Woman’s Butt Implants Explodes While Doing Squats For An Instagram Workout Video

Woman’s Butt Implants Explodes While Doing Squats For An Instagram Workout Video


Womans Butt Implants Explodes Doing Squats For An Instagram Workout Video

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS (NEWSWATCH33) – Serena Beuford, 27, of Boston is in a coma after her butt implants exploded while doing squats for an Instagram Video at Planet Fitness.

Doctors say Serena Beuford is in serious condition after her butt implants exploded. Beuford was working out with a friend at Planet Fitness in downtown Boston. After Beuford’s friend finished working out, she attempted to record Beuford doing squats to post the video on Instagram. As Beuford was squatting, she heard a loud “pop” which prompted her to immediately stop. Soon after the popping sound, Beuford fell to the floor screaming in agony from the pain. Other gym members rushed to her rescue until medical services arrived.

“I heard a loud popping noise followed by the woman falling to the floor. She was screaming “my a** is gone!!!” I had no idea what she was talking about until I saw her cushion like butt missing when EMS took her out the gym. There was blood and yellowish fluid all over the floor. She used to always show off her butt in the gym and tried to get guys attention with her work outs. Looks like she got more attention than she wanted this time around,” said Jewel, a patron of the gym.


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  • Monroe

    Well that’s the price you pay for being artificial!!

    • jerzee

      Okkk women should just be natural instead of trying to get all this attention…smdh

  • Anthony Spencer


  • #FreeMariama♏

    I’m sorry but this is hilarious 😂😂

    • Linda Ryans

      Nothing funny about anyone having such low esteem of themselves that they go to this extent. She can die.

      • Gene Mistatwoeleven Minter

        yet she shows off in the gym? Really? Low self esteem? She got what she thought she was…better than everybody else. If she dies she dies, she made the choice…

        • Linda Ryans

          Heartless…but you’re entitled.

          • Jesse Hicks

            low self esteem or extreme narcissism, i am leaning toward the latter, no pity for this one.

          • GTFOH

            U mad…but you’re entitled.

        • Diana Maras

          Yes, it’s low self-esteem that causes people to mutilate themselves.

          • OBree_Rock

            He’s trying to be smart by being quite the opposite. Really stupid. He’s capable of understanding that line of thought.

        • hidaya

          Dang….😟 there is a word called… empathy! Get some!

          • Original Critic

            empathy?….not in this case….why should we want to feel like we need a big butt to impress guys…maybe you really meant sympathy…and even that she might not deserve

          • ᔕᔕᒍ2 ᐯᗩ$$$ᕼ #ѕтяαω нαтѕ

            Lol. Not boutta waste my empathy on a grown woman that put her physical appearance over her own health. that’s her choice shes gotta live with that one. she should’ve dealt with her personal problems head on instead of tryna mask em with a cartoon booty smh

        • Angela Unique Westbrooks

          Cruel statement.

        • bangieb32

          you must of known her, how do you know she thought she was better than everybody else, ….. because she went to the gym?

        • stellatrrs

          Whoa, I was with you until you said “if she dies, she dies” that very harsh to dismiss human life like that, I’m sure you did some stupid things in your life. Could you imagine paying the ultimate price for a foolish choice. Then have an insensitive individual in the universe judging your untimely death.

      • Erik LeDuc

        Getting the butt implants isn’t funny – you’re absolutely right about that. It’s sadly pathetic when someone can’t be happy with who they are.

        Now, having that vanity surgery go ‘pop’ in the gym while she’s trying to look sexy for the guys… That’s funny.

        • John Sluder

          no that is irony… ;-0

      • johnny_jerusalem

        It’s a tragic story but you can’t just assume it’s low self esteem. It sounds more likely to be a case of narcissism. Some people just want to be the centre of attention and will do desperate things to be it.

      • Theresa Armstrong

        Yeah she could die. but she assumed the risk. Why would you want your butt that big and your legs can’t support them.

      • ᔕᔕᒍ2 ᐯᗩ$$$ᕼ #ѕтяαω нαтѕ

        Naa she deserves to be laughed at honestly. she wanted attention so bad and now she’s got it, oh the irony. you especially get no sympathy from me when you paid out your own pocket to willingly go under the knife just to make your cheeks fatter. when did it become acceptable to use modern medicine just to enhance your physical appearance anyway?? what a waste or research and money that could’ve been invested in something more significant. but anyway, she deserved to have it blow up in her face like that. it’ll make her a much wiser person I hope….

