END OF DAYS? 2.5 Mile Wide Comet Expected To Impact Earth September...

END OF DAYS? 2.5 Mile Wide Comet Expected To Impact Earth September 15-28, 2015


2.5 Mile Wide Comet Expected To Impact Earth September 15 2015

WASHINGTON D.C (NEWSWATCH33) – According to a credible retired NASA astronomer, a 2.5 mile wide comet is expected to impact Earth in September 2015. According to the source, NASA has begun test runs of its “Hypothetical Asteroid Impact Scenario, which gives NASA detailed information on what to expect when the comet hits Earth. While NASA is analyzing their hypothetical scenario, FEMA has begun Operation Mole, a protocol in which FEMA secures politicians, scientist, and other “important” figures in undisclosed locations to safeguard them from the comet’s impact. Based on this information, it appears that the NASA is serious about what is to come.

The following video was provided by Lyn Leahz who shares a phone call with between herself and the retired NASA source about inside information she received regarding the comet. According to the video, the source provides detailed information regarding the details about the comet and the expect impact date.

About a year ago, France’s Foreign Minister publicly announced three times at a White House press conference a 500 day countdown to “chaos” which will end on September 24, 2015. World governments know about this and are preparing for it, are you?

Here’s the video below:

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  • 666threesixes666

    hopefully there’s some hot chick scientists =D

  • overkongen


  • Joet

    This a BS “psy ops” story like everything else the media says. .

  • rick

    need to call bruce to deal with this.

  • Ronald Jones

    Why is it always someone that’s retired or no longer works there that reports this stuff? I know why cause its BS and can’t be traced that way. Another doomsday prediction…

    • Joe_Blow

      I wonder that also. It sure as heck would be nice to have an ‘official’ announcement on the matter from somebody… ‘official’. But, on the flip side, do you think that if the government did actually know about something that catastrophic that was about to happen that they would announce it to the world months in advance?

      It really would be Armageddon and the breakdown of society. REGARDLESS of whether or not anything actually hit the earth. There are so many crazy people in our world these days. ‘The end of the world’ could be just the latest excuse to set them off and create havoc and pandemonium in our society.

      I am going to pay attention to this subject matter with interest more than anything. But, especially closer to the time, I don’t think you’ll find me making any travel plans to leave the country, just in case.

      If this thing is as big as some are saying it will be, obviously closer to the time it’ll be impossible to keep it a secret… so we’ll see. Bring on Sept, I guess.

  • Rudy Lanko

    The Illuminati stand ready!

  • Daniel ONeill

    call Chuck Norris

  • alex2

    Why tf is Ariana grande on this lmao

  • brittney

    Nobody knows the time or day or hour the world will end not even the angels in heaven…only god..god said they would be false information on such things..so wht u gonna do?? Go by gods word..or the people’s js

    • Nathaniel Arther Hammel

      The peoples of course, gods word has never come true, nor has he/she been proven to exist, however scientists of our world have been right most times, and can provide facts. Also This isn’t talking about the end of the world but major natural catastrophes that this commit can provide our earth and life there-on…

      • BARRY


        • Mitsuskitzo

          That was the dumbest analogy ive ever heard. Also, the caps doesnt validate it any more.

      • Bobby Webster

        The bible has tons of facts and physical scrolls to prove it. The Revelation is dead on, you just don’t understand parables! This takes some studying, not a discussion you have with a neighbor. There was a Roman leader who even wrote about a man called Jesus, he didn’t call him the great Messiah but he did state that this man performed miracles. Also soon after Jesus then Christianity started and has never left. Also for some reason Christianity is the most hated religion in the world and all they try to express is love and forgiveness. Every church that I have been into has never judged anyone they teach to love and forgive and they do a lot of donations and missionary work and risk their lives to help people in need. They don’t say they have to Kill other people to get to heaven instead they teach to forgive and to love and pray for those people

        • Kirsten Durward

          wow! all they try to express is love and forgiveness? Ever studied the crusades? What about persecution and murder between churches in the middle ages? What about power broking, what about the priests that molest young children? What about taking from the poor and giving to the rich? Missionaries in Africa – living better and bigger lives than you can dream of? (One family I met had 5 children at a high class international school – all paid for by the church, they were living in a big house with a massive garden – as hubby was there to ‘preach his mission’.) Not much life risking going on there, not much at all 😉

      • Bobby Webster
      • Bobby Webster
      • Bobby Webster

        Also there is tons of proof from King David- King Solomon and the destruction of King Solomon’s temple and for them to rebuild the temple do to Daniel. There is a lineage here and after hundreds to thousands of years people tend to forget and get reminded so I pray for those who have to be reminded. I cannot make anybody believe in God but only pray for you and just speak what I believe. And I think God’s day is near by rating the Revelation in the Bible. We are no freak accident people, we were created by a higher being like it or not. Foreclosure just look at the ancient buildings and have all the scientist can’t comprehend how they were developed, it is my belief when Satan came to this earth and Gods Angels started mating with him and women they were building these great buildings and such a evil came across the earth God flooded the earth to destroy the evil. At one time they had more knowledge than we do now. Just ask yourself why would people paint on rocks to explain what they see and at the same time are building these huge buildings we couldn’t even build today?

