Internet Star �Tyrone� Shot Multiple Times Attempting To Violate Texas Man�s Wife


Internet Star Tyrone Shot Multiple Times Attempting To Violate Texas Mans Wife

DALLAS, TEXAS (NEWSWATCH33) – Internet sensation Tyrone Jones, 34, was shot three times in the chest after aggressively approaching Darnell Williams, a resident of Houston. According to reports, Jones had asked Williams to have a moment with his wife while implying sexual activity.

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An eye witness indicated Tyrone aggressively approached Williams but was asked several times to leave the premises. When Jones and his associates refused to leave, Williams pulled out a 9mm handgun and shot Jones three times in the chest. Jones� crew immediately explained to Williams that it was a prank which was being filmed. Williams then dialed 911, to report the shooting.


  • Joshua

    It’s all fun and games til someone gets shot. Welcome to Texas

  • Matthew Engman

    I’ve seen his vids he got what was coming to him

  • Travis McKinstry

    How is that supposed to be seen as a joke? No one is laughing now…

    • not important

      Disagree entirely. It wouldn’t have been funny if the white guy backed down but the shooting is a strong punchline. Can’t wait to see the video.

  • ????????

    A felon and a moron walk into a bar…

  • scorpion6091

    Damn he’s expected to live? Mandatory fed time on former convicts w/ gun charges – sent this guy back to prison for what a “prank” . Wonder if he continue to push the envelope? You simply can’t play w/ some people have a bad misunderstanding! Leave people alone!

  • Phoenix


  • TyroneKowalski

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    • eat shizite

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    • Money20

      Maybe It’s because most white men are too busy raping black and white children. Did you check the statistics on that? I would like to see it. Maybe that’s not considered a crime in your neck of the hood�

      • TyroneKowalski

        Yes. I did check the stats. Only Native Americans rape children more than blacks. Must be comforting to know you’re not first in that one at least.

  • Da Troof

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  • jimmyt

    til blacks think rape is a prank

  • Lemarcus datyrone

    dat darnell lucky he black – he be in jail for hate crimes if he white

  • Jamal chauncey allah wishes th

    This be your wake up call black people you don’t get to do whatever you want. I knew this idiot would get shot one day. Lesson learned, but i know you other idiots wont learn from this.