New NASA Data Shows World Will Run Out Of Oxygen in 2016

New NASA Data Shows World Will Run Out Of Oxygen in 2016


New NASA Data Shows World Will Run Out Of Oxygen in 2016

California – One of the world�s most important resources, Oxygen, is being depleted at an alarming rate, according to new NASA satellite data which provides the most detailed photos of oxygen quickly diminishing across the globe.

Over 48% of the globe is currently being affected by the lack of oxygen – in locations from India and China to the United States and France. The lack of oxygen has created devastating effects in many parts of the world, which has been closely monitored over the past decade, researchers announced Today.

Scientists from across the world have long suspected that humans were a contributing factor to the rapid depletion of oxygen, however NASA’s data was the first detailed assessment demonstrating the world’s struggle to provide oxygen to life on Earth. The study has indicated that pollution to the air and world’s water supply, along with over population are the main reasons for the situation.

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�The situation is quite critical,� said Dennis Stein, senior air scientist at NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies in California.

Water and trees are the main suppliers of oxygen, however with the pollution and destruction of trees, the world is unable to keep up with the demand for oxygen. Demand is even greater as the world’s population increases.

The quality of air under the most stress currently are in poor, densely populated regions, such as northwest India, Pakistan and North Africa, where the lack of oxygen could quickly lead to instability.

NASA satellites could not measure the total amount of oxygen left however enough information has been collected for scientist to alert the world.

In order for the world to replenish its air supply, it would take thousands of years to filter out the pollution mankind has created. With this information, we are developing Air Purifying Systems to be placed in mountainous regions of the world. The Purifying Systems will be placed at the highest points of the mountain to quickly clean and refresh the oxygen supply.

�We need to get our heads together on how we will manage our oxygen supply manage,� Dennis Stein said, �because we�re running out of it.�


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    this was posted back in 2012 as being the date too… they are recycling fear tactics and false stories as part of the liberal agenda.

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    Plants and trees eat c02 they in turn create oxygen.

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