Girl Killed In Her Sleep From Wearing Earbuds While iPhone Was Charging

Girl Killed In Her Sleep From Wearing Earbuds While iPhone Was Charging


Girl Killed In Her Sleep Wearing Earbuds While iPhone Was Charging

HOUSTON, TEXAS (NEWSWATCH33) – Gabrielle Samuels, 19, of Houston, Texas died in her sleep last night while listening to music on her charging iPhone.

Gabrielle Samuels was listening to iTunes on her iPhone 6 Plus last night while attempting to fall asleep. The 19-year-old did nothing more than what she does every night before going to bed. She had just graduated high school and was enjoying her summer break before attending college in the fall. Sadly, this night was the last night that Samuels would enjoy her bedtime playlist.

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  • Mike Olarte

    who ever the manufacturer is of that shitty charger needs to be charged with manslaughter.

    • Morgan Elaine

      Why? They didn’t plug the phone in and put ear buds in her ears. She did. She mixed up devices. She’s the only one at fault here. Not the manufacturer of either devices.

      • Soma Silverfang

        The point trying to be made is the fact that unless you ask AT&T or wherever you buy your iPhone, you don’t know this information. It isn’t exactly common knowledge and a warning label on the phone’s box and the knock off charger’s box should be present for this very reason. Also if this happens I would assume that the knockoffs should be recalled so no one else gets hurt or dies.

        • bob

          apple make up these ridiculous stories as the majority of people are stupid enough to believe it and think they had better go and buy a proper apple charger. Stupid stories like this probably earn apple millions extra. Shame the population is as dumb as it is.

      • random person

        She not at fault completely because if she was on her phone instead of listening to music, she still would be killed because of the faulty charger. But yes, she shouldn’t mix up chargers and devices but now days everyone uses a changer that works for them.

  • Daniel Jordan

    All chargers should be universal. This family should go after apple for making their devices and accessories exclusively for Apple products. This greed resulted in the malfunction and death of a young girl

    • Byron C Mayes

      The greed was on the part of the faulty charger maker who apparently just threw together some wires and put it out on the market.

      • Andrew Boxill

        FUN FACT CHARGERS ACTUALLY DON’T HAVE WIRES … THEY ARE MADE BY A SERIOUS OF INTERLOCKED OR TOUCHING METAL PLATES … YOU COULD MAKE ON FRO LIKE LESS THAN 5 -10 BUCKS AMERICAN (ah sorry caps stuck well wte, and i’m not american lol) i wouldn’t advise making one if untrained though … the material needs to be right

    • jb1907

      So you want to be forced to pay $30 for a charger? They are universal on the USB end.

      • Juzsayin

        Clearly $30 is a bargain if it’s not gonna burn you to death because it’s been manufactured with high quality components

    • Rachael K

      or not being rude but common sense where she should have gotten up and turned off the phone and taken ear phones out before she went to sleep .. nobody goes to bed with earphones on … and shes not a lil kid

      • Treva Thomas-Singleton

        um, there are many people, myself included, who have gone to sleep with earbuds in – granted, I was not charging my phone at the same time, but to say NO ONE does it is generalizing!

      • Nathan

        I used to do that when on the tank range. I had to fall asleep fast because of the Army’s annoying thing about being awake before dawn was going to leave me with about 4-5 hours of sleep.

        Ah, the soothing sounds of 120’s booming, the coax rattling, all with the backdrop of Metallica’s S&M album. Sleep like a baby. Till some jerk starts kicking my leg and telling me it is time to wake up.

    • Karene Kk-holiday Lawrence

      I agree with Daniel

    • Say what?

      Oh brilliant analysis there hayseed, because
      A)the story just sounds totally legit
      B)either the bf or first responders could be the only people that could have taken a picture of the girls face and sent it in to the media, which makes perfect sense right?
      C)even if you had a valid point, ‘greed’ is not something you can sue for hayseed
      D)are you seriously saying the human emotion ‘greed’ caused an electrical malfunction? Pffffttttt hahahahahahhaahaaaa!!!!
      E)there is absolutely nothing wrong with making customers go through your company to use your product. Are you going to cry in the corner because you have to go to dirt devil to get more vacuum bags? That you have to go to craftsman to buy a new battery pack for a power tool? Can I sue you because your materialistic greed makes you lock the doors on your house?