      • Rightway1208

        Sorry, Linda, that isn’t about low self esteem, quite the opposite, It’s about VANITY.

        • Linda Ryans

          I’m done with this issue. Start another one! lol

      • Jeay

        Stfu.this is no low self esteem this is following the trend,she deserve what she got.the fuck.she learnt her lesson.

    • Christy Richard


    • good2bfree

      Okay, I was kinda giggling a little before I read your post. Now I’m cracking up!

    • Blessedandfavored9999

      It was funny, idc she got what she deserved “attention”

  • Browneyes Smith

    When are woman going to learn love what God gave you !! You ladies are committing suicide and you don’t even know it…too many stories like this sickening. Low self esteem

    • MzMcG

      All they have to do is exercise…she got implants then went and did squats…where they do that at?

      • Jessica2248

        That’s what I’m trying to figure out! Lol!

    • Sam

      So you with your rainbow pic…why don’t you go and tell all of the lgbt community to love what God gave them? js

      • DemiGod Gregg

        Some are born that way tho, but what’s funny is that you went completely off topic. Live and let live Sam Js

      • Flesh

        Smh what the hell does the lgbt community have to do with this?? Lol you self righteous people will find a way to spew hate. The lgbt IS about loving And accepting who you are. You are not God and certainly cannot cast a stone when there is hatred in your heart.

      • JanetMarii Pwf

        Who are you to judge someone whether lgbt or not?

      • SANE

        They will never get you Sam! But you are spot on!

    • Linda Ryans

      I agree. Sad. She’s not the only one.

    • Sam

      Lol. Funny that you all don’t get my point because you are too busy being hypocritical pathetic bandwagonists. Here you are JUDGING a girl for her obviously low self esteem, but when someone highlights that your pic is in rainbow indicating you are supporting the lgbt community where there are people who are GETTING RID of body parts and ADDING ON as well but you never get critical on that. Because why? LGBT rules. But this girl needs help right..because she felt the need to do something for her image right? Lol. You people are a lost bunch. Selective criticism to make yourself feel better. Smh.

      • Kim Specialk Jones

        I agree with you they pick and choose but it’s all the same.

  • yungblu83

    Where is this video

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  • Kurt Colbourne

    So she wanted a bigger butt without the work and ended up in a situation where she’s gonna be shitting in a bag for the rest of her life. Genius!

    • Dawn

      And that is so not sexy.

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  • Got Cheez


  • Alberta Fergus


    • Morris Montgomery

      Excellent summation

    • corey

      No, this is untrue. IF you do not have a good butt I will not talk to you.

    • Erik LeDuc

      If you were born with the capslock key on, there’s nothing you can do about it. But most people shift for themselves.

  • michelle

    I don’t think this sounds legit. If she had but implants, it would explode internally. I don’t think there would be any blood or fluid on the floor. I don’t see how it would break the skin, but I’m no doctor. ..

    • in the valley of the shadow

      the story says her rectum, colon, and lower intestines were damaged. the implant rupture didn’t need to break the skin on her butt. it could have torn her colon and right there you’ve got a path for fluid to flush out through her anus…

    • Michelle

      actually if this is real, they can explode outward…the skin becomes sooooooo stretched and thin, and the blood supply becomes so limited that the skin is not nourished and can rupture.

      • Dawn

        True. I saw a pic of a man who’s arms exploded (for lack of a better description) while h was working out. They were way too big and of course he was using steroids.

  • Zachary Wade

    That “New rule in Paramount” picture of the white cop arresting a pretty Black is getting on my nerves. I wish they’d take it down. Why do I have to see that disturbing image everytime I read an article?

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  • Aldene911

    Oh gosh…eew. Hope she makes it though.

  • http://erikvanzanen.wix.com/erik-van-zanen Erik Van Zanen

    Getting implants so you don’t have to squad, and squad so you dont need implants. seems she wanted best of both worlds, butt that was a bit too much

    • Tinisha Johnson

      Its squat not squad ijs

  • martin

    Lmao… Went on her IG page to see if this was true and she removed all her photos..lmao

  • Face This

    good god, who ever though women would want a big fat a$$…


    Damn where is the video of it??

