Sports Allen Iverson Signs $5 Million Deal With Cleveland Cavaliers

Allen Iverson Signs $5 Million Deal With Cleveland Cavaliers


Allen Iverson Signs 5 Million Deal With Cleveland Cavaliers

CLEVELAND (NEWSWATCH33) � NBA Legend, Allen Iverson has just signed a $5 Million contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers. The contract is for Allen Iverson to play one year with the team.

�It feels great to be back in the NBA, playing for Cleveland Cavaliers. This $5 million contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers means a lot to me,� Says NBA legend Allen Iverson.

Allen Iverson displayed his skills at a private tryout set up by the team, including some of team’s players such as Lebron James, who is currently recovering from a car accident, Kyrie Irvin and the team’s owner, Dan Gilbert. After Iverson completed his tryout for the team, the owner was astonished at the skill set Iverson possessed.

“I can’t believe that Iverson isn’t part of the league. He’s displayed skills that even some of the currently NBA players lack. His skills surpassed my expectations which has lead me to the decision of giving Iverson a chance with the Cavs,” said Dan Gilbert.

�I was surprised they called me for a tryout. With all of the issues I’ve had in the pass, I didn’t think that an NBA team would want to take the risk of having me as part of their team. After my tryout with the Cavs, not only was the owner of the team impressed, I found out that Lebron was the catalyst for giving me the chance,” said Iverson.

Iverson signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers is a big step for him. NBA officials as well as players on the Cavs believe that his is a step in the right direction for Iverson. This move is unprecented in the NBA. No player has ever signed to a contract at the age of 39.


  • True Grit

    Besides the Hall of Fame, there should be a higher plateau called The Hall Of Excellence. Mike Tyson and Allen Iverson should be the gatekeepers.

    • Psyer

      Did you just call Iron Mike and AI HOEs?

  • Justin Bonner

    I’m really happy to see this guy back in the league even if it isn’t with Philly. I hope he pushes them to a championship now.

  • John Joshua Miclat

    What is this true or false

  • Kevin Anthony Jones

    This is an absolute lie. Aside from it not being picked up by ANY other outlet, it doesn’t make logical NBA salary sense. Cavs are WAY over the cap and WELL into the luxury. There’s no way they could offer Iverson a one year deal at $5 million. For the veteran minimum, the most they could offer is a one year, $1 million deal.

    You also spelled Kyrie’s last name wrong. It’s “Irving.” But hey, the site got clicks…

  • Savoy7

    This is a parody site. LOL…..

  • Jacqueline Perkins

    I don’t believe that about Allen Iverson

  • Cypher

    This is a hoke.

  • enohp660

    Yeah ok.

  • Steve “the simp” Harvey

    Is this real