    • Kasand

      I agree because this crap could have happen to my son… And I pray it does happen to anyone else.. I was lucky my son was awake when his original & replacement iPhone C4 started to over heat.

  • draysum1234

    This F A K E news site is going down!

  • CharlaS

    For sure there is less chance of dying this way than driving in a car. Maybe they should first find out if there was a surge from the electric company that caused the charger to malfunction before jumping to conclusions about how this happened..

  • jenny

    totally believed this until i read “bea”…haha.

    • LadySpader

      What do you mean? “bea?” Is this a made up story, or something?

      • eri

        She means bae and yes its a made up story

  • out of the box


  • SG
  • kimi_is_pissed

    This is some nonsense. No reputable news organization would show that picture. It wouldn’t even be released to the public.

    • Rachael K

      yeah plus wpouldnt the family not want that released ? plus umm maybe im missing something but if someone was burned that much through a fire wouldnt her whole body be charred not her face ?? and no burn marks on the bedding …… even if electrocuted the area would be charred not just her face

  • Sum Ting Wong

    Made in China!

  • kindredindust

    There is not enough current in a phone charger to electrocute someone!!!! Period! Also, the headphone wires would melt before conducting enough electricity to fry someone as well! Stupid People!

    • supasparky

      It takes very little current to kill a human. Like milliamps. So shut your mouth, stupid.

      • kindredindust

        At the voltage a cell phone uses, it would take about 600mA just to feel a tiny shock. Who’s the idiot now.

        • supasparky

          You. Incoming voltage is 120V. Depending on how it shorted, she could have received that voltage, and in that case a few milliamps across her head would be enough. Your referring to the current draw when its operating properly. So stfu.

          • kindredindust

            Guess you don’t know what an ac adaptor is.. and umm… you i phone doesn’t input 120volts… idiot.
            And its not possible to pass through the full 120v. But again, you have no idea what a bridge rectifier is. so… there is no way you could know that.. so please… try it yourself…

          • supasparky

            You plug it into the wall outlet. Therefore input into cct is 120V fused at 15A. How do you know how it shorted internally, smart guy? 12V output wouldnt have burnt wires/her like that. So please, stfu already.

          • Ashish

            Hi. but, isn’t she sleeping on the bed. so how will the current pass through her at first place as there is no earthing. if the AC adapter Shorts itself it still won’t create one earplug Phase and other Neutral.

            what do you think?

          • Varun Kalra

            1) there is no physical contact in the transformer of adapter between primary coil and secondary coils so there is no way 120V will reach the earplug.
            2) lets say through some freak accident primary ments and fuses with secondry. Secondry circuit is designed only to handle 1-2 amps max at 12v ( 12-24Watt power). all capacitors and diodes on secodry side would just blow up and not conduct anything.
            3) Lets assume again through some freak accident all metal on the secondry side somehow melts and fuse to make some sort of conducting path it would at some stage conduct with the neutral and trip the MCB or blow the hme fuse.
            4) Lets still go ahead and assume that somehow that path of melted metal chose to create a clear path of conduction avoiding any contact with neutral, earphone wires end in a drum in earplug covered with some sort of insulation like plastic or rubber. There is no physical contact between ear and wires. the headphone drum would just blow.
            5) Lets say even after all this somehow the girl decided to chew the wire and break open the insulation and make a physical contact with the headphone wire, She is sleeping on a wooden bed and there is no earthing.
            6) even after all this if somehow she got executed. Bodies executed at home don’t look like this. You only get this level of charing from High voltage tension wires.


        • Candy Cantu

          A lil girl died from putting a plugged Cell phone Charger in her mouth.

          • Lucky Lambdin

            Really? Why don’t you try it yourself to see if the same thing happens to you?

  • kindredindust

    I can’t believe that the people here have not figured out yet that this is not a real news site.

  • Heywood Jablome


  • Newslord

    No date on this “news” story? Be suspicious.

  • Gaurav Pandey
  • Adrian Wong
  • No mames

    I think some people need to take electricity for dummies! To get the basics as to how electricity actually functions!

  • หนึ่ง ไกรฤกษ์

    This story happened in Thailand, suicide by sleeping pills, not an electrocution by a charging mobile phone.

  • Debs Olivares

    False story. This is a Thai girl who committed suicide by overdose of sleeping pills. My guess is she was already decomposing and people outside complained about the strong smell. There’s one image where the police are wearing masks. This has been around since 2010 with various versions on how this girl wound up dead.