    • Linda Ryans

      You really don’t want to see a video…I work in Healthcare and I’ve seen enough to know…you don’t want to see something like this. Come on…

      • CAliQueen

        This story made me cringe so yeah, I’ll take your word for it!

      • KingSlump .

        I want the source of this video

    • Renee Boudreaux

      SATIRE SITE FOLKS…..I guess the piss poor writing on the article wasn’t a clue…

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  • Meresa

    Oh, come on. This is an urban legend. I know it is!

  • Terry

    I wonder if this is just an urban legend because I’ve seen “pics” but no video. The other part about it was that they are the same ones, and I haven’t heard any of this happening elsewhere.

    • Dawn

      Even if it is, the message is clear. Breast implants done by reputable surgeons have been known to leak. Women have died from unlicensed butt implants. So it seems possible that an oversized implant done at an unlicensed clinic could pop.

      • Terry

        I’d rather just exercise

    • Linda Ryans

      I live in Boston and it wasn’t on the news here.

  • Linda Ryans

    I wonder if those same guys will help pay her medical bills now? Let’s just hope she doesn’t die. Girl, what were you thinking? Lawsuit…the doctor should have said HELL NO!

    • Dawn

      She went to an unlicensed clinic. They always say yes.

      • Linda Ryans

        You watch “Botched”?

  • corey

    “Looks like, this time, Serena was the butt of her own joke”
    **Sunglasses on**

  • roughy762004

    Bottoms up!

    • Erik LeDuc

      Bottoming out, you mean. 😀

      • roughy762004

        she hit rock bottom

  • Gene Mistatwoeleven Minter

    LMMFAO this is too damn funny!

  • chickee

    Is there a video of this happening? I want to see it.

  • Eddie Silva

    Ok, where’s the darn Video? Anyone, Anyone… Bueller?

  • Darren Scott

    Daaaaaamn BUTT am I wrong for ROTFLMAO BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • M. Bison

    Am I the only one who wants to see the video? lol

    • Erik LeDuc

      No, you definitely are not the only one.

  • TheGoodolTruth

    This is what shortcuts can get you.

  • Derrick Thompson

    Yes it’s one of the same reason why I didn’t go to the gym because you have all these women with explosives butt in the gym and you will never know when that ticking time butt going to explode in your face

  • Ren B.


  • Campbell Phyllis

    I’m all 4 doing upgrades but when is enough ENOUGH!!! yes ladies we are not dolls hell we all want a more here— a lil there but is it worth dying 4…self-esteem kinda low if u out 2 please anyone but urself try JESUS n men u not left out but this 4 my girls

  • james ozzy

    Why are you doing squat with implants. You all ready hav…Oh for the guys at the gym. Damn that sucks.

  • Jeffrey Brettler


  • Sam Musicman Wortham

    Why cant you people specially women be happy the way God made you, come on now to change yourself cause you don’t feel or look apart to yourself your not happy with yourself .Your not going to feel any different its just that damn simple…stupid!!!!!!

  • Qoaa

    She deserves it! Anyone getting implants deserves it. Seek mental help for body dysmorphic syndrome instead of plastic surgery or sex changes

  • JazzyJerome


  • Charlene Darling

    Ladies, Keep what your mama & God gave you!!! 💋

  • bangieb32

    Hahahahahehe, okay, I hope she pulls through and realize, that beauty is in the eye of the beholder,

  • Latosha Bullock

    A colostomy bag all because she wanted a bigger but, my but is big but I get made fun of because of it and as a result don’t give a dann what anybody thinks about it anymore. I refuse to give in to society’s pressure to change who I am just to fit in, how about this instead of us women changing to keep up with the times how bout you let others get with the times and appreciate all that we contribute to our families, friends and society just a thought

  • zeppyled

    She got what she paid for…..

  • John Doe the Troll

    Is this a reprint from the Onion? Did we somehow slip back to April 1st?

    With all the so called journalists writing errors and completely unbelievable topic, this MUST be a joke!!!

  • Robin

    Low self esteem is what’s hidden under a lot of cosmetics because women are under pressure to be attractive and its sad to have every perfect nip tuck and body but to still feel low. Thats the true struggle. Nothing narcissistic about it.

