Meek Mill Goes On Twitter Rant After Finding Nicki Minaj &...

[BREAKING] Meek Mill Goes On Twitter Rant After Finding Nicki Minaj & Drake Sex Tape


Meek Mill Goes On Twitter Rant After Find Nicki Minaj & Drake Sex Tape

(NEWSWATCH33) – Shortly after the Nicki Minaj’s feud with Taylor Swift at MTV’s VMAs, Meek Mill decided to lash out at Drake, claiming the artist doesn’t compose his own lyrics. Based on the tweets from Meek Mill, it appeared that Meek Mill got upset with Drake because he didn’t promote his album on Twitter even with Drake having a verse on it.

Prior to the above tweet, Meek Mill went on a rant about not being compared to Drake because he doesn’t write his own lyrics.

Meek Mill further went on in his attempt to clear the air that his success is based on his own skills and not the help of Nicki Minaj or any other artist:

The turning point of all of this is when Meek Mill tweeted a photo of Nicki Minaj dancing on Drake in one her Videos. This prompted Meek Mill to go on with questioning how Nicki Minaj would do something like this while being in a relationship. He further went on to make it clear that while he is “claiming” Nicki Minaj, she isn’t allowed to dance or do anything he deems unacceptable with any other artist or man.

Reportedly, Drake sent out a tweet claiming he had sex with Nicki Minaj but quickly deleted the tweet.


According to sources, the tweet that Drake sent out is the true reason why Meek Mill was upset. Reportedly, Meek Mill has found out about a sex tape that Drake and Nicki Minaj made while Nicki Minaj has been in a relationship with Meek Mill.

More information is developing on the story.