Lebron James Breaks Both Legs In Car Accident Caused By Angry Fan

Lebron James Breaks Both Legs In Car Accident Caused By Angry Fan


Lebron James Breaks Both Legs In Car Accident Caused By Angry Fan

Janis Beck, a pedestrian near the accident scene, recalled the horrific event stating, “I saw Lebron driving through the intersection when the other guy in the pickup truck ran the red light and struck Lebron’s truck. It seemed like the other guy wanted to hit Lebron’s truck.”

Police and the EMT responded quickly to the scene to treat James and Clarkson. According to one of the responding police officers at the scene, Clarkson admitted that he intentionally caused the accident. “Lebron failed our city again. We put hope and faith into this loser. Personally, I can not stand Lebron James anymore so I wanted to end his worthless career,” according to Officer Sanchez who was one of the responding officers at the scene.

Authorities also found burned remains of Lebron James’ replica Cavaliers jersey and a death threat letter made out to Lebron.

No official statements have been released for the Lebron or the Cavs and no one could be reached for comment at this time.

Additional details and information will be updated as it becomes available. This story is still developing.


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  • LT

    Yeah right.

  • Tina

    How real are these stories?

  • Stizzle

    Wtf is this garbage?

  • Prettier Johnson

    Gtfoh wit this garbage. ……

  • Tiffany

    I don’t think this is true…If you Google this they are saying different vehicles. On another site it’s saying he was driving a 2012 BMW and a female driving an audience hit him on here its saying he was driving a 2015 range rover and a guy hit him in a pick up truck…I need ppl to get their facts straight…

    • matt matthews

      It’s not

  • Dondriques Harling

    Dumb Bastards just stupid.

  • Jd Tagger Ford

    its complete bull, if it were true it would’ve easily made breaking news headlines everywhere on the internet, tv and radio, not just this article on one site…I would assume at the very least Yahoo news would’ve mentioned it somewhere…

  • common_cents

    If LeBron doesn’t sue you for this bogus story then I will for you making me click on it…

  • LT714RET

    Funny! None of the Cleveland stations are reporting this. Nor is ESPN on twitter.