The Weeknd EXPOSES Drake & Admits To Ghost Writing For Him

[BREAKING] The Weeknd EXPOSES Drake & Admits To Ghost Writing For Him


The Weeknd EXPOSES Drakes & Admits To Ghost Writing For Him

(NEWSWATCH33) – Last night, Meek Mill went on a rant on Twitter exposing Drake for not writing his own content. According to new information, The Weeknd has been the main source of creativity behind Drake’s emotional lyrics.

According to The Weeknd, he has been writing consistently for Drake for the past 5 years. The Weeknd indicated that Young Money and Universal Records has been been paying him to compose songs for Drake.

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“I have been writing songs for Drake ever since he’s been signed to Young Money. He has very little creativity, especially when it comes to writing songs the women will love. The songs I’ve written for him are songs from my life experiences. My heart breaks, drug addiction, and everything that I’ve been through goes into songs I write for Drake and myself. I didn’t have much of a problem writing the lyrics for Drake but when he decided not to sign me back in 2012, I knew then that he was trying to keep our business relationship a secret. Well now it’s time to expose him for the fraud he is,” said The Weeknd.

Back in 2012, there was a mix up between Drake’s OVO and The Weeknd, when The Weeknd was suppose to sign to the label. Drake embraced the Toronto singer a few years back and has since worked with him on fan favorites like �Crew Love,� �The Ride� and �The Zone.�

According to an interview Drake did with MTV back in 2012, �I want to continue being involved in his career and vice versa and keep making music together, because you take songs like �Crew Love� and �The Zone,� that�s what people wait all night to hear,� he said.

Based on these new accusations brought forth by The Weeknd, one can only speculate that what The Weeknd has stated has much truth to it.