’t need to look…

  • Sanjay Malviya


  • Adam von Plentl

    You would literally have to be completely retarded to believe this.

  • Jim Martin

    Will one be able to see the rings around Uranus?

  • Sani Ong

    We can easily uncover a hoax by just reading the daily news. It is impossible for the media to avoid such an important and significant news… There is nothing in the media about the Black Out nor a sun approaching earth… So both news are nonsense….

  • W.t. Gregory

    If you believe this, please never reproduce and give yourself a Darwin Award.

  • octav

    Hasn’t occurred in more than 1 million years? I remember this happening… Every… f’kin… year…

  • Brandon Lloyd

    News watch is a big bunch of lying trash

  • Hemant Arora

    Nice story. Some people are trying to write science fiction. 😛

  • sparky insane

    Wouldn’t darkness freeze us to death?

  • gnix

    how come gas can travel that fast? and when did our sun became red giant?

  • dalethorn

    Anything, repeat anything, talking about “dark scary things” and NASA, is probably true.

  • Sabby

    All of the Idiots who are wasting their time on this blog specially Jennifer, cock and some more idiots you have nothing to do and just increase the number of comments to promote this blog.

    For you everybody yes this is true the Earth will be in Darkness for 15 days in November 2015 but in night times not in the day times so this is 100% true because the creator of earth has already set up this phenomena until the End comes.

    I Suggest please all go and watch “Pogo”

  • vipul jadhav

    hows it possible…….sir

  • mary ann a. uy

    oh my god! it is completely unexpected. how can that be. i need to see its screenshot

  • Jack Smithrod

    Thank you – I’m glad NASA confirmed this non-existence of this rumor.
    Still, the article is such a compendium of self-contradictory gobbldegook, that it’s astonishing that anyone believed it. “The sun will then attempt to…”??? Really? Is the sun somehow intelligent? Does it “attempt” anything? And how does “emitting heat from its core…” somehow make it cooler??? Also, the fact that planets align in the sky doesn’t mean they are actually near one another. Venus and Jupiter are still 365 million miles apart, even at their closest. And could anything emitted from Jupiter possibly have any significant effect on the sun, given the 558 million mile distance and the 1/r2 effect of the reduction in flux of things emitted in all directions. Only the innumerate could think anything like this is even remotely possible.
    Has all of our science education been completely for nothing? Can all these people passing on this absurd rumor really believe this is possible?

  • Mitchell T Everson

    There are so many flaws in this article. First Venus isn’t even close to Jupiter. There happens to be two planets that separate them from each other and one is Earth. Second OUR SUN ISN’T A RED GIANT its a yellow dwarf. Look up the size difference its huge. Plus blue is the hottest color that a star can be so it couldn’t be dim but it would look really cool. Lastly the sun can’t fuse hydrogen on its surface because gravity isn’t strong enough there. Fusion happens in a stars core for a reason.

  • onojaobe

    Haven’t happened in a million years? Where is the former record that it occured afteral when the Bible made us to understand that the world is less than 15 or 20 thousand years old? Hmm. Just thinking aloud.

  • Mester you g


  • Seifallah Karaa

    like the end of the word 12/12/2012

  • Sadiq Aziz Khoshnaw

    can you put the link of this news from NASA?! Im sure you have not.

  • Jamziza

    I knew this was false when I read “returning its normal color to the red giant” our sun is not a red giant. NASA wouldn’t get that wrong lol.

  • Henzaz Whizy

    Everything is possible under the sun……..if its do happen its gon be 15days of ladies night…Lol

  • Sandeep Thomas

    Nasa never said that.. Stop this such bullshits… This website should be banned for misleading hoaxes…

  • sourabh

    R u guys mad if it is going to happen thats a big problem of oxygen and and many things that we get from sun


    End Times.

  • Bea SamDaph
  • Chris Knight

    this will not happen

  • salome

    Hope it not real…..

  • donald

    I have my Nike jumpsuit ready. ZOLTAN!!!!

  • jake alfonzo

    Jennifer is right. Every December 25th the 3 stars of Orion’s belt (also called “The Three Kings” throughout history) line up with Sirius (the brightest star in the east) and point to exactly where the sun rises. That is, Three Wise Men following the brightest star in the east to the birth of the Sun, the actual sun. The story of Jesus is a whitewashed parody of sun worship. The same story applies to Krishna of Indian religion and Horus of ancient Egypt along with dozens and dozens of other deities and myths throughout humanity for thousands of years longer than The Bible claims the Earth has existed. Many many (real and reputable) historians were alive during the time of Jesus and not one of them had ever mentioned him, barely even vaguely. Science has never confirmed anything in The Bible and to say so is antiscience. There’s actually not a single shred of evidence for anything that happened in The Bible, even the acclaimed Shroud of Turin was found to be a 14th century knock off made when religious paraphernalia was at it’s peak. If anything you have learned from The Bible came from a modern English translation you are, in fact, a heretic because to translate The Bible into English was considered the highest form of heresy, punishable by hanging, burning or drowning (because the Church abhors bloodshed lol) until King James came along and did it anyway. Bless you all

  • Altay Bekcioglu

    A Turkish news site took this serious just today. “Sabah” is known for their stupidity but I wasn’t expecting this much.

  • lawrence

    What the NASA are saying don’t know waether is true ,’coz is unbiblical .

  • OhUniverseWhy

    For spreading lies like this, OP should roll a joint packed with bleach and smoke it all, then hang himself, after castrating his children. That would help humanity as a whole. Please kill yourself.

