Charleston Church Shooter Dylann Roof Offered Movie and Book Deal

Charleston Church Shooter Dylann Roof Offered Movie and Book Deal


Charleston Church Shooter Dylann Roof Offered Movie and Book Deal

SOUTH CAROLINA (NEWSWATCH33) – Charleston Church shooter, Dylann Roof, is currently being held in a county jail as he awaits trial for his involvement in the murder of 9 members of Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal during a bible study session.

Dylann Roof, 21, was born in Columbia, South Carolina to Franklin Bennett Roof, a carpenter, and Amelia “Amy” Cowles, a bartender. Roof attended several schools however did not excel academically in any of them. Roof later lived with his uncle, Carson Cowles, but became socially withdrawn. His connection with his uncle became more distant and Roof’s personality and behavior began to worsen.

Dylann Roof’s negative attitude towards African-Americans stemmed from the shooting of Trayvon Martin and the 2015 Baltimore protests that were sparked by the death of Freddie Gray while Gray was in police custody. According to a childhood friend, Roof believed that “blacks were taking over the world.” Some reports indicated that Roof had planned a fatal attack on the College of Charleston however his plans were not taken seriously.


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  • Vassie Welbeck-Browne

    No thank you, sir. The only people who don’t understand this boy’s motivation are in denial of truth sitting on their noses or they are true racists, so how will such a project help? If the author and film maker does not already know, we who do not take kindly to lifting racism in this manner should be sure to let him know. We could perhaps recommend some training for him on racism and how it operates???

    • Antuan Develle Claude

      Certainly. And I don’t plan on hearing the full story from any of the presstitutes.


    I don’t understand how you can make a movie or offer a book
    deal to a monster that killed 9 innocent people! This proves that black lives
    don’t matter in fact it’s a mockery of our deaths. He plotted to murder innocent
    people in a church. You decide to turn this into a study to learn who he is are
    u serious? Enough already our people are open season for white people and
    nothing has changed in fact it seems the 50-60’s are back. It’s a war that seems to allow them to keep
    killing our people and they walk free, get movie, book deals. When do we ever
    get justice? No different than killing our leaders and walking free! Nothing has changed other than you took the
    bed sheets off and walk in police and plan clothing in the open now instead of
    hiding in the dark!

    • Big ten

      Not all white people are like that .its the same as black people you got your good and bad in every race………sounds like to me you don’t like white people. Now if a black person did it …it would have been OK is this what your daying

      • Big ten


  • Ashleigh Reis

    I think its crazy how money hungry people are now days. When they see an opportunity they just go for it no matter what it is good or bad. Just like that guy that had a hot mug shot picture but he killed like 5 people & was a big time felon but got offered a million dollar modeling career! Then this young boy killed 9 innocent black people, posted racist pics, & now he’s being offered a book deal and movie for it? That’s pretty much saying that what he did was okay. What is this world coming too? & how can a person be properly disciplined for their actions when opportunities like this are offered too the felons? Its just crazy!!

  • Bumpy Johnson

    Boycott these Companies!!

  • Freddy West

    Only crackers can do this sort of stuff. the devils own smh

    • Big ten

      Sounds to me your racist as well……smh

      • Freddy West

        whats racist about that jackass?