ISIS Releases New Comments On Recent Events In Baltimore and Charleston

ISIS Releases New Comments On Recent Events In Baltimore and Charleston


ISIS Releases New Comments On Recent Events In Baltimore and Charleston

(NEWSWATCH33.COM) – The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, also known in the media as (ISIS), is an Islamist militant group that has taken control over Syria and parts of Iraq. The militant group has put fear in the hearts of political leaders around the world causing nations to ban together to fight this terrorist group.

The militant group was formed under the name al Qaeda in Iraq in 2004 before changing their name to ISIS in 2006. ISIS had ties with now deceased Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda group but decided to split from them to form their own network. ISIS has proven to be more violent and effective at controlling parts of the middle east, unlike it’s predecessor al Qaeda.

According to The Daily Arab Post, a news outlet based in the middle east, ISIS has released comments on the recent violence between police and residents in Baltimore and the church shooting in Charleston.

“We have been monitoring recent events involving Black Americans people and we wanted to comment on how they are being treated in their own country. We are labeled as terrorists in western media however Black people are being terrorized in their own nation. How can a nation label us as terrorists when representatives of their legal system terrorize their own people? Black Americans as well as other people of color are treated unjustly and are even murdered yet their country does nothing to protect them. We hope that Americans see the truth in their own country before accepting media propaganda about foreign situations. The people of this nation can’t even agree on removing a flag that represents hate and violence towards Black Americans. Black Americans can’t even find safety in their house of worship without being terrorized by those who see them as unequal,” stated in a letter released to The Daily Arab Post.

This is not the first time ISIS has made attempts at using civil unrest in America as part of their terroristic agenda. According to Abu Saqer, leader of Jihadiya Salafiya, an Islamist militant group in the Gaza Strip that has made pro-ISIS statements, he told WorldNetDaily that ISIS was taking advantage of a “growing movement within the black community toward Islam and the racist policies of the U.S. government.” Saqer also stated he did not know if ISIS had successfully recruited Black American Muslims or if any jihadist cells had been established. (via IBTIMES)

It is unclear what the motive is of this recent statement allegedly made by ISIS, however what is clear is that the racially motivated events occurring in America are being recognized globally.

NEWSWATCH33.COM does not support nor endorse anything related to ISIS. This article is strictly for informational purposes and should not be taken as support for any cause related to ISIS or any violent or terroristic acts.

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  • BigO

    African-Americans should absolutely not align themselves with that terrorist organization except as a last resort in our opposition to racism and police brutality. I don’t believe those people would be any more inclusive of black people than white Americans. Furthermore, they are oppressive to women, gays and freethinkers etc.

    • kiddacon

      Kobane, Tunisia, and just any other attack from ISIS shows how hypocritical this statement is. They have taken many lives and only stand for strict, unfair laws to be upheld in the Middle East. I think often of all the people over there, innocent and stuck in a power war.

  • I’ll take what’s in the box

    Please don’t fall for it.

  • Joanie Kinser

    It’s not just the African Americans being terrorized, it’s the HUMAN RACE. I would not be surprised to find that the heads of Government were in all actuality funding ISIS. I also believe they must have forgotten how many of our brothers and sisters are Christian or spiritual and too damn smart to fall for such BS propaganda.

    • BigO

      Or just freethinkers and don’t belong to any particular religion.

    • White Nubian King

      Actually the Americans openly did give weapons to the militant/terrorists in Syria to fight Assad. But black people are being terrorized the most by white people for hundreds of years. Just in the past couples of weeks ago blacks were massacred in a church and almost a dozen black churches have been torched! More black people have been killed by white terrorists on American soil, than all combined terrorist groups ever . Obama should be spending those billions fighting terrorism not over seas, but in America!!!

      • Nkozi Ubuntu RA

        A young man who can see…….

    • Nkozi Ubuntu RA

      I have to disagree, I don’t see any other race in America other than Africans being terrorized by Police. Shot and killed by police as well as church killings and burnings so no they are correct with their statements.

  • Martinez Cartels

    I’ll put nothing pass IsIs if they say their Monitoring on how us blacks is being treating and dieing by the hands that so call supposedly to protect us they are in title to their on opinion Against White people.It doesn’t take a rocket science to know what the hell is going on.

  • India Inboldprint

    The government expect more westerners to join Isis in the US. That’s why you can see black hawk helicopters being used in drills where there are no military bases. They have intelligence of people that research the funding to the CCC (modern day conservatism kkk) and want to keep them monitored. It has been military testing for years in Texas and Arizona but small isolated farm belt land and some major cities are now being used. This drill is for preparation against regular people who are fed up with brutality and join ISIS under ignorant understanding. Don’t be used. Its still no relief.

  • Jayrock

    Thanks for your empathy ISIS but we will handle this ourselves.

  • jtxl

    the worst thing is…..that they are right.