    • jason huffman

      Your comment might be dumber then this post.

      • Bobby Webster

        So if your parent says they will buy you a bicycle when you are 10 then you are going on faith. You have no proof that they will buy you a bicycle you only have faith in your parents to keep their word.

  • Rob Robinson

    According To The Biblical Timeline; A Catastrophic Comet Will Not Strike The Earth In September, 2015


  • Varixd Sam

    People that always reply we don’t know the day and the hour are walking in darkness and DONT SEE….. GOD SIGN they walk in darkness WATCH THIS VIDEO you will see what time we’re leaving in. Listen and be ready it’s so near you have no ideas :)

  • Joe Arredondo

    It’s all over and I’m standing pretty, in this dust that was a city…..

  • Sammy Evans

    I guess that means we need to but twice as much milk and bread, since we will be out of power forever, maybe we better buy the Cow. Stock up on beans and rice, maybe buy extra oatmeal, and don’t forget bottle water. Ok I’m ready are you.

  • Sammy Evans

    does this mean the new shows won’t be shown, even if I get power somehow. Man going to be a long winter.

  • SuKasa Mexico

    Something about the way this woman talks is worse than nails on a chalkboard.

  • Tim Lanoue

    Uhhhm, did anyone happen to tell the comet, ’cause I think she’s a no-show…

    • Nathaniel Arther Hammel

      The day hasn’t even come …

  • Mario John

    Not only is this NewsWatch33 headline misleading but they didn’t credit the, David A. Hardy, the artist who created the painting in the article. This is a good example of why public trust in the media is at historical lows.

  • EdP.

    If it can be determined even to any amount of certainty, where the comet will hit the earth, then there would be NO doubt as to when it will hit it. This is all nonsense. We would have no need for a range of days i.e. Sept. 15-28. We would know within a very limited period of time, within a specific day. Either that, or we would have no idea where on the planet it would hit, or if it would hit. Think about it. The earth is moving in a predictable orbit. and it is spinning too. It is not a round orbit, but it is a spiral orbit as it is pulled through space by the sun. Remember, the sun is also moving with the galaxy. The point is that a comet has to align with a lot of motion in order to hit the earth. If we have any accurate ideas about where on the planet it will hit, we would have to have an accurate idea about when. It only takes a few minutes for the comet to approach and leave the earth in a near miss. This 13 day guess is nonsense. Movement, time, and location are intricately tied together. There is NO solving of location approximation with out a specific day and hour, and, mostly likely to the minute. Comets travel too fast for a 13 day range to have any kind of sensibility.

  • http://www.astroart.org/ David A. Hardy

    Please credit the image at the top, ‘Night Impact’, to David A. Hardy/www.astroart.org, as it should have appeared. All images are copyright the artist, and should be so credited.

  • http://www.astroart.org/ David A. Hardy

    Apart from that, I’d rather not be associated with such stupid scaremongering. I am a long-time member of Spaceguard, and this report is rubbish!

  • jason huffman

    Is this a comedy? You spoke to god and he, she, it answered? I bet if god told you fill up your tub and jump in with a toaster. Im sure you would interpret it as biblical….

  • כפיר כהן

    God is shaking the world. The world is not going to end, he is going to
    be transform.

    Earthquakes, tsunami. Volcanoes,
    strong typhoons and hurricanes, floods & fire all will hit everywhere but
    not in Israel.

    All the forces of nature are dancing to celebrate the crowning of the
    new messiah, real soon, in Israel!!

    There will be wars and nature disasters,
    but only because the world need do transform like a butterfly to the new age.

    Search for “Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi” in google and
    facebook you will know the truth.


    • rizwan

      shame on israelis ,gods curse is upon you, you have no own place in this world. all stolen and others property.

  • jeremy

    Science of evolution of man is a fairytale where Time is God and everything happened in the dark long long ago and far far away. Tadpole like sperm become perfect little humans in 9 months with no billion years and no monkey in the middle. Scientifically, a big bang and a billion years destroys life inevitably. In fact there would be no need for this arguement were it not for the laws that govern the uni-verse or one-verse. Laws of physics, laws of inertia, laws of gravity, Science proves a stick of dynamite can produce some of those laws, but to say it wrote those laws and established them for all future explosions is a fairytale of fools. Time and/or chaos does not Hold or create wisdom. For things to evolve and/or adapt to a changing environment Wisdom has to exist first.

  • tee


    • rizwan

      what does higgs boson experiment concludes?
      Nothing can produce nothing.

  • http://www.zazzle.com/sweet_sticky_rainbow sweetstickyrainbow

    Godzilla vs the Super Blood Moon!

    Even if the Tetrad of the Blood Moons fizzles as an event, we still have left the Godzilla El Nino which is scheduled to bring torrential rain of almost Biblical proportions.

  • jenni

    If they do that they will have a whole lot of rebuilding to do that’s way more money than its worth they have no internet for months all that be gone

  • Terrence McCargish

    Welp, we are still here. Is the comet late?

  • Hreetik

    “kuch nahi hua” (or) nothing happened. 29/09/2015