  • muzikjock

    LOL! november, especially december, if you add up the expected day light hours in any one geographical area in the northern hemisphere, you will see there there are approximately 15 days of complete darkness anyway!…go ahead…. do the math!….december 21st, being the day of the year where we have the least daylight hours….do the math of how many actual night time hours there are in the month of december…and november … you will see 😛 ….have fun, kids

  • yyy

    total lie it wont happen for billions of years

  • kingrossii

    “Earth’s sun”. I didn’t know we now owned the sun..

  • ??????? “???????? ?????????”

    ?????? ????????)

  • MC Khalil

    its impossible!

  • Nacki Von Pluring
  • Mudi baya

    I tHnK YoU AlL GuYz should ReAd “ThE HoLy QurAn” WiTh COMplEtE MeAninG OF Each vErSE,,,,,,,I hOPe AND bElIvE yOu guYZ wIll really KnOw ThE MeAnING OF life……HuM,aNity,PeACe,,,,,LiFe after DeaTH,hEll AnD HeAvEn,AbOut PLaNetry mOTioN,,,,,eXixtEnCe of earth,,,,,,,everything u will get……read it once ………………………inshalla u will make sahada,,,,,and will accept islam,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, #mudii

  • Anil Kumar

    its really happened or its fack

  • Anil Kumar

    i think its not happened because we are never seen in new

  • Anil Kumar

    its a big issues but we never listen an comment by NASA

  • Anil Kumar

    i also agreed with Belle on this issue

  • Kailas Hosakote

    Taking gullible people for a ride. Stop this nonsense. Do not waste precious time of the world. People spreading hoax calls should be punished.

  • Willie Loya Avila

    LMAO!!!! What a loud of crap!!! Yeah right LOL!!! And I’m running for president this year!!!

  • Gene Pan

    Oh shoot! We are all going to die!!!

  • Dr. Irfan ‘Human’

    A huge evaporation is not possible in present distance between Venus and Jupiter. So I think total darkness is not possible right now.

  • unknown

    First of all… wont happen….

    Ifyou dont believe me then dont
    I challenge you NASA……it wont happen

  • ghostplant8

    How would this not be on every radio and tv broadcast; last yr? LOL.

  • bilal khan

    we have to conform it

  • Kaide

    But if god wanted it to happen he would make it happen.

  • Kaide

    Do not argue the point with hearts that refuse to hear. Do not waste your time with foolishness least you become fools yourself.

  • Aldan Edwin

    I think I would rather listen to the creator of this world, no where in the bible was this ever stated. I put my trust in God. Jesus I love You, without you I am nothing. God bless us all!:)

  • Mohamed nour

    Like this will happen just let wait and see what are thy saying is true or not
    But i am not realy intrested about it becouse ALLAH IS THE ONLY who know what will happen just those losers who yelling with out no resons are liers

  • Everton Aaron Wachekwa

    when will the
    event start

  • Gul Mushtaq

    a big LOL

  • Ramiz Anis






  • Bridge

    I am more concerned that this post is coming from News Watch 33-the Number for the Masons…..

  • lolwate

    LMAO – must be an experiment to determine how dumb people really are and how quickly dumb hoaxes spread on social media.

  • rg33

    “And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.” — Genesis 1:3

    And a few billion years later (which would be just a heartbeat for an eternal being), a human named Georges LeMaitre along with Aleksandr Friedmann and Edwin Hubble and confirmed by Arno Penzias and Robert Wilson that the Universe was born from a “big bang”, where in a moment, a nearly infinite amount of energy was released from a nearly infinitesimal point. Since our current mathematics and theoretical physics fail at the 0th moment of this event, any possibility is still open, no matter how far fetched. 😉

  • Theuns

    Hi all, sorry but i just want to know then,
    As i have come to understand and learned, is that the stars we see as infact meteors that consists of ice and gas and so on. The Sun that is so nice and warm is a burning star. And the moon is a dead star. If all ather starts where like the Sun then i dont think that planet Earth would ever realy be dark well maybe i have learned wrang ?

  • .anziulewicz Chuck Anziulewicz

    Why do people insist on printing crap like this? Does it make money for you?

  • Bvukururu Musica

    I do not know which is which, either

    (1) The NSSA guys consider us to be a bunch of Scientifically illiterate fools or
    (2) The NSSA guys are up some mischief and they are spreading lies to cover up whatever mischief they are brewing.

    The article has the following scientific assumptions:
    1. Venus passing Jupiter will cause Venus to shine 10 times brighter. The source of the light is not justified scientifically neither is the relationship between the passing of the two planets and the increase in light intensity.
    2. Light intensity of Venus (10 Times brighter) will cause a reaction that will release unprecedented amounts of hydrogen. The light catalyzed hydrogen producing reaction is not explicitly exposed or named.
    3. Hydrogen emitted by the Jupiter reaction will travel between 460 – 508 million miles to the sun in space intact without encountering anything in () (time frame);
    4. The hydrogen will cause explosions on the sun’s surface after successfully reaching the sun in the state it left Jupiter 460 million miles away;
    5. The sun has an internal temperature regulating mechanism that cools it if its external temperature increases, the basis of this science fiction theory has not been scientifically proven or justified.
    6. The sun’s intensity dims during temperature regulation. The scientific merits of this fallacy were not argued.

    So using my fifth grade science education NSSA’s report lacks scientific merits, it will do very well as a Science Fiction novel or movie because in science fiction the science does not have to be solid as it is in this documents.

  • Allen jasper

    The Earth will Experience darkness soon before coming of the Lord Jesus Christ then the people will know GOD is GREAT
    please don’t tall about the god who is created the universe

  • Allen jasper

    please don’t talk about the god who is the created the universe

  • Warren Taylor

    This has to be the biggest pile of horse manure I have read in recent years. Not sure what the “News” in Newswatch33 means, because that is one thing that is totally missing from this alleged story.