Man’s Testicles Explodes During Sex After Taking Black Ant Pills

Man’s Testicles Explodes During Sex After Taking Black Ant Pills


Man's Testicles Explodes During Sex After Taking Black Ant Pills

NEW YORK (NEWSWATCH33) – Jared Cunningham, 28, of New York was hospitalized after his testicles exploded during sex with his girlfriend. According to reports, Cunningham had used a popular urban supplement, Black Ant, which lead to his almost fatal incident.

According to reports, Jared Cunningham, 28 of Brooklyn, almost died after taking a suppliment called Black Ant, which is marketed in many urban areas, claiming to enhance sexual performance. Reportedly, Cunningham had taken two of the Black Ant pills around 12 a.m. this morning before having intercourse with his girlfriend, Julia Chavez.

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According to authorities, Chavez, 27, of Washington Heights was with Cunningham at his apartment in Brooklyn late last night. The two had stopped at a Bodega near Bushwick Ave to pick up some beverages, condoms and a pack of Black Ant pills. Both arrived at Cunningham’s apartment around 11:30 p.m. Cunningham had taken two Black Ant pills around 12 midnight. After waiting about 30 minutes to allow the pills to take effect, Cunningham and Chavez began their night.

According to Kyron Smith, a friend of Cunningham, “Jared always takes those pills. It’s not something crazy. I’ve taken them before too. A lot of dudes in our hood take Black Ant. It’s like a cheap version of Viagra without needing a prescription. I never had a problem with it and Jared never told me about any problems.”


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