  • Gail Dorsey-Seabrooks

    Why is it when they do these implants they gave to go so overboard? There’s nothing pretty or fine about a huge abnormal behind.

  • Renee Boudreaux

    Yall play to much

  • Amela

    Why do these women do this to themselves WHY? To risk your health over something so vain, so unnecessary this makes me so angry!

  • Sexual Chocolate

    Sounds like Jewel was a little jealous

  • Brandy Tronconi

    No matter if she made the choice to get the implants, she did not deserve this. This is sad only.

  • http://www.TrollYoAss4Life.fr MacingFacing

    No sympathy for stupidity.

  • Abieyuwa

    ROFL!!!! nice one!

  • Rodney Wilson

    Sorry for her loss. RIP big booty

  • KT

    Obviously she was butt hurt over this whole ordeal.

  • Nona Chittum Denney

    It’s so sad that people can be so vane to do this to their bodies. All celebrities that show their big butts this is what happens. Body image is out of control. People need to love themselves for who they are. So your not perfect so what. That’s what makes us all unique.

  • Elly

    For a 27-yo it’s fairly easy to get the self esteem boosting bum without any surgery. The saddest part is that she is actually doing squats and works out, but still gets some silly implants – brains?!

  • hotn saucy

    Talk about. pop that booty
    Booty rocking( spilling) every where

  • hotn saucy

    I don’t knock plastic surgery. But lol. .. but you only have one body. Don’t sacrifice your health for cheap labor get . If you can’t afford to get it done righ. Then expect the consequences.. i don’t pity the fool

  • Aurelia Bethea

    Foolishness, Plan and simple. Money affords Options. “You got implants. Why are you doing squats? Should’ve just been doing squats in the first place smh”

  • Aurelia Bethea

    probably in the gym because 1) she liked the way the gym clothes fit her injected arse. 2) she could look at her inflated back side in all the mirrors. 3) likes to give the illusion of a work out artist.

  • Katdaddy KebleThomas

    Fk that bih. Her whole body should’ve exploded. No one told her to get butt implants. I have no pity on people who feel the need to alter GOD’S creation. Be satisfied with how GOD created you.

  • Contessa Miller

    When will people learn to be satisfied AND grateful for who they are and how they look ????

  • ᔕᔕᒍ2 ᐯᗩ$$$ᕼ #ѕтяαω нαтѕ

    andddd this is where thirsting for attention will get you. it’s a shame that so many american women are actually investing this much time and money into their assets, as if they have nothing else to offer the world. smh

  • Patricia Nkemakolam

    Some one post that butt pop video already.

  • Jack Hammer

    Butt.. butt.. why?

  • Debbie Pool James

    Why or how does she think that looks “good”? I’d gladly give her half of mine…

  • Jana UCan’ntTouchthissmile Bar

    Wow! Her butt went Boom? Some body better let the singer KMichelle be careful on the stage because her butt is gonna explode next. Some women don’t realize we are beautiful the way we are, as long as you have your good health and strength go work on the look you want and leave those quack doctors alone. That girl butt that went Boom! Now her self esteem is really done.

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  • llred

    Stupid people do stupid things. I’m sorry she was so unhappy with her butt she endangered her life to get a big, fat, nasty looking new butt. But, we all have to suffer the consequences of our bad choices.

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  • mimi

    If you are reading anything on this website and acutally believing it you need to ckeck yourself.

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  • Precious Strickland

    I can’t breath!! but seriously I hope she doesn’t, you know die or anything.

  • Oh Adams

    Well she got what she deserved. Women keep talking about respect and equality. If you want to be treated like a piece of a** by guys then what are you complaining about. It doesn’t even look attractive. She was looking for a ghetto butt she got it. Its all ghetto now. I can’t stop laughing

    • Christina Moore

      You are truly a mean angry person. I have just looked at a couple of your comments and you need jesus, buddah, something in your life! Wow! So hateful!

      • Oh Adams

        Yes because someone needs to bring up the truth. This web is packed with lies and people spreading hardcore lies. Someone needs to put them in their places.

  • 0_o

    just a lesson for these dumb females your skin breaks because your skin thins out & that goes for breast implants so stop over doing it

  • O. Maron

    Why would you get butt implants and then do an exercise specifically designed to workout your butt? Seriously?

  • Candace Shepherd