Father’s Day Massacre: Four Women Arrested For Murdering Their Children’s “Deadbeat” Fathers

Father’s Day Massacre: Four Women Arrested For Murdering Their Children’s “Deadbeat” Fathers


Fathers Day Massacre Four Women Arrested For Murdering Their Childrens Deadbeat Fathers

Atlanta, Georgia – A horrific murdered occurred in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia this morning involving four women and the fathers of their children. According to authorities, the four women plotted and successfully killed the fathers of the their children in which the mothers labeled the fathers as “deadbeats”.

The incident was discovered at 11:45 A.M. this morning in Druid Hills, a suburb of Atlanta, at the home of Keisha Jenkins, who is one of the alleged suspects of the murder. Neighbors of Ms. Jenkins indicated that they saw the four women walking back and forth to the home of Ms. Jenkins with large black bags taken from a white truck parked in the driveway of Ms. Jenkins’s home. “Keisha and her friends had several black bags, plastic and some large knives that resembled machetes in their hands when they entered their home. I was walking my dog at this time so it was around 6 A.M. this morning. I then saw four different vehicles come to the home between 9 and 10:15 A.M. when I was out front watering my lawn”, according Mary Smith, a next door neighbor of Jenkins.

According to authorities, neighbors heard loud music coming from the home of Ms. Jenkins and then hacking noises and loud screams. Another neighbor went to the home to see what was wrong and that is when she discovered what happened. “I knocked on the door and Aletta, a friend of Ms. Jenkins opened the door, covered in blood with a machete in her hand. The door was opened just enough for me to see the bodies of four men, lifeless on the sofa in Ms. Jenkins’s living room. I ran out and called the police from my home”, according to Mrs. King, another neighbor of Ms. Jenkins.


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  • Tim Patten

    Women are more than violent. They are vindictive! MGTOW

  • Shea

    I think this article is full of shit! The “neighbor” stating that one of the killers came to the door covered in blood with a machete in her hand, just wanted to be apart of the story and probably thought she could make a little bit of money for making up so gory tale! Because WHY THE HELL would they come to the door looking like that???

    • Kevin Cool


    • SaltyJohn

      If they’re stupid enough to commit the crime they’re stupid enough to do that. Dumber things have been done.


    • jamey

      For real or the they wouldn’t make her escape with evidence

  • twiggy44

    Bull, really? This is not true.

  • Sheshe Brooks

    Fake lol…….this is a bunch of crapppp

  • Brittany Janelle Castle

    This can’t be real smh,

  • Shawnie

    Really wow you all believe everything you read??? This isn’t a true story lol

  • Mike Richard

    True or not. This is why I don’t talked to black women in fact I don’t messed with western women at all. I’m single, no kids and I have money to spend. MGTOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • *~bella*bella*minaj~*

      From a white woman that just ready your comment I find you full of crap and dumb as heck you dont date black women because you think the are all crazy humm I find that rasist

    • Blackbutterfly

      It doesn’t matter if you talk to black women or not…black women are the most loyal Queens u can find…it’s the black men who use and abuse them…oh .. let’s not forget about the white slave masters who first started abusing black women.

  • Alexander Peralta

    yup.. that is what happens to deadbeat fathers…killed.. and the children left to suffer without either parents and end up becoming a deadbeat dad because their mother was a crazy psychopath. Kudos to you ladies for showing your children whats up.

    • Follow

      Um, a larger share of black women in Atlanta have something wrong with them. Not all, and certainly not most black women nationwide, but most in Atlanta are literally like RHOA.

    • Mari Mason


  • Yvette Manuel

    I say it all the time ……but somebody did it….womens are getting tired and when the law doesn’t do anything about it……well this is what u get……..

    • PaulMurrayCbr

      Deadbeat? The family courts in the USA will yank a man’s driving license and then punish him for not having a job.

    • http://www.youarestupidif.com Nate Tanguay

      women is already plural, you don’t need to add an s. Now it’s a double plural which means what?

  • mrgunz

    This story is bullshit

    • Mari Mason

      It does sound pretty ‘fantastic.’ I’m still wondering if this story is real…

  • PaulMurrayCbr

    They’ll get a slap on the wrist because the poor, poor childrunz need their mommies.

    • Amanda Blevins

      welll they don’t look tooo poor to me?!?! that house was one of the 4 women? and why is it poor children need their mommies?!?!?! lol wow…. the world is covered in it!

    • http://www.youarestupidif.com Nate Tanguay

      I agree.

  • lavela simmons

    And now who suppose to take care of their kids, dumb and senseless

    • http://www.youarestupidif.com Nate Tanguay

      Why do you presume that they’ll be found Guilty?

      • Mari Mason

        Read the article and you’ll know why…

  • Melissa

    Well if this is not true or true, we as WOMEN have got to start being MORE selective of the men that we are allowing to fathers of our children. Most of them were DEADBEATS when you met them. Why add ur child to the cycle? Use the intuition that God gave us, and not his fineness.

  • GhostDogNY

    LOL, What idiot would actually believe this nonsense?

  • black is BEAUTIFUL

    Who would open the door covered in blood?!
    Let me Google this sht

  • Ree Ree Dntjudgeme Sims

    im from Atlanta and I heard nothing about this and yall know this would have went national

    • mrgunz

      I’m from Atl too. And I knew this was some billshit

  • Kizzie Rivers

    These must have been some little men…how could they carry the bodies?

    • Jackie

      They didn’t they killed them at that house and the neighbor caught them

    • mrgunz

      They were chop up into little pieces lol. On the real, this story is bogus.

  • Raymond Rembert

    Can any one share a article on the latest update on this story

  • ImUnique3000

    I can’t believe I’m just now seeing this article. This is crazy as hell. You hack the fathers of your children to death because you claim they are deadbeats, REALLY!!!?? So What about these poor children, they have literally lost BOTH parents. Now what???

  • Mallory J

    I hope all of you idiots aren’t getting your news from this site. This is a satire site…..not real news.

  • Mari Mason

    Judging by the names, I’m going to take a wild a$$ guess and say these people are black? GOLD STAR FOR MARI!