Man Killed By Girlfriend After Posting Instagram Photo Of His #WomanCrushWednesday

Man Killed By Girlfriend After Posting Instagram Photo Of His #WomanCrushWednesday


Man Killed By Girlfriend After Posting Instagram Photo Of His WCW

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE (NEWSWATCH33) – Derrick Kingston, 24, of Memphis, was murdered by his girlfriend this morning after he posted a photo on Instagram of his “Woman Crush Wednesday” which is known as the popular hashtag “#WCW” or “#WomanCrushWednesday” which trends on social media every Wednesday.

Kingston was stabbed to death by his girlfriend, Nikki Mendoza, age 21, while he was sleep in the apartment they both shared. Friends of the couple stated to authorities that Nikki was always the jealous type but they never showed any major relationship issues and seemed to be very happy with each other. According to a close friend of the couple, there was no violence between the two other than normal arguments that most couples go through.


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    i think she is sick

    • GTalive

      Now, there you go…. She just ok to be sent away for life….. Jealousy is not a sick it’s a destructive element

  • Thamesha D’wife Nanton

    life sentence is still tooo good for her,she should be given death penalty she knew exactly what she did her eyes needs to be closed pernamently too

  • The Federal Farmer

    Don’t mess with Tennessee girls!

    • KSI

      She is not a TN girl. She’s a lunatic!

      • The Federal Farmer

        Glad you fixed that. 😉

  • katrina

    Hey people you don’t know what was going on behind closed doors! And you never will seeing as how friends are not in the actual relationship.

  • Eleida Diaz

    Crazy watch it ppl with #wcw

  • Candy Malone

    Death sentence is even better just sad period

  • missbelle

    This story is recycled. I just read the same story but it wasn’t in Memphis and the girl was black….all the other parts of this story stayed the same…….smh

  • Jall

    You dumb bastards do realize this didn’t actually happen, right?

  • Broderick Johnson

    Memphis men, be warned. Memphis mamas will kill in jealous rages and historically, knives are their weapon of choice. Now, you know.

  • Derrick Anthoney Greene

    She made her choice

  • Sadie Legrande

    I like her. 😋😊😇

  • Rourke Decker

    “Lying.” He was lying in a pool of his own blood. Not “laying.”