Sony To Purchase Microsoft XBOX Franchise

Sony To Purchase Microsoft XBOX Franchise



Silicon Valley (NEWSWATCH33) – In a spontaneous press conference yesterday, CEO Andrew House of Sony announced that the technology giant is set to purchase Microsoft’s failing gaming system, the XBOX.

After falling short in sales to Sony’s Playstation 4, Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella decided that it’s time to give up on the dying franchise and merge with Sony. The XBOX and PS4 were both released in November 2013 with both companies going neck and neck at who would sell the most consoles. Since the launch of both systems, Sony has sold over 17 million consoles while Microsoft only sold 7 million. The merger has been secretive for a little over a year while both companies awaited approval from the FCC.

Microsoft has had a successful hand in the gaming industry, and we’ve exceeded all possibilities since the launch of the original XBOX. As a company, we would like to see Sony try its hand at dominating the gaming industry while maintaining their already successful brand. It’s time for us to focus on other ventures.”

Many XBOX users became alarmed by the news as no newsletter or update was sent to customers when the proposition was even approved for submission to the FCC. Outraged customers and patrons of the company alike have been bombarding XBOX Support day and night with requests for refunds for their XBOX Live Accounts before the company merger takes effect.

“Playstation is going to kill the gaming world,” said XBOX Live subscriber Ralph Lutivitz. “Playstation servers are always having problems from what my friends tell me even with the new Playstation Plus subscription. In addition to the connectivity issues, Playstation gaming titles suck. XBOX always get content first like Call of Duty maps. Like what’s going to happen with my XBOX Gamertag?”

The complete merger is set to take place January 2017, with transition plans for all of XBOX gaming servers to move over to Sony. With all employment and service details not yet ironed out, both Microsoft and Sony are under a lot of pressure due to the arrangement. As both companies maintain a loyal customer base, its difficult to say what the future entails and whether or not XBOX loyal customers will follow to a new company or what incentives will follow.

“We will make sure everyone is taken care of,” said Sony spokesman Kevin Butler. “Once we become one company and we change the name of our next console to Playstation X, who knows what could happen. With the two largest gaming companies combined as one, we might just give free games and subscriptions to our new customers! Who could stop us?”

Game developers such as Activision, 2K Games, and others are wondering what will happen with titles already announced or in development for the current systems.


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  • Mike

    This is a100% Lie and totally FAKE.


  • BLACKNINJA5042012

    April fools was awhile back. But I’ll give your article a click. Smh but a blatant lie, especially since Sony is doing horrible financially.

  • Scootsy

    What kind of bogus article is this?

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    Don’t take the b8 m8

  • John

    If the owners of this site ever wanted it to be a credible news source, they threw it all out of the window with this post.

  • Yohan KillSwitch

    Man if this was true Xbox Fanboys would commit mass suicide!

  • ikihi

    this website is pure bullsh*t imo

  • hasan

    Microsoft have big plans with Xbox !!! why would they want its competitor as a partner !! f*** playstation X !!!!