Miami Man Dies From Doing Don’t Judge Challenge #DontJudgeChallenge

Miami Man Dies From Doing Don’t Judge Challenge #DontJudgeChallenge


Miami Man Dies From Doing DontJudgeChallenge

MIAMI (NEWSWATCH33) – Shawn Jackson, 22, of Miami died from severe self inflicted injuries as he attempted to do the viral social media trend, #DontJudgeChallenge.

Jackson was challenged by some of his social media friends to partake in the #DontJudgeChallenge yesterday evening. According to some who knew Jackson, he was a “pretty boy” who got all of the girls. A friend of his from Twitter sent him a direct message asking him to do the challenge to prove that looks are not everything. Jackson accepted the challenge but didn’t know what to do to make himself “ugly”. Jackson sent out a tweet to his followers asking for ideas to do the challenge. He received multiple replies, however one stood out. One of his followers told him to use battery acid on his face and that it would come off with cold water.

According to Jacksons’ girlfriend, Kelly Henderson, “I read the tweets people were sending my man and I got really concerned. I rushed to his house to try to convince him not to do it. He told me that he knew what he was doing and asked me if I would help him. I said no at first but then I felt bad not helping him out. He asked me to go to Auto Zone with him to purchase some battery acid. We went, picked it up, and returned back to his place.”


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  • FuZ

    What?! So who’s the dude in the lower right pic? He looks alive enough for the photo.

    • ????

      Well the girlfriend did start recording so that coukd be a still from the video.

  • out of the box

    So he died or what? No sympathy, everyone knows acid burns.

  • LadySpader

    Does no one ever proof read their articles anymore? And give this guy a “Darwin” award!! Too stupid to live!!

  • HushBitchImTalking!

    This is false. His girlfriend caught him cheating & threw the battery acid on him

  • The Federal Farmer

    The stupid…

  • puppyspirit36

    Dude, don’t you know it’s ACID?

  • black is BEAUTIFUL


  • Mariane Nicole Primo

    iwant join

  • Inquisitor

    This is very wrong …. He’s name is Vaughn Apochi, he is a Nigerian and a former contestant of the Gulder Ultimate Search 2005 edition he is actually 33 years old …i guess this Nigerian looks younger than his age, he was involved in an accident where fire started somewhr in the car while on motion and got burnt all over his face before he was able to exit the car,……. he is still alive and well, also still married has been since 2013….. Google it and stop reading fiction ….Ya’ll from this website should pay him for DEFAMATION though …….