Confederate Flag Merchandise Sales Up 4000 Percent Following Major Retailers Ban

Confederate Flag Merchandise Sales Up 4000 Percent Following Major Retailers Ban


Confederate Flag Merchandise Sales Up 4000 Percent Following Major Retailers Ban

(NEWSWATCH33.COM) – Following the announcement of major retailers such as Walmart, Sears, and other retail stores banning the sale of Confederate flags on their websites and stores, local stores throughout the south and other parts of America increased sales 4000 percent.

According to SaleX Marketing, they have reported exclusively to NEWSWATCH33 that sales are at an all time high for Confederate flags. The company calculates sales based on how many products are sold to retailers from wholesalers. These calculations are then used to help wholesalers keep track of inventory and determine which products are in demand.

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Scott Burns, Director of Marketing for SaleX, stated “Major distributors, mainly in China, India, and some domestic production locations, have been producing a massive amount of Confederate flags since the announcement made earlier this week that retail giants are banning the sale of the flags in their stores. Local businesses, including “Mom and Pop” stores have been ordering the flags by the thousands, quickly selling out of them, only to place orders for higher quantities. In South Carolina, Mississippi, Texas, Kentucky, and Virginia, a total of 1.5 million Confederate flags have been distributed based on recent sales reports. Prior to the recent, yet tragic incident in Charleston, typical wholesale orders of Confederate flag and related merchandise were around 30,000 items per states I mentioned.’

Burns also mentioned that, “Sales are at an all time low for American flags and merchandise, especially for this time of season. July 4 is right around the corner and usually around this time, the numbers currently representing the distribution of Confederate flag merchandise is what would represent American flag products.”

Based on these numbers provided by SaleX Marketing, it’s a clear indication that Americans who support and are prideful of the Confederate flag, are voicing their disappointment with the decision of major retailers banning of sales.


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  • Tom Sander

    Amazon is being very hypocritical in their decision to pull the Confederate flag from their listings. The USA stands for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, which often means we may be forced to tolerate other’s views, beliefs, and practices whether we like it or not. Amazon has made billions of dollars selling stuff considered offensive by many (see below partial list), but now caves to the blacks and liberals because they find something offensive–do as we say, not as we do. You are showing your true
    colors to the world Amazon, and us consumers will act accordingly!?! Shame on
    -HAMAS FLAG, 3’x5′ PLO Palestine banner, Green
    Designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations (
    -Hezbollah Flag 6 inch x 4 inch Window Cling
    Designated Foreign Terrorist Organizations (
    – Iran Flag Polyester 3 ft. x 5 ft. by SHOPZEUS
    Sudan Flag Polyester 3 ft. x 5 ft. by Flags Unlimited
    Syria Flag 3ft x 5ft Polyester by US Flag Store
    All three listed as State Sponsors of Terrorism (
    -Rainbow – Gay Pride Outdoor Flag – Large 3′ x 5′, 2-Sided Weather-Resistant Polyester
    (And don’t forget the White House rainbow lights!?!)
    -3×5 Afro American Map Black Panther Flag 3’x5′ Banner Brass Grommets by RFCO
    -Refugeek Tees – Mens T-Shirt – Naked Cowboys
    -Stalking Harass Vs Intense Research Of An Individual T-Shirt by CloseoutZone

    • SandyT

      That’s not even mentioning eBay, which banned sales of all Confederate-related products, flags, jewelry, etc., yet still has some 15,000 + products for sale related to Che’ Guevara, the Cuban executioner for Fidel Castro, a violent murderer who enjoyed killing and whose image was prominently featured in many of Barack Obama’s campaign offices when he was running for president. The same goes for Walmart and other retailers, being oh, so politically correct about the Battle Flag, and still selling other merchandise that is very offensive to me. The Walmart in Slidell, La. where a customer requested a cake be baked with the Battle Flag and Heritage not Hate written on it was denied yet when he went back the next day and requested a cake with the black flag of ISIS on it, the cake was baked and sold to him. He proved a point. Hypocrisy is rampant, stupidity, too.